Home Again, Home Again, Jiggidy Jog

Wow! October 2nd already?!!? Where is this year flying to?

Okay, as Bender so succinctly put it, I’m back. *cue flying monkeys* Yes. Because I always have flying monkeys at celebrations. It’s mandatory in my world and this Blog is firmly entrenched in My World.

I had a great time in CO. The drive out and back was long and slow. I tend to drive a bit fast but when you’re hauling your hotel (aka The Behemoth) behind the truck, well, fast isn’t quite as simple.

The Behemoth, hooked up to Skronk and ready for the road.

The Behemoth, hooked up to Skronk and ready for the road. Yes, my truck is named Skronk.

But we made it without issue, had a great week trialing our dogs, hanging out, and visiting with folks we only get to see at this kind of event. Arrived back home Saturday night and have been playing catch-up ever since.

Now, which world should I bring to the table for WIPpet Wednesday? Well, since Emergence isn’t quite finished I can still consider it a WIP. And since I haven’t shared much of it lately, I am going to give you the first 10 lines of Chapter 22. That’s 10 for the month, 2 for the day, and 1-3 from the year for the other two. We WIPpeteers are nothing if not creative with making the math work.

“Why do you deny me?”

Wind whipped across the barren landscape, pushing crystals of snow before it to pepper Bolin’s exposed flesh. Even in the ethereal world of dreams he couldn’t escape the bitter chill clinging to the heights.

A hulking shape, barely visible behind the screen of white, settled around him.

“What do you want?” Bolin asked.

“You ask a question to which you already know the answer.”

A gust of warm air coursed across Bolin’s neck, chasing a shiver down his spine. “I will never claim you.”

“Will you claim the woman?”

Bolin’s breath frosted the air.

And, remember,SeanBeanWIPpetchapflourish

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  1. Skronk is the best name ever. I’m coming to you for suggestions when I buy a car next year. 😛

    Ooh, is that a question Bolin would rather not think about at the end there?

  2. Oh, Bolin…

    I agree, Skronk is an excellent truck name. My vehicle is named Tina, because it’s a Santa Fe. It’s Tina Fe.

    • Yeah, Bolin, what am I going to do with him. Oh wait, I already know. Hee, hee, hee. *rubs hands together in maniacal glee*

      Tina Fe, huh? Cute name. 😀

  3. A very atmospheric and intriguing extract.

    Glad you had a great time away with Skronk and The Behemoth! Good to have you back. 🙂

  4. lol My car’s name is Emilie. Also have Old Red (a truck) and Caprica (my mom’s new hybrid). Love naming vehicles.

    Love the description and I really want to know what he thinks he’s being denied.

  5. Oooh intriguing. When can I read the rest?! Love the description of the ‘barren landscape’. And who’s the woman Bolin may or may not want to claim? Could it be Ciara? (I really hope so!) BTW that’s the biggest caravan I’ve ever seen! You Americans do big don’t you?!! Makes our caravans look like tiny sheds. 🙂

    • When can you read the rest? Um . . . *scratches head* as soon as I fill in one more hole and tie up the ending. Soon, I hope!

      Caravan, huh? Here we call it a camper. 😉 Yeah, it’s pretty dang big — hence the grand title of The Behemoth. It’s great to live in, very spacious and comfortable, but a pain to haul. It’s actually a toy hauler, which means the back drops down like a tailgate and we can load motorcycles or four wheelers into it.

  6. Nice to go away but nicer to come home too. 🙂
    Stronk? What’s not to love? My car is Susie Q.

    Marvelous except. Curiosity if revved…

  7. Welcome back! And, just so you know, *my* car is nameless. A sleek, formerly white convertible, and a third my age, she’s largely embarrassed to be seen with me.

  8. I’m glad things went smoothly. 🙂

    Again with the snow. Of course we have to FEEL it in this scene. *sigh* I suppose I’d better just suck it up. We already had our first snowfall anyway.

    • You’re first snowfall?!!? Already? Awesome. 😀 I’m sorry about all the snowy images of late. Um, maybe next week I’ll try to find something hotter.

  9. The conversation there really has me interested! Same with Adrian, I want to know the answer to “why do you deny me?”

    My first car was named Ambrocious (From Labrynth), my second car is named Clark (he’s a bright red chevy) and until me, my husband had never heard of naming a car. So he named his gun-metal grey Ford contour Pretty In Pink, or PIP for short. *grins*

    • I think every good car deserves a name. Every bad car as well. Easier to communicate with them when you can call them by name. 😉

      Ah, the answer to the denial . . . it is a complex one, to be sure.

  10. Welcome back!

    That is a pretty big trailer – I don’t blame you for calling it a behemoth! I would too!

    As for the snippet, that was very eerie. I wonder who or what the hulking shape is, and who the woman is.

  11. Glad you had a great trip. I always wanted to travel with my hotel behind me. 🙂

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