NonWIP WIPpet Wednesday and another ROW80 Check-in

Since  my nonWIP WIP was so well received, I decided I’d just keep going from where we left off last week. If you recall, Quinn and Grady have just barged into Ballis’s hut. We know Quinn is the Crown Prince, Grady is his brother, and Ballis is a master of some sort. The boys were looking for something which Ballis claimed to no longer have. Here, then, the next 24 lines for the 24th. (And you’re all lucky I took another look at my calendar after I wrote this. I totally though it was the 1st this Wednesday and all you were going to get was the first line. Bwahahahahaha!)

“What reason would I have to lie to you, my prince?”

“I can think of several,” Grady said.

“On my ancestors, my prince –“

“If only anyone had a clue who they were.”

Quinn shot his brother a look of utter annoyance and Grady harrumphed. The sudden flood of light into the room told Ballis the younger prince had left the doorway. Since his bulk didn’t appear at the corners of Ballis’s vision, Grady must have gone back outside. His breath came easier.

“Ballis.” Quinn drew his attention back to the matter at hand. His voice remained gentle. “I need the stone.”

“My prince –“

Quinn held up a hand to silence him. “You know how patient I am.”

“Very much your father’s son in temperament, my prince.”

“Yes. As Grady is every bit his mother’s son in temperament.”

Not a threat — exactly. But close enough. So much for breathing easy. “I cannot give you the stone, my prince, for I no longer possess it.”

Quinn rubbed his chin. “Then why did you run?”

And, as an added bonus, here’s a picture of my Zephyr boys, the inspiration for the nonWIP WIP.


This is Quinn, basking in the sun on a blustery day, Grady’s Bruncle (brother/uncle).


And Grady, the Brephew (brother/nephew).

And, now for my ROW80 update. Things are going along very well. With the exception of the weekend, I’ve been adding words to both of my two named WIPS on a steady basis. I’m still planning on having the first draft of Emergence done by the end of this session, and should have a good chunk of Crossing Paths done as well.



  1. I love the WIP bit, but I can’t say any more about that because OMG THE DOGGIES THEY’RE SO FREAKING ADORABLE!!!

    • LOL Yeah, they think they’re a pretty handsome duo. Okay, so do I. I refuse to tell them as their egos would exceed the confines of the house.

  2. Still loving how those dogs inspired those characters. Sooo cute! Now what did that guy do with the stone. Huh? Huh?

  3. If this tale had been inspired by my dog, I know what would have happened to the stone. But at some point — however inconvenient — the formerly sparkly McGuffin would reappear, in need of a vigorous scrubbing but otherwise unhurt.

    Have you considered releasing this new story as a serial? It worked for Dickens.

    • Well, because this new story isn’t a WIP, dang it. It’s a sandbox. I play in it, all the while hoping the cat hasn’t been using it for an oversized litter box. To release it as a serial I’d actually have to make it a WIP and have a plan and know what I was doing and where it was going.

  4. Wow. I discovered your blog through Kate Sparkes’s blog. Love your WIPpet (and your sweet dogs).

  5. Very fun way to blow off steam — love it! A WIPpet! I might have to do this, too. 🙂

  6. It sounds like you are coming along with you WIP. I am considering hoping in the ROW80 this week.

  7. Gorgeous dogs and, luckily for us, a 24 line taster of your non-WIP WIP otherwise we wouldn’t have found out about the stone… “What reason would I have to lie to you, my prince” would have been a cracking one line though. 😉

  8. Oh, I would quite happily sit and pat your dogs FOREVER! They are gorgeous! Loving the WIPpet as well, plot continues to be intriguing and the dialogue is great. I think I said last week I could hear their three distinct voices; that continues to be the case.

    • And, Emily, they would LOVE you for that. 😀 They’re just starving for attention. *ahem* Yeah, if you believe their side of the story.

  9. Finally getting a chance to comment! I like the way this story is shaping up very much. And, of course, you have some very cute doggies. 🙂

    • Thanks, ReGi. I’ll tell the boys you find them adorable. Trust me, Quinn especially, would schmooze all over all of you if you were here. It’s really been fun trying to capture their personalities.

  10. Great to hear things are going so well… well, maybe not so much for Brady and Quinn (or the unnerved Ballis).

    If you don’t mind me asking, what exactly is a WIPpet Wednesday for? I mean, I understand the “sandbox idea” for writing (I have a few litter-sandboxes of my own I play with when I need to flesh out other stories). But I’ve seen a few WIPpet posts lately–they’re fun, and they all seem to involve snippets and…well, I’m curious.

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. PUPPIES!

    I love the fact that you’re basing character personalities off your pups. That’s very creative.

  12. Yikes – not necessarily the family I’d love to meet! And I thin harrumphed is such a great word. I don’t see it in writing nearly often enough! Congrats on keeping up so well on your writing goals!

    • C’mon, they’re a great family. Sure, they have some issues, Grady possibly needs some anger management at times, but they’re awesome fun. 😉

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