Monday With Elaine Jeremiah of WIPpeteer Fame

Happy Monday one and all. It’s sad, you know, that Monday gets such a bad rap. But one day has to signify the traditional beginning of the work week and the day on which New Things Are Started. May as well be Monday, right?

But, just to prove Monday’s aren’t all bad, I would like to give a nice, warm, welcome to another of the phenomenal WIPpeteers Elaine Jeremiah! Elaine has come to visit us all the way from the UK. If you haven’t noticed by now, the WIPpeteers are quite an international bunch.

Elaine Jeremiah, WIPpeteer Extraordinaire!

Elaine Jeremiah, WIPpeteer Extraordinaire!

Hi, Elaine. Please, make yourself comfortable amidst all the clutter. Sorry, busy with projects, holidays upon us, tidying up has just fallen to the wayside. Careful, don’t move any of my Stacks of Stuff. It may look like chaos to you, but it’s organized chaos to me. Um . . . let’s see . . . okay, here’s a spot for you on the end of the settee. I think that’s what this is. Don’t pay any mind to anything you see that might be moving. Harmless. All of it. Honestly.

So, can I interest you in a drink? I have some Ovaltine here. Alana left it, I think. Something to snack on perhaps?

EJ: I wouldn’t mind some Ovaltine, it’s years since I had any.  Oh and if you’ve got a mince pie I’d love one.  Can’t get enough of those.

Sorry, no mince pie. Maybe next time. Alright then, on with the WIPterview: First things first, tell us a little bit about yourself. Who are you?

EJ: I’m Elaine Jeremiah and I live in Bristol in the UK with my husband and our golden retriever Dug who thinks he’s the Overlord of the Universe.  Seriously – I’m not kidding!!

kls: Don’t tell that to my cat. Princess Fiona’s pretty darn sure she’s the Overlord of the Universe.

EJ: Best not, I’m not sure who would come off worse in a fight but it’d probably be Dug!  When I’m not writing I work part time for a charity in Bristol called Sustrans which promotes healthier forms of transport such as walking and cycling.

kls: Or flying. Well, if you had your own wings. Like the monkeys. That would be fun, wouldn’t it? Let’s talk WIPpeteers for a moment. What drew you to the WIPpeteers?

EJ: Kate Frost, another WIPpeteer who lives in the same city as me, told me about it and I thought I’d give it a go.  It looked interesting.

kls: That Kate! What an instigator. What WIP(s) have you been sharing with our readers?

EJ: Before I published my debut novel The Inheritance I was sharing excerpts of it.  Since I published it I’ve been sharing excerpts from my current WIP Reunion.

kls: Congrats on getting your debut novel out there. That’s a huge thing. So, tell me, what’s your favorite part of WIPpet Wednesday?

EJ: Can I have more than one part?

kls: Well, we don’t really have all day, you know? *smiles sweetly*

EJ: Oh all right then if you insist. *pulls a face* I guess getting feedback on what I’ve written – that’s been invaluable to me.

kls: Feedback is scary at times, but oh-so-important to us writerly sorts. Outside of WW, what project(s) are you currently working on?

EJ: Well I’m currently working away on my second novel Reunion, a romance which I hope to publish next year at some point.  It’s about a young woman who’s invited to her school reunion and what happens to her as a result of that.  I’m really enjoying writing it and seeing the way the characters and story line are developing.  I’ve got a way to go before it’s ready but I’m keen to publish it as soon as I can.  I’d like to eventually have a few published novels under my belt so that I can get as many readers as possible.  Oh and make a bit of money. J That’s the plan anyway.

kls: It’s a darn fine plan, to be sure. Very similar to mine. J Now, time for some horn-blowing. I’d hand you the actual Horn of Blowing but . . . um . . . well . . . I can’t seem to locate it at the moment. *cups hands around mouth* Toot-ta-toooooooooot  Hope that suffices. Why don’t you just go ahead and tell our readers what you have out there, where to find it, what’s coming next, and where to connect with you.

