Moving On For WIPpet Wednesday

Today is a bittersweet WIPpet Wednesday because this is the last bit of Driev’s tale I’ll be sharing. Over the weekend I put ~Finis~ on the last page of the word document, and sent Bound in Shadow to my Kindle. I’ll give it a read-through now, just as though it were a normal book. I’ll highlight glaring mistakes, make notes, but otherwise keep my hands off editing and tweaking until I’m done, and it goes back to the laptop. Editing and revisions will follow, and then on to the Betas. If you’d like to be on that Beta list and haven’t done so, let me know. Right now it looks like I’m still on target for the end of May.

That means, of course, I’m jumping into Edge of Darkness, book three in the Darkness & Light series, with both feet. So you’ll be getting bits of that for WIPpets going forward. I’ve got many, many, many unconnected scenes written–I’m not sure what I’ll be keeping because at the moment it’s fighting me. Mostly due to my indecision as to whether or not I want to begin in the week following the events we finished with in Emergence, or a bit later than that. There’s a part of the tale I want to tell and I can’t decide if I’m being self-indulgent or not. I know, rough draft, I should just let it go where it wants and stop over-thinking. But…well…that’s not as easily done as I thought. A lot needs to get resolved in this book. And a lot needs to happen. But, I have the very beginning which I shared here, and I have two endings written because I tend to write the ending first. One is decidedly happy. One is bittersweet, but hopeful. How the rest of the story transpires will decide which of those I go with. In either case, things are getting shook up in a big way. There are a couple new characters, and the Goddess herself plays a more active part in what some might find to be a very surprising way.

Anyhow, on to the last *sniff* WIPpet I’ll be sharing from Driev’s current tale. Not to say there won’t be more Driev tales in the future. We’ll see how it goes, and what he and the readers think on the matter. For the 7th of May, 2014, I give you 26 sentences (5+7+14) from one of the flashback scenes. Driev and Andel are sitting on their favorite perch atop the library dome.

We fell silent again, watching the storm build, listening for the first rumble of thunder to be carried in by the salt-tinged breeze.

“You never talk about your mother,” Andel said. “Aren’t you curious if she’s still alive?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. She left when Lill was a baby. My father never talked about her, and I learned quick enough not to ask.”

“Aren’t you curious? She could still be out there somewhere.”

“Why should I care?” Anger colored my response. “She abandoned us. Left us with a man like that…”

“Maybe she didn’t know.”

“How old are you, Andel? Ten and nine now, right? When are you going to realize the world isn’t all flower gardens and warm pastries? Take another walk in Runoff and open your eyes if you have any doubts.”

“You’re not from Runoff.”

“Doesn’t matter. People are the same no matter what part of the city they’re from. If my mother had cared she wouldn’t have left.”

“People make hard decisions when they don’t have any other choice.”

I scowled at him. “Now you sound like your father. Just let it be, savvy?”

I did have a quick sketch of Driev I was going to share, but then I decided not to…for reasons. For now I’ll continue to let you form your own visual of our darling boy. I do have a rough of the cover done (I’m so far ahead of the game it’s scary!) and I’m really liking it.

Okay, that’s all from me this week. One armed paper-hanger and all that.



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  1. I don’t what I’m more excited about, that you finished Driev’s tale and we’ll be able to read it in full in the near future, or that you’re getting back to Edge of Darkness, which I’m really excited for. Either way, yay!

    And I want to give Driev a hug. I’m guessing he wouldn’t appreciate that. 🙂

  2. I still see Luke Evans every time I read a Driev excerpt. 🙂 I’m glad you’re finishing up Driev’s story, because that means we’ll get it soon. You’ve written a great book!!!

    • Yeah, me, too — Luke Evans. And the sketch might bear a slight resemblance to Luke Evans…just a bit…well…let’s just say it’s not Driev cleaned up and in his Sunday best.

  3. How exciting that you finished! 🙂

  4. Yay for finishing! I like Driev…he seems pretty blunt and I like that quality.

  5. They’re so different, Driev and Andel. Their interactions are really interesting. I’m going to miss Driev, but that just means I’m going to have to read his story in full!

    • Completely opposite. But Andel is so important to Driev, so important to his life. Without him I’m not sure Driev would have made it through his childhood.

