Lying by Omission for WIPpet Wednesday

When stopping in for a visit, does anyone else get the odd, horizontal, white drop-down menus across the top of the screen instead of what should be there?


I’m not sure if it’s just my browser, or some on-going glitch in the css. Grrrrr. I hate little gremlins like that. Seems okay on Firefox, but glitchy on IE. Anyone else seeing it? If so, please drop a note in the comments and let me know what browser you’re using. Thanks!

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As I’m a little crushed for time again (I warned you September would be like this), I’m going to dive right into my WIPpet. This comes from CBC2 (or at least the noodling for it) and follows a bit after last week’s. My math goes as such: 6 sentences which equals 3 paragraphs which added together equals 9 and that’s the day. Ta-da! It’s all dialogue, so bonus points for guessing which line is Driev’s.


“I’m sure you can sugar one of the maids into crawling between the blankets with you if you’re randy and too tight-up to spend the coin on a lady. Or has your charm started to wear thin with them as well? One too many lies spun?”

“I never lied to you.”

“No. Just never told the truth.”


Apologies for not making the rounds last week. I doubt I’ll accomplish it this week either, as we’ll be out of town from Friday thru Sunday, and there’s much to do between then and now.


  1. I feel like either one could be Driev and I have no idea which actually is. I feel like this is a bit of a turning point for the characters, whichever one is saying each part.

    No white lines for me! But then I am using Firefox, which you said was mostly fine anyway.

  2. I’m on my tablet with chrome and getting the menus. On my computer with Firefox is fine.

    Wonderful snippet.

  3. Using Chrome and Windoze 10. Looks lovely. No white lines. Speaking of lines, I love the one about setting aside vices. Excellent!

  4. I’m on Internet Explorer and I don’t see the menus.
    My guess is the middle line. The other lines are about him. But the first line has his snark.

  5. I’m on Chrome on Windows 8 with absolutely no white lines anywhere, it all looks as it should. Though on the other hand, trying to sign up to your newsletter leaves me totally mystified as to whether it actually worked! Entered required fields/radial button, clicked submit… and all that happened was the boxes emptied. I guess I’ll find out soon enough. *grins*

    I always love how you can pack so much feeling into such your sentences! I just keep rereading them and loving them more every time.

  6. Nice. 🙂 Isn’t it amazing how closely some people can keep to the truth without ever perjuring themselves with the actual reality of a thing?

    Firefox has no issues with your website, but our IE does. :-/ Supposedly we have the most up-to-date version, but IE is just slow and sad.

  7. Great exchange! And horray for the new website. I don’t see the funny bar on top. Everything looks great to me.

  8. I have the lines in Chrome and Silk (Kindle Fire browser.) Also, neither likes the layout; it chopped the text on the right, although the Reading View on Kindle let me read your great lines.

    I think Driev’s in the middle, too, being typically slippery…

    I should tell you that I’m not using my regular laptop; it’s currently grievously ill, and the budget a bit anemic after birthdays, car repairs, and summer travel. So display issues may have something to do with the elderly stopgap machine I’ve pressed into service…

    I haven’t been keeping up with Street Team things like I’d hoped…that will be in my plans for next week. Things take longer on this machine…

    I will sign up for the newsletter right now, though!

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  10. Middle line is Driev. 🙂

    I use Firefox and everything looks fine.

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