Home Again ~ ROW80 Update

For those who don’t check in regularly, I was out of town from 10/29 until last night spending some time at the Australian Shepherd National Specialty in Bryan, TX. That meant few words because there really wasn’t a lot of downtime. However, I did manage to sneak in a couple odd scenes totally a little over 2k. Not to mention plot noodling a few other scenes on the drive home. I figured that was worthy of an update since I really didn’t expect to get anything done. Of course, that came complete with a scare when my laptop would no longer read my jump drive. Never fear, when I arrived at home and popped it into my desktop it worked like a charm and, yes, I immediately backed it up. Why not just use Drop Box you ask? Because I don’t always have an internet connection when I want to write. I do use it to transfer files and store some others, particularly if I’m sharing, but the jump drive works best. I need to be better about backing it up, though.

No, off to play some more catch up and hopefully get to some other ROW80 bloggers later today. This morning it’s a trip to Fleet Farm and shopping.



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  1. even some words when you’re away is good progress.

  2. Glad you got a bit done Kathi. Hope you had a good time in Texas. Must be a long drive…

    • We split the drive into three days on the way down. The friend I traveled with comes from MI, I’m in WI, so we met at another friend’s in IL. The next day was a long one to Atlanta, TX. Then a short 4 hour or so hop to Bryan. On the way home we did it in two days. Lots of road time.

      • I just had to look all those places up on a map cos my geography is pretty crap lol! I’ve found that Americans think nothing of long distance travelling – here in the UK where I live in Bristol, south west England, we’re less than 400 miles from Edinburgh but it seems a long way away.

        To us in the UK if we’re travelling all day in a car we consider that a long way! I have travelled a long way in Europe, particularly France, but I’ve actually never been to Scotland.

        • Interesting–the different perspectives. If I remember right, it was just under 1200 miles one way from my house, via my friend’s, to Bryan — just shy of 20 hours driving. I can easily do 10 hours a day, switching drivers at fuel ups. Not that I’d want to do it all the time, mind. But once a year isn’t bad. Although I routinely drive 6 hours to my friend in eastern MN.

      • Yes, perspective is an interesting thing – I guess it’s whatever you’re used to. Also our roads are most likely a lot more congested than in the States, so driving is probably generally a nicer experience for you than for us, less traffic, emptier roads etc.

  3. I’m too disorganized to be of much use writing when I’m on the go. More power to YOU. 🙂

  4. I live in Texas. An hour’s drive is ‘just down the road a bit’. Two hours is more like ‘a piece down the road’, while three hours makes it ‘a fur (far) piece’. I’ve lived in Europe (both Germany and Holland), where three hours on the road can take you across two borders!

    And speaking of living in Texas, what exactly is this Shepherd thing in Bryan? Is it for dogs or sheep?

    And last, but not least, congratulations on getting ANY words in when you were on the road! That’s fantastic!

    • Where in TX?

      It was the Australian Shepherd National Specialty. Australian Shepherds only, competing in stockdog trials (cattle, sheep, ducks — though not all at the same time!) agility, conformation, and obedience.

  5. Good progress this week, especially considering you were traveling! A couple of years ago I got an external hard drive for backing up my entire computer, since it has pretty much my whole life on it. I haven’t lost anything yet – *knock on wood* – but if something horrible happened, at least I’d have that. Best of luck this coming week!

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