  6. Great excerpt Kathi as always. Driev is certainly crotchety isn’t he??! Sounds like he had a tough childhood.

    Many congrats for finishing his story! That’s a great achievement. I hope to finish mine properly soon.

    • Crotchety? Driev? Nonsense. *cough* Okay, fine, yeah, he is. 😉 And yes, his childhood was far from good. He never wanted for anything material but everything else he needed…

      I’m going to miss visiting his world every day. Confession: I’ve already written several scenes for another Driev tale. He won’t leave me totally alone.

  7. Congrats on finishing his story! I can’t wait to read it in full soon!

    Awww, poor Driev. So hurt and angry that he can’t even contemplate that Andel might be right 🙁

    • Thanks, Christina. 🙂 I have a love-hate relationship with ~Finis~, even when I’m reading.

      Deep hurt, yes. Hard to put myself in his skin sometimes because it’s so different from my experience.

  8. I love the idea of reading on the kindle! And I’m exciting to hear you’ll be working more on the Darkness and Light series soon.
    You’re so right that life isn’t all flower gardens and warm pastries.
    It’s also Ovaltine. And peanut butter…

    • I do that when I Beta read as well. I like to do one read-thru without the temptation to start heavy-handed shredding and I found this works best. I can’t do much editing or commenting on the Kindle. Well, I can, but transferring it back to a PC is impossible. So I’m forced to read for the story’s sake instead.

      Ovaltine! Yum. And peanut butter…thanks for the craving.

  9. Hmmm… If “had no choice” really means “was murdered or dragged off by slavers,” then, yeah. Andel is right and Driev should go looking for his mum. If it means, “felt oppressed by an abusive/twisted/whatever man,” then I’m with Driev. She’s a selfish shrew for leaving her kids with him and doesn’t deserve to be looked for.

    Woohoo! So, you being done means we get to read the book soon(ish), right?

    • Nope, not murdered. Not dragged off. I’m not exactly sure at this point why she left, but I’m guessing that will be in the next Driev tale.

      If by soon(ish) you mean by fall. Sure. 🙂

      • Fall is good. 🙂

        That really could be an interesting plot point and an opportunity to real boil the readers’ blood or break them down in tears. 🙂

  10. Now I really want Driev to find out something about his mother… something dark and sinister, I should think. Though… it doesn’t sounds like Driev really needs more reasons to hate his father.

    As for finishing… WOOT! I so want to beta read, but… I’ve already offered elsewhere and … I … DANG! Oh, well, if you decide you need a second run of betas later on, count me in, k?

    • A scene in which Driev and his mother meet again has formed in my head over the past few days. But that will be for the next CBC book, I think. And I just realized — after reading my replies — I am now committed to writing another Driev tale. Damn you, Driev!! *sigh*

      I’ll keep you posted. There will always be ARCs as well. And, depending what the first round of readers think…well, we know how that can go.

      • A writer’s work is never done :-/ but at least we get lattes.

        (oh, come on… you know you’re psyched to write another Driev tale. I mean, surely you’ve already thought of another hundred or so ways to make his life more miserable now that you’ve written “The End”)

  11. Great excerpt! Can’t wait to read this book! Driev is such an intriguing character. He feels real, complicated, yet like someone you want to know more about but not sure why. I’m curious, what was your inspiration for this character? I know others may think differently, but I like him. 🙂

    • Wow, my inspiration for him. Ah…seriously…I dunno. He came to me half-formed. I’ve always like ‘thieves tales’ — probably going way back to Fafner and the Grey Mouser, so that’s likely where some of it comes from. I like to write redeemable bad boys and wounded souls. They intrigue me. The story unfolded itself.

  12. Wicked excerpt and good luck on the final stretch 🙂

  13. I’m so excited that you’ve finished writing Driev’s story and we’ll get to read it in its entirety soon(ish?). This was a great excerpt to end on.

    • I miss spending time with him. 🙁 Well, okay, so I’m still spending some time with him…but editing and tweaking is just not the same as the discovery of writing that first draft.

  14. I never doubted that Driev was far from done with you. =)

    If i’m not on the list, please put me there!

    • You are now on the list. 🙂 I’m just about done with my Kindle read-thru. I’ll go back and make my changes/corrections/alterations, then it will be set for reading. *gulp*

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