Look, I Found My Paddle!

Okay, maybe not. But it feels like it because I’m actually posting a ROW80 update on Sunday. Imagine that. Must mean I found a paddle, or the rock I’ve been under is starting to shift. Either way, I’m happy about that. I’ve been in a funk for the past month or so. Not just on the writing front. Life in general was just not cooperating with me. Or I wasn’t cooperating with it. Hard to say. Maybe, as Kait mentioned we all need to do from time to time, my well is refilling. I won’t question it. Just going to roll with it.

So, my ROW80 update.

  • Edge of Darkness is still fighting with me. That contributes to the funk. But I haven’t actually sat down and given it 100% of my attention. At this point, I think I may need to go back and read Emergence so that I can reconnect with my characters and their story. That will mean stuffing my internal editor into a bag, putting said bag in a box, wrapped in chains, within another box, and so on. Because I can *always* all-ways find things to change, things I missed, things I don’t like. Too late. Move on.
  • Bound in Shadow has met great acclaim from most of my betas. There are still a couple verdicts out there, but I’ve started to tweak and fine tune it based on some excellent input.
  • My third goal was to schedule writing time on days off and weekends and stick with it. Um…that one is hard. We have a small farm with many critters and always something to be done. Let’s not forget the whole training and trialing of the dogs passion. But I’ve got to wedge it in there somehow. Even if it’s just a couple hundred words a day. Social media tends to suck me in. And Pinterest. *shakes fist* And miscellaneous, brainless, resting the grey matter things.

Moving on…I’m excited about tomorrow as I get to meet another on-line writing pal in person. The talented Kourtney Heintz will be in Wisconsin promoting her book The Six Train to Wisconsin, so we’ll be getting together tomorrow evening before her event. I re-posted my review of Six Train on Friday.

That’s if for today. Off to visit some other ROWers.


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  1. I so know what you mean about having to read over your published work. I thought I’d be fine with it. HAHAHAHAHA no.

    Glad everyone appreciates the wonder that is Driev. I can’t wait for the wider world to meet him. 🙂

    • “The wonder that is Driev.” *snork* Please, don’t let him hear that.

      • Please, LET him hear it. I wanna know what he’ll say to that! =) I just finished this morning; I’ll send it off to you tonight. Sorry it took so long – food poisoning struck and flattened me for the weekend.

  2. Busy, busy. Don’t you find summer a busy time for mind and body?

  3. I’m perpetually astonished by everything you manage to accomplish. Please, please, please don’t tell Annie. She might expect me to jack up my production to match, and there’s just no damn way that’s gonna happen. [smile] Best of luck with the re-read. I battled the same issue when I started in on the 3rd Little Primitive book. Then I just figured oh screw it, and started writing anyway.

    Now that I’m almost finished with the new book, I’m seriously thinking about going back and doing that re-read. [mutter, groan] I don’t wanna, but I may hafta.

    • I tried the ‘screw it I’m writing anyway’ theory. So far it’s not working well. And my level of accomplishment of late doesn’t seem like much to me, so I don’t think you have anything to fear.

  4. hmm funks are not good…you need to go on a hunt for your mojo. Don’t forget the tranq’s, the nets, the ropes, the hiking boots, LOTS of water, and some sleeping rolls if you’re stuck out there over night.

    And re-reading a published book to write the sequel is one of the worst levels of hell out there.

  5. I hate funks, but they can be helpful once they’re through. I’m enforcing a rest on my own writing, since I’d been overtaxed for so long that I basically lived in Funktown, which is, unfortunately, nowhere near Funky Town. I’m not yet at the point where the enforced break is starting to chafe, which means I still need to not write and without guilt. My writing will come back when I’ve refilled my well some more. Yours will, as well. It’s the fastest way out of Funktown.

  6. No excuses . . . but my days seem to disappear without me realizing where they get to – and I don’t even have a farm to take care of, just one poochie. Congrats on the positive input from your betas. Enjoy reacquainting yourself with your characters. As writers, we’re always learning more and advancing in our skills (hopefully) so not to worry about what you would change but can’t at this point. Onward and upward!

  7. I too have surges and ebbs. I think it may be a natural cycle for many of us. I’ve learned not to fight it, or even call it a funk – it’s just a part of living, and that non-writing time tends to lead to many revelations, if i can wait it out.

    Of course, it’s different when life decides not to cooperate with us at the same time…

    Those monkeys mean business. I dared them last winter, and got the flu, I dared them last week, and got food poisoning…

    When will I learn?

    I am glad you’ve found your paddle, though! =)

  8. It was so awesome having dinner with you yesterday! I’m so excited for your next book. I know it’s going to be awesome. It’s the getting there that is always rough and uncertain. Thanks for the shoutout! Hugs, Kourtney

  9. Kourtney’s as great in person as she is on her blog, isn’t she? 🙂 Glad you two got to meet up!

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