Mystery Revealed WIPpet Style

Having Monday off really threw me for a loop. I suddenly realized it was Tuesday and I needed to get my WIPpet post written. Hmm…today is the third. Three little words, perhaps…

/ is the best image EVAH, given the monkey and all. Yeah, if you’ve been hanging around here for a while, you’ll understand.

But, I digress. WIPpet. I left you last week with Janni startling some man by the fence. Now, I could give you three sentences. Three paragraphs. Or shall I whip up some complicated WIPpet math? Naw, I’ll just add the month to the date and give you twelve short paragraphs. This picks up immediately after last week’s:

He fumbled after the shoe in his hand, almost dropping it before he turned to face her.

“Oh, it’s you,” he said.

Amazing. Without the doublet and shoes, in nothing but a thin white tunic and wet hair, Dachus Branacous almost passed for a decent looking man. Would have, if not for the haughty arch to his brow, and the arrogant twist to his lips and nose.

“You should be a bit more grateful to see me Mr. Branacous,” Janni said. She smiled, trying to make it look sincere, and not as predatory as it felt. “I have some good news for you.”

His brown eyes widened. “You’re selling me a dragon?”

Janni scowled. “No.”

Irritation replaced…what had it been? Relief? Disbelief? He picked at the bottom of his shoe with a sharpened stick, flicking dragon dung through the air, his mouth pinched.

“Not curious as to what the good news is?”

He waved the stick but didn’t look at her. “It doesn’t matter. If you’re not selling me a dragon–” He shook his head.

“Well, all right. I thought perhaps you were hungry and would join us for dinner. After which I’ll be reviewing new dragons and…” Janni started to turn away. “But, if you’re not interested, then I guess you’ll just be on your way.”

“I don’t know how I can be any more plain about that. I can’t be on my way. Not without a dragon.” He stared forlornly at his shoes, then shook one at Janni. “Do you realize I had to spend a month’s wages on these?”

“Next time watch where you step, or buy cheaper footwear. Something more practical. Maybe in a boot instead of a shoe. And without that gaudy buckle.”

So, how many of you guessed correctly last week? Hope you weren’t terribly disappointed that the ‘mystery man’ turned out to be Dachus.

Have to dash. Don’t forget to Fall Into Fantasy via the link on the sidebar. Then go check out the other WIPpeteers and see what they’re cooking up.


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  1. I wondered if it were him, but then I thought that was probably too obvious. Sometimes I need to not over-think things.

    I like how he mentions the cost of the shoes as though he expects Jannis to care.

  2. Before I started blogging I had never read any fantasy novels at all. I find now that I have connected with a lot of fantasy authors and I really enjoyed this excerpt. I shall try my best to tune in next week as well! 🙂

  3. Mojo Jojo! “I do not reiterate, repeat and reinstate the same thing over and over again. I am clear, concise, to the point!” I love him.

    I assumed it wasn’t Dachus because that seemed too obvious. I’m not disappointed at all—I’m enjoying their interactions.

    • To be honest, I don’t even know who he is, but the gif spoke to me so…viola!

      Ah ha! So the obvious became the unobvious. My evil plan is even more evil than I thought.

      • Ha! He’s one of the bad guys from Powerpuff Girls. You definitely need to find a YouTube clip of him—he’s hilariously awful and prone to being excessively verbose. The quote I used is from an episode where Bubbles, the blue PP girl, thinks she’s Mojo Jojo.

  4. Gotta love Mojo Jojo and the Powerpuff Girls!
    I didn’t know that was Dachus!!! I thought he was an ex-boyfriend or something. I’m also not disappointed. Nice to know that Dachus is hot. 🙂

  5. Great excerpt Kathi. And no I didn’t guess it was Dachus. Nicely portrayed conversation between them. I like Dachus’ moodiness and Jannis’ plain speaking. 🙂

    • Thanks, Elaine. Yeah, Janni just lays it out there, doesn’t she? I’m guessing subtlety isn’t something one develops around dragons.

  6. I can’t say I had any inkling to who the man was. Seems obvious it had to be him now that I’ve read this. Awesome. 😀

  7. I love the back and forth between them.

  8. The chortling monkey is SO YOU. 🙂

    Love the name Dachus Branacous and his singleminded desire to procure a dragon from the unwilling Janni. Love the characters’ interaction – their animosity toward one another really adds some verve to the scene!

  9. Janni is so practical and straight forward. I feel like I need to be friends with her because she’d always tell me if I had food in my teeth or was making an idiot out of myself.

  10. Continuing to enjoy the interaction between these two — and now you are starting to make Dachus more likeable … where will that lead, I wonder? *g*

  11. I love the power puff girls!! And the monkey… Yeah, I remember that monkey during my interview… it stole my shoes!!!!!

    I love your humor. The bantering back and forth between these two is entertaining, as your dialogue usually is. “I can’t be on my way. Not without a dragon!” That made me laugh 🙂

    • I don’t recall any monkey stealing any shoes. Perhaps you left your shoes in exchange for your life…um…cookies. In exchange for cookies. *smiles sweetly*

      I’m glad you’re getting a chuckle from it. It’s probably the lightest thing I’ve ever written.

  12. My, my. So Dachus is an actual person under all that pomp. Maybe. So nice of him to re-irritate Janni for us. Otherwise, the glorious vengeance she has planned might never be revealed to us. It sounded like she had something truly spectacular in mind. *wicked grin*

    • Hopefully she’ll see fit to share with me exactly what that ‘something truly spectacular’ is. Because coming from her, it really needs to be, doesn’t it?

      • That sort of seems to be the way you’ve set her up. At least, it sounds that way in my head when I read it. I envision this vibrant, head-strong woman with just a little more creativity and gumption than is really good for her. I sense that she has enormous self-discipline when it suits her to have it (like when she’s handling her duties as dragon-keeper) and very little when it doesn’t.

  13. Surely that’s more than an invitation to dinner? She’ll show off those new dragons and if he’s less preoccupied with his shoes, he may become . . . the owner of a dragon? Nice developments.

  14. I totally knew it was Dachus! I didn’t even need the doublet on the fence. =)

    You may have flying monkeys, but *I* have Mad Intuitive Powers! (BWAHAHAHA!)

    I really am loving these two. Their interactions kinda remind me of this couple I know who make being locked together in a cell seem a lot more fun, and maybe more dangerous, than it has any right to be…

    And Dachus with a stick, trying to clean dragon poo off his shoe while Janni critiques his fashion choices and refuses -AGAIN! – to just be reasonable and sell him a dragon….now that’s priceless! =D

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