Moanday, Moanday, So Good to Me . . . or Not

Welcome to Monday and the Mirth & Music Madness that will kick off your week.Ā  The brainchild of the irrepressible ReGi McClain, this little blog hop is meant to help you forget all about the least favorite day of the week.

When I’m not doing creative things, I spend my time with dogs and sheep. I raise Australian Shepherds and train them to compete in working stock trials. In honor of that, I give you this week’s choice of Mirth & Music all blended together in one lovely, hard to forget, ditty.



  1. OK, I know I’m not the only one thinking of Babe right now. “WOLF! WOOOOOOLF!!!”

  2. I’m thinking Monty Python and “just a harmless little bunny rabbit….” šŸ˜€

  3. Was that a rabbit? Herding sheep? Seriously? I had no idea rabbits were that smart even though my sister and I had more than half a dozen as kids. You wouldn’t think an animal that couldn’t be house-trained could be trained to herd sheep. And we had a couple of strange rabbits, too. One growled. (For real. We were terrified of it.) Another stole chocolate. Cocoa (named for both color and addiction) would even hop into your lap and try to pry your mouth open to get the chocolate if you didn’t share.

    And I got the linky working. Sorry it wasn’t up earlier. šŸ™

    • I rabbit sat for my friend’s bunny. His name was Rocko. After he bit me in the arm when all I was trying to do was feed him, I changed his name to Hasenpfeffer. He still lives. I refuse to go near him.

      I have some sheep that would probably run from a rabbit. Seriously. And, on the other end of the spectrum, I have some sheep that will not run even when it’s that or become dinner. They are curious animals.

      • Sheep are odd creatures. My kids helped take care of a couple at farm camp, but I’ve not had much to do with them. I considered getting a couple of pigmy goat milkhers, but our yard is not big enough for 2 goats and I refuse to do the solo-herd-animal thing.

  4. That is the funniest thing ever!!! I never saw any creature run from a rabbit before. A rabbit herding sheep–never saw that coming.

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