Is This Thing On?!!?

“I’m going to check out if my subscription is still working o_O

That reply to a comment I made on a fellow blogger’s site was a nice little kick in the arse for me. (Thanks, Tess!) It made me realize I’ve been far less active here than is normal and it’s really not fair to those of you who actually read my posts and maybe, occasionally, wonder what’s going on. Sure, my newsletter subscribers get a monthly dose of me, but where’s that leave the rest of you?

*insert sound of crickets chirping*


Let’s see, the last time I vanished from the blogosphere for an extended length of time it was due to a loss of mojo. I can state, unequivocally, that’s not the case this time. I’ve got mojo. Maybe too much mojo (thanks, muses). It’s a bit like caffeine in that regard. Makes you twitchy, a little hyped, and then more than a little impatient when you can’t put it all to use. Inside, I’m like a squirrel on crack running around WalMart looking at all the shiny. Externally… gotta get through the work day, deal with life, do the whole adulting thing, scrape together some hours when Hubs starts snoring on the couch and I can sneak down to the dungeon to release some of that pent up mojo.

(Unrelated side note: Hubs is actually snoring on the futon which was “temporarily” moved upstairs when we got rid of our old couch before Christmas in preparation for the new couch, which was supposed to arrive in January and now looks not to be showing up until mid-February. Who’s not a happy camper? Raise your hand.)

Anyhow, what’s been going on since NaNo? Which is, I believe, the last time you heard from me. Glad you asked. Here’s a list of updates and current projects:

  • I released the entire Darkness & Light trilogy as an e-omnibook complete with six, full-color illustrations. Available on Amazon. (If you already have the books but would like to see the illustrations and aren’t a newsletter subscriber, let me know, I’ll send you a link and the password to a private gallery.)
  • Hand of Fate, my Writers of the Future Finalist story, has been making the submission rounds, looking for a home.
  • Bound in Shadow ~ The Coinblade Chronicles is still being ‘held for further review’ by a Publisher. (That will some day be a post all its own regardless of how it goes.) With any luck I’ll know one way or the other by… summer???
  • I set my NaNo novel aside for the moment to work on a couple short stories aimed for two different anthologies. Submissions for the first one are due in April, the other in May. (Have I mentioned how I really struggle with short stories? I do. Really. But I’m determined to complete and submit these because I find I can’t bring myself to focus on another novel at the moment when all I really want to be writing is Pawn of Shadows ~ The Coinblade Chronicles Book Two, which I can’t write while BiS remains in limbo. I made changes, see. Changes that may not be accepted if it goes traditional. Changes that impact Driev’s future. Yes, I might be whining a little. No apologies.)
  • Even though BiS lingers in limbo, I’ve been working on some marketing for the inevitable day when it makes it out into public. I’ve got some great swag planned, a cover, and I’ve been working on an animated trailer. Yeah, letting that one out of the bag. Can’t wait for it to go live some day.
  • I also set up a You Tube channel because of that. And other reasons. There’s nothing there. Yet. I’ll let you know when there is.
  • However… the trailer has been slightly back-burnered (squirrel on crack, remember?) while I work on finalizing my Patreon page. *pauses for a moment* Yes, I did just announce that publicly. (That’s another tidbit newsletter subscribers already got wind of. Just saying.) No turning back now.

*whew!* I think that’s it.

I hope that’s it.

I don’t know that I can juggle much more than that.

So, now you’re caught up, with my apologies for being absent. I am going to make a real effort to shine around here at least once a week from now on. I won’t go so far as to promise a particular day and I have no idea what the posts will contain. Maybe there will be words again. Snippets of WIPs. Hard to say.

In any case, I leave you with this video of my young dog amusing himself in the snow. You may have seen it or the other clip on my farm blog or Instagram, but it makes me smile. Smiling is important. Especially these days.



  1. Wow. You’ve been mega busy. You’ve accomplished a lot. Looks good on YOU. 😀 😛
    Cute doggie. 🙂
    Me. I’m spinning my wheels. Sigh.

    • I’ve been busy, yes. Still in the middle of so many of those items that accomplishing them is something I’ve yet to attain!

      Hmmm… wheel spinning, huh? Wouldn’t know it by your latest posts. 🙂

  2. Good to know you’re still at it, m’dear. Carry on!

  3. Thank goodness I’m terrible at deleting emails, because I totally missed the link to the gallery with your illustrations the first time around, but I just found it. They are gorgeous!

    I’m trying my hand at some short stories this year, too. I’ve got a page bookmarked with a long list of short story competitions taking place in the first half of this year. I’ve submitted to one already, my aim is to do at least two more.

    I watched that video when I saw it on Instagram and now I’m going to watch it again because reasons.

    • Thank you! My favorite is also the saddest. 🙁 Overall I was pleased with how they turned out.

      Oooh, good luck on the competition! I struggle with shorts for magazines, because a lot of them require under 4k or under 6k and mine all want to be… well, novels! LOL I find it very hard to just focus on one event.

      I’ve got three video clips of Dillon on my phone and I watch them all the time. He’s such a goof! He makes me laugh all the time. Okay, not *all* the time. Sometimes he reminds me that he’s still a young, obnoxious, punk. 😉

  4. Love the updates, Kathi. I miss getting your regular blog posts, so I’m excited to hear you’re going to blog more frequently. More than half of my regular blog readers have quit blogging for one reason or another, so blogosphere feels very echo-y these days. 🙁 I totally get it though–blogging interferes with our other writing, and we have to make hard choices sometimes. I find that I go through spurts, but it’s also really bad for any momentum that I gain when I’m blogging regularly. I find it’s harder to restart a blogging schedule after a hiatus of more than 2 weeks than it is to maintain a regular schedule with planned blogging breaks.

    • I had to do some soul-searching as to what I wanted. I decided if I wasn’t going to make a valiant effort to blog more, then what was the point of having one. And I needed to come to terms with changing my focus. I want to connect with readers, mainly, so I have to go back to my roots I think and start blogging about whatever pops into my head again. Which, you know, could be somewhat dangerous territory! 😉

  5. I’m getting them! But my own busy-ness coupled with a sudden need to binge read mysteries (thus to cope with busy-ness) is keeping me from getting around to everyone as I should.

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