Just When I Thought I Had it All Together . . .

. . . I forgot where I put it!

Welcome WIPpet fans old and new! All of you who guessed Ciara last week, guessed correctly. Hurray!!!!!!

So, after 10 days, spanning two weekends, and including lots of working dogs and sharing laughs with good friends who I don’t see nearly enough — I am now behinder than behind can be. But, I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. Sometimes our soul needs rejuvenation and these folks are about the best soul food a person can find. Several of them are what I term my friblings — friends who are like siblings. Actually, closer than some of my siblings. These are my sistas. We lean on each other, laugh and cry with one another, accept each other for who we are with all flaws attached, and never judge one another. We all need people like this in our lives. I am very blessed to have them. Lord only knows what I did to deserve them as they are far better women than me most days. I was sad to see our days together wind to a close.

But, even being behind, I steadfastly refuse to miss WIPpet Wednesday. So, for the 10th of July, I give you . . . um . . . okay, so I didn’t write or edit a single word over those ten days. Sooooo . . . I give you 10 sentences from page 7 of The First House. In this particular scene, Grady finds himself in a bit of a precarious situation.

A flash of lightning rippled through the branches, briefly outlining a figure making its way toward him. A large figure. Larger than him. Another brief flare showed a wide grin in a hairy face, and the glint of metal on the edges of an axe and shield.

Of course, it had to be the mongrel with the fekking axe.

“Well, well.” His voice rumbled like the thunder. Grady heard him hawk up and spit. “The Black Prince, is it? I believe you owe me a gutting.”

Now, go forth and conquer! I’m going to go forth and try to get caught up. And remember,




  1. My first thought, “How does one end up owing a gutting int he first place?” Grady better run!

    Very tense snippet! You built the mood in a great way.

  2. Wait… Grady owes him a gutting like Grady’s going to gut him, or he’s going to gut Grady? WHO’S THE GUTTER AND WHO’S THE GUTTEE?!

    I must know.

  3. Great excerpt Kathi. I agree with Kate though, I’m not sure whose gonna get it in the neck and who isn’t. I’d like for Grady to win…

  4. Love the tension and the creepiness going on here…and the grin surrounded by hair. Definitely adds to it.

  5. “The Black Prince, is it? I believe you owe me a gutting.”–This is just made of awesome! But I have the same question as Kate. I assume Grady is the guttee.

    • “This is just made of awesome!” Aww, thanks! That’s cool. 😀

      See, Grady and his mouth, he told this lummox he was going to gut him. Unfortunately, the lummox thinks he can best our boy.

  6. Oh, Grady, my sweet… get your sweet arse up off the ground and defend yourself before you end up being the mongrel’s dinner.

    (Love how you wrote his perspective here… He really is so much fun to read.)

    And friblings! What a great term… I have some dear friends like that. And yes, I always wonder how I was so lucky to end up being blessed with them, flaws and all.

  7. The language in this piece is wonderful. The atmosphere and thundery and hairy in many senses of the word… so glad this one became an official WIP!

  8. Lovely! Played just like a movie in my head. 🙂

  9. Sooo… I’m sort of re-reading the Harry Potter series right now, and when the lightning showed a wide grin in a hairy face, my thought was like “HAGRID!!” And then the whole gutting comment happened, and I was like “Oh… NOT Hagrid…”

    • Oh that makes me laugh. Yep, and get looks from the dog. Thankfully the hubby’s upstairs. No, the axe wielding fella is nothing at all like Hagrid.

  10. I read the word “fekking” and from then on, everything else was in an Irish accent in my head.

    Larger than Grady? That makes him pretty darn large, right? I am concerned about this gutting.

    • I’m just not sure of the spelling of that. As is? Or should it be “fecking”?? When Grady gets really po’ed it turns into the less Irish version. Then you know you need to watch out.

  11. haha, nice meme change! With your skills, I suppose it works to just walk into it and throw something great at us!

  12. I read the gutting as being owed to the mongrel. The prince is to be gutted.
    Anyway, the storm, the flashes of light revealing bits and pieces work well in a crescendo to build tension. Nice!

    • Thanks! There really is no love lost between these two so I’m quite sure they’d like to gut each other. On this night, however . . .

      • Tease! That’s all I’ve got to say to that comment.
        Though I agree, having great friends is great, but what happens when they are so awesome you don’t get time to write? Life is fully of these hardships 😀

        • Mwahahahaha!

          *ahem* Um, yes, great friends are such a hardship! Always distracting you with . . . Bright Shiny! Bright Sh– er . . . there will be writing today.

  13. I just loved that line ‘Of course, it had to be the mongrel with the fekking axe.’ And yes, it should be ‘fecking’. Really visual scene – loved it.

  14. Friblings! We tend to use ‘Chosen Family’ a lot in my circle of friends, but I like Friblings better – it doesn’t sound nearly as snotty 😉

    I don’t know why, but for some reason this short scene reminded me of the legend of Gawain and the Green Knight. Probably the bit about the axe. I’d really like to know what Crady did to irk this mongrel.

    • I remember that one. Yes, I guess I can see how you made the jump. Interesting.

      Technically Grady’s birth most likely irked the mongrel — “we hate all royalty” mentality. Then again, the fact Grady insulted him might have something to do with it as well. In Grady’s defense, the axe man did threaten him as well. Lots of mutual dislike in their brief meeting.

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