November Update

Devin’s November Flash Fiction prompt is up.  This month is a dark angel theme.  Love the photo she’s found to get us inspired even though nothing’s really hitting me at the moment.  For those who didn’t notice, I posted my October Flash Fiction entry on the Freebies page.

I’m totally buried in polishing BD&L.  I’ve been hacking at it like a crazy woman cutting through the jungle with a huge machete.  But it feels good because I’m making it better.   My reader is also busy shredding it for me and has already pointed out a few things I missed.

After numerous re-writes of my query (though not as many as I thought it would take) my Query Coach <waves at JL> thinks I may actually be very close to having a winner.  Who knew that writing something not even 150 words long could be more painful and brain wracking than writing 80,000 words?

Rhetorical question.  Anyone who’s ever done it knew that.

I also figured out why I’m stuck on the un-named urban fantasy.  Unfortunately that means backing way up and trashing about three chapters.  Big plot problem.  I gave something away too soon and stuck one of my MCs in a situation he had no way out of.  No wonder I couldn’t move on!  I had nowhere to move to.  


  1. I hope you do find yourself inspired to enter the flash contest! I love that photo too. 🙂

    Good luck with the query. So much rides on the query, that it is always such a challenge.

    Good luck with your WIPs!

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