On the Edge for WIPpet Wednesday

Happy Mid-week Day! I’m actually writing this post a little early. Tuesday morning to be precise. Which is weird because lately I’ve been fighting to get it done Tuesday night before I head off to bed, or Wednesday morning before I head out for work.

Ah, Procrastination…Procrastination quote http://www.pinterest.com/search/boards/?q=procrastination quotes

So, what’s everyone up to? If you missed it Monday, fellow WIPpeteer and all-around awesome teller of tales, Kate Sparkes shared the cover for her soon-to-be-released fantasy novel Bound. I’m so excited for her. Debut novel and all so much tooting of horns, throwing of confetti, and popping of champagne corks. Even the monkeys are celebrating (though they did wonder why they weren’t included in the book). The cover is absolutely luscious and what’s inside is a delight. If you haven’t already added it to your TBR list…why?

As for me, I finished my round of edits/corrections/changes/etc. on Bound in Shadow ~ The Coinblade Chronicles and sent it off to my lovely Betas on…Friday? Yes. Friday, I think. My how the days all blur together. Anyhow, if you were on the list and didn’t get it, check your mail or let me know and I’ll resend. If you weren’t on the list and feel the desire to shred something, let me know. It’s rather weird to not be spending my writing time with Driev. I miss him.

I also put the first chapter of First of Her Kind on Wattpad which means it is a free read for anyone who is interested. Subsequent chapters will, of course, follow. I was planning on a chapter a week but that seems a bit draggy to me. So I think I’ll do two chapters a week going forward. One on Fridays and one on Mondays.

Along with that, I’m going to start a new, hopefully regular Friday post: Fictional Fridays. The idea is still germinating, but I’m thinking I’ll share what I’m currently reading, showcase any new releases, post reviews, talk about reading…things like that. If you have an upcoming release and want it to be listed, please let me know by sending me an e-mail at kathils01 (at) gmail (dot) com If you put it in the comments I’m bound to lose track of it.

Okay, that’s enough rambling. Time for the main event. For today’s WIPpet, more from Edge of Darkness–which has me standing on the edge and thinking about going over! I’ve scenes, notes, ideas, a beginning, and ending…I’m just having a helluva time pulling this one together. *head, desk, head, desk, head, desk* I went to Chapter Four, page 6, but that’s too spoilery. I’d go to Chapter Six but I deleted it yesterday. Sooooo….I went to Chapter Four and I’m giving you 6 obscure sentences with no context. So there. I think beginning next week I may have to take my WIPpets from somewhere else entirely. Not that I have any new projects going because EoD really needs to be my main focus, but it’s not like I don’t have zillions of words of other things written. Anyhow, here you have it, today’s WIPpet:

A startled yelp echoed across the library. It took a moment for Ciara to realize it had come from her. She blinked at Thadeus through the ball of dark cloud drifting just above her upraised palm, too amazed to do much else.

“Well done, child. Well done.”

Andrakaos’s growl rumbled through the room like distant thunder.

And now, since this has been so edgy, I leave you with some mood music–my latest pin on the Darkness and Light Board. Usually I’m listening to soundtracks and instrumentals while writing the Darkness & Light series. But driving home the other day this song came on the radio and immediately I thought of Bolin. Maybe because I’d written some scenes on my work break that it resonated with. Whatever the case…Creed and One Last Breath…


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  1. Woohoo, Andrakaos!

    Thanks for the mention. 🙂

  2. Good idea about the Team Andrakaos shirt! You’ll need a mug too and stickers!

  3. Sounds terrific. Where to next? 😮

  4. I love that song. 🙂

    Nice little snippet!

    Working on Bound in Shadow, but I’ve been a bit distracted of late. Sorry!

  5. I like the startled yelp. I don’t think I’ve ever yelped and not known it was me yelping, but I’ve definitely used my “diaphragm voice” when I meant to use my conversational voice a few times. 😛

    Andrakos does not sound too happy about whatever is going on.

    • Really?? I’ve done it. Let out some sort of noise and then realize it came from me.

      • I can’t remember any incidents. I once had an experience in which I recall logically thinking out what I was saying and speaking clearly only to find out later that no one but Beloved understood me because what came out of my mouth was closer to hysterics. (I had a good excusefor bring in that state, mind you.)

  6. Did she just conjure a cloud? That would startle me, too! Well, unless I was expecting it, I suppose.

  7. I think the wattpad idea is a great one. Hope it goes well for you! I liked the last line about the growl.

    • Thanks, Alana. I don’t have the time to be really involved in Wattpad, and I think that’s what it takes. So right now it’s what I consider ‘passive marketing’.

  8. Love the snippet. The really brief ones are sometimes even better than the long ones.

    Sounds like you have some exciting new changes to come. And wow you’re going full bore on Pinterest. It is rather addictive, isn’t it?

  9. Nice scene! Love the description. 🙂 And I can totally relate to the frustration of pulling scenes together. I’m currently in the editing grind.

  10. Great excerpt Kathi. I love the way that Ciara makes a sound that she doesn’t realise comes from her. Andrakaos growling… seems a little ominous?

  11. I feel lots of tumult ahead….

    I need to check my email – I’ve got over 2000 messages there, and I’m skerred….but I bet you’re in there!

  12. Wow ave you got a lot going on, Kathi. The Wattpad idea really does sound great. *pouts* now I have to go and actually USE that account I signed up for oh, so long ago.

    Weather crafting? I wonder why it’s got Andrakaos uneasy.

    • Not exactly weather crafting, though I can see how–out of context–it might seem that way. I’ll have to make sure I clarify that.

      Andrakaos doesn’t like it because the power is part of him…part of them both…but he sees it as what he/they are and doesn’t see the necessity of Ciara being able to separate it.

      • Hmm, then a growl from him seems… well, maybe it’s context thing. Without my reading more, I hesitate to stick my foot in my mouth anymore than I already. 😉 But from what I know of him, yeah, he growls, but the growl feels like something else, not so much a sense of separation but of having claimed territory tread on.

        Like you say… out of context. I have the first book in my “to be read” list, but I am just starting the books I bought five years ago now. My Kindle reader is overflowing….

  13. I totally thought I commented on this post, but when I came over to double-check, I didn’t even remember reading the WIPpet. I like it though. Sounds like Ciara is testing out her skills, maybe? And Andrakaos isn’t too happy. (I’m totally up for one of those shirts as well if Kate has any to spare).

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