In With A Whimper

Happy First Day of 2015! Which, I realize, for some of you came yesterday. Freakishly weird time zone math.

I totally missed Wednesday. A head cold I had felt earlier in the week managed to sucker punch me, and I spent the day wrapped in a quilt, huddled on the couch. Which for me is very unusual. And difficult. It tends to make me a wee bit cranky. But I couldn’t focus on anything, my throat was scratchy, and I didn’t have enough energy to concentrate. So I cocooned with copiuos amounts of honeyed green tea and lemon water, and today I feel remarkably better. Still a bit stuffy, but my eyes are working. That’s a good thing. And my grey matter seems to be functioning–well, maybe not at 100% but closer than yesterday.

So, my WIPpet. Let me open The Adorned and see what I can scrape up for you… Ah, here we go. I’m going to give you 32 words–31 for the date, and one extra because tomorrow is the 1st.

“So.” Roe rocked on the balls of her feet, hands clasped behind her back to keep them out of trouble, eyes looking everywhere except directly at Fader. “Your circumstances have changed now.”

Those of you who are on WordPress were sent your Year in Review, a compilation of stats for your blog. One little tidbit from my stats: seems if my blog were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 3 sold-out performances to equal the number of views it received over the past year. The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people, and I received about 8,600 views.

The stats also list the top five commenters. No surprise that 4 our of the 5 were awesome WIPpeteers. What surprised me (okay, only a little) was the top commenter. Tess over at How the Cookie Crumbles took the top spot. If you haven’t been to Tess’s blog, you really need to check it out. I snagged this blurb from her About Me page:

I’m a single grandma to two little girls (and have been a merry divorcee for 25 years) but I’ve been so busy I’ve hardly noticed. Living on my own without having to check with anyone has become a habit. I’ve made my choices  and am not complaining. I just want to keep on rocking (I don’t mean the chair, I mean TO the MUSIC!) When I leave this earth, it will not be with a whimper. I hope to go kicking and screaming OR singing loudly, IF I can remember the words. I hope it will not be for a long time yet; I hope my health allows it. Till then, I want to   s-q-u-e-e-z-e out as much living as I can. Join me?

Tess isn’t even a fantasy fan, and yet she keeps hanging out here. I may be a bad influence. Hee, hee. If you need something to add to your TBR list (and who doesn’t) Tess has contributed to two anthologies: Slices of Life and Palpable Imaginings.

And now, for those who are wondering, a quick update. Haven’t gotten as much done on my break as I hoped. EoD plods along, still owe reviews..I did, however, make a decision on Driev’s tale. I’m going to try and finish the synopsis and submit to a few more agents who are at the top of my list. Unfortunately, that’s on hold until I finish EoD. Soon. Very soon.

What’s in store for 2015? Who knows. The completion of The Darkness & Light Trilogy, of course. Moving forward with Driev’s tale in one form or another. Hopefully The Adorned will see publication. And I’d like to get to those other projects lining up on my board.

Other than that…life, in all it’s varied and sundry forms.



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  1. Feel better soon!!! Looks like you need to rest up with all the craziness you have planned for the new year.

    The WIPpet was intriguing, as ever!

  2. Hope you’re back to yer old self soon. Colds suck (and I don’t even want to think about cleaning the residue from a keyboard ). HNY! Oh, and just so you know, bourbon works well for colds, too. Doesn’t do diddly for the symptoms, but consume enough and you won’t give a damn. Cheers!

  3. Hope you’re feeling better.

    Now I want to know what circumstances have changed.

  4. Happy New Year, K. Glad you’re feeling better. I send you a cup of joy for flavor, two cups of good health to grow on, and three cups of love in support of your writing in 2015. <3

    Oh my, I love your choice of words, "…clasped behind her back to keep them out of trouble…"

    Thanks so much for the shout out as well. So this is where I spent all my time last year. Can you blame me? Yup, I'm expanding my reading horizons and thank you for T.H.A.T. too. No wonder I never got anything done at home. 😀 😀 😀

  5. Oooh….you TEASE! That hand-clasping makes me think of T’Pol, who does it for almost exactly the same reason…although good luck getting her to admit that..

    Sorry you weren’t feeling well. I had an intense, all-day migraine on Saturday, and canceled plans to visit my brother and his family. I felt well enough to go to my local NNWM Write-in on Sunday, although my head still hurt. Stopped at the store on the way home, and started to feel dizzy. I made it home, but then my body started to feel like it wasn’t working so well with my head. Spent all day Monday and a lot of Tuesday in bed. A little more active yesterday, and I finished my novel draft three minutes before midnight, then stayed up till 10am, reading Enterprise fanfiction (#iswritingresearch!). Slept till 7 (thank you, family!), and have a headache.

    May we both feel ready to take in all the life we can hold, ASAP1

  6. Boo to the cold. Glad you’ve recuperated. 🙂

    I want a Sydney Opera House comparison. I got the NYC Subway Car one. The Concert Hall is lovely. I’ve seen a few things there.

    Ooh, what an ambiguous excerpt. Intrigued by Roe’s coyness.

  7. I make a mean hot toddy, if you like bourbon. Get rid of that cold in a flash, and you’ll have fun at the same time!

    • My mom’s favorite to give me was tea with honey and brandy. Turned into brandy with tea and a little honey, but it worked wonders! And I slept good. 😉

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