EJ: Well my debut novel is called The Inheritance and it’s available on here:

For UK readers it’s available on here:

I’m also on Goodreads here:

You can connect with me on my blog:

And find me on Twitter via @ElaineJeremiah

kls: Okay, strap yourself in and snug up that tinfoil hat because it’s time for . . . The Lightning Round!

Coffee or tea? Both

Rock or country? Something in between!

City, country, or seaside? Country

Favorite color? Purple

Favorite pastime besides penning fantastic tales? Going for walks in the countryside with my hubby and my dog.

kls: Whew! That was fun but I think that’s all I have. *checks notes* Yep, looks to be about it. Thanks so much for stopping by and for joining in the craziness that is WIPpet Wednesdays. Anything else you’d like to share? Any final thoughts?

EJ: Just that I really appreciate all my fellow WIPpeteers’ comments and support.  You guys are the best!

kls: Here, here!

EJ: One last thing… where are the flying monkeys?  I would have liked to meet them. J

kls: The monkeys have gone back to Oz for the holidays, I’m afraid. Seems they like to hang out at the palace with the horses of another color. It’s a grand spectacle, I’m told.

So, that wraps it up for today. Don’t forget, anyone having a question for me they’d like answered in my own WIPterview, just add it to the comments. Now get out there and make the most of this week while I try to find Elaine. I think there was a slight avalanche.


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  1. Elaine – you told me before that your dog is named Dug but I forgot and I just squeed over this fact all over again. And I also have a curious desire for a Pixar marathon now. 😉

    Kathi – I’m not sure if you tried resending the interview email to me or never got around to it, but I have been keeping an eye out and haven’t got anything yet, so just thought I would double check. My address is fuzzyagent999 at yahoo dot com dot au just to make sure. 🙂

  2. Yay! My mate Elaine! I’m going to have to meet Dug, the Overlord of the Universe some day. Ooh and I like the idea of being an instigator too. 🙂

    • *rummages through trunk, looks under bed, scans top shelf of bookcase* *thoughtful frown* *snaps fingers, heads for monkey’s room* Here you go. *hands Kate slightly tarnished chains of office* I now proclaim you Official WIPstigator with all the rights, duties, and privileges of such an esteemed office.

    • Yes you must meet Dug, though maybe not in your current condition as he does tend to jump up!! 🙂

  3. Great interview! It’s wonderful to learn more about you, Elaine! I love going for walks with my hubby and dogs as well, although the hubby tries to make them Marine combat marches instead, lol.

    • Walks with my dogs turns into mass wrestling matches with lots of barking. And the hubby is leery of taking walks with me because last time he didn’t heed my warnings to walk where I walked and ended up getting a boot full of water in the swamp. *shrug* That’s what he gets for not following the guide’s directions. 😉

    • Thank you! Your husband sounds a bit like my dad who loves to make us as a family go on really long walks – well to us they’re long anyway!! BTW is/was your husband a Marine or does he just walk like one?

  4. Another great interview! And for some reason, I’m picturing Princess Fiona on a throne with a scepter, ordering people around. 🙂

    • That’s so funny you say that because when me and my husband were about to be married, one of his colleagues (co-workers in case you don’t know the UK word!) did a spoof Shrek poster. He doctored it to have my husband as Shrek and me as Princess Fiona!! It may sound a little insulting to my husband (he didn’t see it that way!!) but it really worked. We’ve still got it somewhere, it’s amazing. 🙂

    • I’ll have to post one of my many pics of Her Royal Highness. If, in your mind’s picture, the figure on the throne is very…um…Buddha-like, then you’d nail it.

  5. *starts fudging the song on the mp3 player*
    Me and you and a dog named Dug…

    Nope… doesn’t work.

    Still a nice interview… sorry you missed the monkeys, Elaine. They were really fun to hang out with. Long walks with hubbies are good too. That’s what convinced us to get stay together… we enjoyed walking and talking with each other so much.

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