No, I Didn't Forget It's Wednesday

The truth of the matter is, I have nothing from a current WIP to share.

Is that a big enough sad face for you?

I’ve been making some progress on EoD, but most everything I’d like to share is too spoilery. Dachus and Janni haven’t talked to me this week. And I haven’t settled on another actual WIP to take Driev’s place. Which may turn out to be another Coinblade Chronicles tale because I have many scenes written.

But I can’t really leave you with nothing, can I? That wouldn’t be very nice of me. Nor would I be setting a good example as Exalted High Pooba of this shindig. So I’ve decided I’ll give you one paragraph for the first of October from page one of something that is high up on my could-soon-be-a-real-WIP pile. It is, of course, a fantasy. This one is more in the vein of the old sword & sorcery types. The MC is Roe Gild Fingers, a young woman who makes her living as a thief, among other things. She has been pondering gutters, and what is to be found in them, because of something she’s found. Not having ever ventured out of her own city, she has only the word of other travelers–such as Rovers–as to what can be found elsewhere.

     In contrast, that same Rover told Roe the cities of the Unclean didn’t even have gutters. Roe found that hard to believe. After all, where there were streets, there were gutters. Foot in boot, as old Wisen would say. And though she imagined many carcasses found their way to all of them, she would hazard a guess none boasted the not-quite-a-carcass-yet that Roe currently studied from a safe distance. Drunks often landed in the gutter. And dead men. The man sprawled there now did not fit either of those descriptions. Nor did he wear enough clothing for the season. You couldn’t tell from looking at him now, because the great fur cloak covered even the red stain spreading across the snow beneath him, but Roe had watched him stumble down the street until he fell, first to his knees, then onto his face, like some great tree slowly toppling, so she knew he wore no shirt. Leather breeks and boots were all the cloak concealed.

There you have it. Who knows what I’ll have for you next week.


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  1. That’s dark, I like it already! I loved the description of him toppling like a tree – sad in a way. An undignified death. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  2. Oh, my! What a wonderfully interesting beginning! I suspect the man may not die after all, though I could be quite wrong. I know. It’s been known to happen. 🙂

  3. Very interesting. I’m always amazed by how vast fantasy is. I write it, and so do you, yet our works are as different as night and day. Once again, you’ve pulled me into being interested in something outside my comfort zone.

    • Fantasy is an amazingly huge genre, isn’t it? And more ‘sub-genres’ crop up every day it seems. Part of that is what makes it so awesome. Of course, it also makes it a bit frustrating when someone asks the inevitable question, “What kind of fantasy do you write?” *head, desk*

      And I’m glad I could suck you in. 😀

  4. When I was a kid, we would scream TIMBEEEEEEEEERRRRRR when something would flal down like that…so that’s what I did in my head. We’d also raise our hands in the air, but I didn’t raise my hands. =P This is a very interesting beginning, I definitely want to know more.

  5. Roe gets her own book? Interesting. I hadn’t thought of that. Could make a compelling sequel to you-know-what which, I’m sure, will be picked up by one of the Big Six any day now. Let’s hope so, anyway. You’d best get back to work on it, girl!

    • Well, to be picked up by one of the Big Six, one would need an agent. That process is moving about as quickly as a three-legged turtle. I lean more toward the Indie side for that as each day goes by.

  6. Hey, if you are the Exalted High Pooba, can I be the Vice Duchess over something? Hmmm… Not drunk or dead. Wonder what’s going on.

    • Absolutely! Give me one moment… *grabs tome of Utterly Useless But Highly Impressive Titles* Let’s see what we have available. There’s Viceroy of Viscous Materials, Vice President of the Quill… hmmm… how about Vice Duchess of Victorious Verbiage? Comes complete with a sash, and a very pretty — yet extremely sharp — quill.

  7. Exalted High Pooba. Hehehe.

    I loved the musing about gutters and how it gradually led into the scene of the man lying in the snow. More please!! 😀

    • *bows* At your service, m’lady.

      I may have to take a look at the preceding paragraphs — I may have gone overboard on the gutter musing.

  8. That gutter guy reminds me of someone I love a great deal…but you’re probably teasing me…but I hope you’re not…but, either way, this is an intriguing beginning, I especially like the name Wisen, and I write run-on sentences when I’m really tired! =D

    • Hmm…well, I don’t believe anyone’s met my gutter guy yet. He’s a very interesting character, though. Unlike anyone else I’ve ever written, I think. And nothing wrong with a good rambling run-on. Nothing at all. 🙂

  9. Ah, what an enticing beginning! I’m with the rest in wanting more. You’ve got me hooked with the mystery of the gutter.

    I’m far too familiar with not having new words to offer. My characters are cooling their heels while I write necessary but Mojave-dry academic prose.

    I raise my glass to our characters coming back into our heads, and returning us to that sweet insanity of hearing their voices.

    • Is there some kind of International Characters Month Off that we don’t know about? After all, yesterday was National Black Dog Day, and I didn’t know about that until it was almost over. I wish we’d get memos about these things so we could prepare. *sigh*

      I raise my glass back. Slainte! (Because if they don’t come back soon, I’ll be raising the whole bottle.)

  10. Great beginning, Kathi! And yes, the trad route tends to move slower than butter melting in snow. I once had an agent hold on to an exclusive for a year until I informed her I’d had enough. My fault, of course, for allowing it to happen, but still …

    • Thanks, Ruth.

      I may be far too impatient for the traditional route. It’s good I’m distracted by other things at the moment. When I start thinking of the time to find an agent + the time for the agent to make a sale + the time for the publisher to actually put the book out there…well, that’s years. I’m not sure I want to wait years. I need to balance that against the benefits to determine if it’s worth it for me.

  11. Ooo! Exciting! I hope he survives!

  12. This is intriguing. I hope we’ll get to see more.

  13. I’m with Sirena on this…you’ve drawn me into a style outside of my usual preference. I don’t read much fantasy, really, and when I do, I kind of like the witches and wands and sort of Shakespearean variety of “magic.” But you write such interesting and compelling characters, I can’t help being interested.

  14. Oooh this is intriguing Kathi! I want to read more of it – good choice! Glad you’re making progress with EoD. Best of luck with that – can’t wait to read it and find out what happens to Ciara and Bolin et al! 🙂

  15. I’m kind of in that same boat. I’m still sharing Spellbound, and there’s my Superman Fanfic, and although I’m currently writing the second book to How You Found Me series, it’s… well, I dive right into where Spellbound left off, so there’s a bit of information I’d rather not divulge for WIPpet-ness. Not until Spellbound is officially released, that is. Once it finishes the editing process, I suspect I will strictly be sharing Superman stuff for a while.

    I enjoy your writing style, including this little could-be-something-more-than-a-WIPpet-snippet piece. I haven’t yet, but I do need to purchase some of your books. I know I’ll enjoy them.

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