Lambs and WIPpet Wednesday

Which really have nothing whatsoever to do with one another. However, a couple weeks ago, ReGi requested more lamb pictures. So, yesterday I went out with my camera and attempted to get some. Unfortunately, the sheep were not being cooperative. I did manage a few shots, but no one was doing anything cute.

No, not a lamb, just a ewe who decided to step in front of the camera every time I tried to shoot one of the babies. Must be their Media Manager.

No, not a lamb, just a ewe who decided to step in front of the camera every time I tried to shoot one of the babies. Must be their Media Manager.

One of the white lambs, trying to make a get-away.

One of the white lambs, trying to make a get-away.

Coal being shy and hiding behind a couple adults.

Coal being shy and hiding behind a couple adults.

I don't know about you, but the tan lamb looks a bit suspicious...

I don’t know about you, but the tan lamb to the left looks a bit suspicious… like she got caught doing something, or thinking about doing something.

And now… your WIPpet for the week. Utilizing the ever-malleable WIPpet math, I give you 8 paragraphs because today is the 17th and 1+7. Those of you who have read the first two books of my Darkness & Light series will either find this shocking or hysterical — depending how you feel about Bolin, that is. No context for you. I will say, it is well-deserved. Again, first draftish, forgive the roughness of it.

Bolin propped himself up on his elbows. His skull ached, but the steady throbbing he felt didn’t come from any physical injury.

“They are my wards,” Dain said to Bolin’s unspoken question. “At the moment, they are around both you and Maurar. I am still attempting to work out what to do with the pair of you.”

“You might do well to have me executed.” Bolin swung his legs over the edge of the bed and sat up.

“Danya Maurar as well, then?” Dain shook his head, still looking out the window. “No. I think not.”

Bolin dropped his head into his hands, not even lifting it when a gentle knock on the door heralded Blyth’s appearance. She carried a tray with a large mug and a pitcher of steaming water. She said nothing as she mixed something in the mug and then came to stand before Bolin. He never saw her hand move when he looked up, and actually heard the slap before the sting of it across his cheek registered with enough force to bring tears to his eyes.

She shoved the mug at him. “Now drink this.”

Bolin was too stunned not to comply. “Danya –“

“Say nothing. Not one word.” Blyth lowered herself into a chair, looking far older than her years.

And now a quick update.

  • The first draft of EoD is nearing its conclusion and will be going to several Alpha Readers in July. I mentioned that before. Now I reaffirm. I should be writing the climax within the next week. All that remains after that is tying everything up with a nice, pretty, satisfying bow.
  • Driev has a date with his editor firmly in place. Also in July.
  • Which means I’ll have time next month to return to Roe and Fader. Whoot-whoot!

Of course, July is also my busiest month as far as other things. Let’s see… I’ll be in IA over the 4th, then gone the next weekend, home for a week, then in OH for 5 days or so. Yeah. At least I won’t have a lot of time to dwell on EoD and CBC.

Question for the Twitter savvy: I know how to get Twitter to post to Facebook by using #fb. And, in theory, I know how to link Twitter to Facebook. I even figured out how to link it to a page I manage (my author page) as opposed to my profile. HOWEVER, every time I go into the App section of Twitter, make the change, then leave, it reverts. *insert very grumpy face here* What’s up with that??? Anyone have any insight?

And, since I’ve been including music of late, let me dash over to my Pinterest board and grab some random thing… Here we go, Gammy Bird from The Shipping News. This entire soundtrack is excellent. The movie is pretty good as well.


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  1. Oh, Bolin, what have you done now? *sigh*

    Exciting for being almost done.

  2. Now that’s a slap! Must be well deserved. Poor Bolin!!! As usual you have great descriptions and banter.

    You choose the best music! Despite having read The Shipping News, I never saw the film. But I think I would love that soundtrack.

  3. P.S. The lambs are adorable. I agree that the tan lamb looks very suspicious.

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  5. Squee! Lambies! Wow, they’re getting big. The expression on that ewe’s face is hilarious. It’s like, “Really? Again with the camera?” And that tan lamb is definitely up to something. Looks like it might be planning to usurp your monkeys and mutiny to me. You might want to up the flying monkey banana rations, just in case.

    Yowza, Bolin! I LOVE that he hears the slap before he feels it. I have stuff like that happen to me all the time. (Not being slapped by people, but, you know, picking up a hot pot or banging my leg against something.) Sometimes it’s just so unexpected, you need a moment to process that it happened.

  6. I like how he hears the slap before he feels it. I like that description.
    Yeah for cute lamb pics!

  7. Lambies!!!!! So cute. I agree, that one looks like she’s up to no good.

    Count me as another fan of him hearing the slap before it registers. She certainly took him by surprise there! I wonder what he did to deserve it.

  8. Your progress is exciting news. Bravo. Look after yourself in July during your busyness. <3

  9. Heheheh…looks like someone’s in trouble! 🙂

    That’s great to here, that you are close to being done!

  10. “Pretty good”? The movie is fantastic, if for the scenery and accents if nothing else.

    Okay, Julianne Moore’s accent is not at all good. But Dame Judi NAILED IT. If you’re ever in the mood for more Newfoundlandishness, The Grand Seduction is pretty sweet. 🙂

  11. So lost here… Not a movie goer, so Kate’s comments about accents and such.

    Oh! Yeah, that has nothing to do with the snippet.

    Bolin has found himself in the thick of it now, hasn’t he? (As usual)

  12. Ahh the lambies are growing so quickly! Shifty!lamb is adorable and the photobombing ewe’s expression is somehow screaming “stop taking pictures of the cute ones and notice me!” …Maybe I’m reading too much into it.

    I actually winced at that snippet. Poor Bolin. Even if it is well-deserved, still sounds very painful indeed…

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