Living in the Moment

This is living in the moment. This is a 12 year old dog who has no clue he’s 12 because what’s age but a number? This is dancing like no one’s watching, or just not caring if someone is because, hey, you just feel like dancing. This is happiness, and joy, and “I’m making snow angel trails because I like to and it’s fun.”

This is what we forget to do when we reach that magical thing called Adulthood. We become ‘too old to act like that’.

Well I cry PHOOEY! I declare we tap into our inner dog, our inner child, and have fun for the mere sake of having fun. Live in the moment. And when someone asks why you don’t act your age, tell them, “I’ve never been this age before, I don’t know how to act. Have you got a manual?”

Thus ends the Random Non-Writing Related Thoughts portion of this post. On to ROW80 updates.

I have added words. Many words. Many emotionally draining, nail-biting, ERMAHGARD WHAT ARE THEY DOING NOW?!!? words. In the world of writing, it has been a fun week. Plus, hey, I’m less than 40k away from my self-imposed word limit. Yeah. Will I succeed in finishing by the end of this round? That’s, what? Three weeks, I think. Um…likely not. Then again, I’m off from the 19th thru the 4th so no telling what will happen.

Now, go have fun.



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  1. Love it! Congrats on the great word count!

  2. Animals have it great. They have no idea about time. They don’t know they’re old, either. I have a cat who’s 17 and who’s little more than skin and bones, but she still has an appetite and has gotten even more active than she was two or three years ago, when she was in better health. A great lesson they teach, have fun until the lights go out for good.

    Great word count!

  3. Let’s compromise and tap into our inner puppy and make those snow angel tracks. What? It could totally happen.

    P.S. What’s your cure for hotdog fingers? O.o

  4. yay on the words!!

  5. Wow – congratulations on the word count! Great video! All the best for the last 3 weeks.

  6. Love this post. I had a similar moment today actually. I was singing (belting) the words to George Ezra’s Blame It On Me (he is my musical crush du jour) and dancing around my living room on my own and it felt so silly but such fun!

    Makes me think of CS Lewis’ quote: “When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up”.

  7. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    I used to watch Sam out of the window as he rolled in fresh mown grass with his long shaggy coat ending up covered in the green stuff. He would stand for a minute, look around to see if anybody was watching and then go at it again… love it…My biological age is 35 – it was an age I enjoyed totally and decided to stay there for all time…It is only my glasses that tell me any differently and they are rose coloured.

  8. Thank you for the reminder. We all need to lighten up. 🙂
    Congrats on the word count. Woo hoo.

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