Like a Cat in the Sun ~ ROW80 Update

Good morning, everyone! Wow, it’s Sunday. I’m at home. The hubby is still sleeping. No one but the dogs and me awake. Aaahhhhhhhh How did this happen? I know it won’t last, and I have much to do today as I prepare to leave on the 29th, but I’m going to spend a little time basking in the moment.

Yes. Like this. Basking…..

Okay, enough of that. How am I doing on my singular goal (Write the damn story.) for this round of ROW80? So glad you asked.


(Um…this was supposed to be my lovely writertopia meter but…it seems to have been eaten by aliens. Or is also basking in the sun. Regardless, my word count is now up from 44618 on Wednesday, to 45949 as of this writing.)

I managed to add another paltry 13hundred words, give or take. But any progress is better than no progress. I also finished a beta read, got in some more reading on a fantabulous anthology from Hypothetical Press: started another beta read. Oh, and I did some research on tattoos for my newly announced temporarily named new project The Adorned , which I’ve been sharing bits of on WIPpet Wednesday. So if you don’t know what that’s all about, look back at some of my Wednesday WIPpet posts.

The next two weeks I’ll be preoccupied with traveling to TX with some friends, trialing our dogs at the Australian Shepherd National Specialty, and generally hanging out with a bunch of crazy dog people. So if I’m not around much (though I’m going to try) that would be the reason.

Here’s your official linky link in case you want to see what other ROW80ers are up to: Official Linky Link. Have a great weekend.


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  1. Awesome basking 🙂 Made me want to stretch right out and lay in the…oh, wait…there is no sun here. Never mind! I’m looking forward to Wednesday, to learn more about your new project. Excellent work on the word count, with or without the ‘basking’ meter 😉

  2. Have fun basking! At 41°F / 5°C it’s too cold to do any basking here in Germany. 1300 words is still progress and that’s all that counts!

  3. You realize that the beest way to do research on tattoos is to get one, don’t you? 😉

    Okay, so you “just” got 1300 words written. Given everything else you got done, that still isn’t bad.

    Where are you going in Texas?

    • I did have a tattoo all designed that I wanted to have put on my wrist. I just haven’t gotten around to it. But the kind of research I’m doing goes more into the history of tats, and magical ones. 😉

      I’ll be going to Bryan, TX. I’m just hoping it’s not going to be too hot down there.

  4. Have fun. That’s important too, and as good as a rest. <3

  5. 1300 words is still progress.

    We had sun yesterday, but also wind. Of course, it’s supposed to be 70 tomorrow and possibly snow on Friday. So, I guess I should bask while I can. 😉

  6. Are crazy dog people anything like crazy horse people???

  7. I wish I was basking 🙁 Any progress is definitely good progress! 😀

  8. Basking is awesome! And I had forgotten about the fun antics that are the Writertopia word meters. I must start using them again (once I start, you know, GETTING WORDS again). Here’s to a great week ahead!

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