Here and Gone Again

Oops. Yes, fell off the radar again! I was out of town from Friday early until Monday late, and while I remembered to clear the linky-thingie, I forgot that I was actually a day behind. That makes today Wednesday, which of course means WIPpet. I am…unprepared. So, I’m going to what roughly translates as page 28 of the current rough draft of EoD, and giving you…

Nope. Can’t do that. Too many spoilers there. Hold on…let’s just go to Chapter Five…and…um…okay, I’ll give you the first 28 sentences and hopefully that doesn’t include too much of a spoiler. No context, as there is none beyond reading the first two books. Bwahahahahaha!

Donovan had never been one to visit the realm of memory. Were he the type of man given over to regret such a thing would have driven him to madness. He had committed far too many atrocities over the course of his life to waste time revisiting any of them. The creatures surrounding him, however, seemed intent on delving into every tiny crevice of his life since the time of his conception. If they hoped to torture him with the images they failed. Donovan watched them play out around him with a detachment born of indifference.

The boy they showed him, growing up the product of loving, doting parents, bore no resemblance to the man he would become. That boy lacked ambition. At six years of age he had not yet felt the power growing in him. His privileged existence made him soft. That boy, the son of a Lord of the Empire, saw in his future a lifetime of devotion to the Mother Goddess. He would follow in his father’s stead, and take over the family estates upon the old man’s death. He would find a wife and raise a family, living and dying within the space of a handful of decades. He would leave nothing behind but land and titles. Meaningless platitudes for the heir of his loins.

That boy would die before reaching the age of maturity. His love for the Goddess would turn sour. His parent’s codling would rankle. Within him the power of the Ancients had found seed and taken root.

Still, he could have used his gift for the goodness of man. He could have put himself into the service of the Emperor, perhaps sat on the Council of Mages.

“Such a rare gift,” his mother had said to that boy. Her pride glowed in the softness of her eyes, in the gentleness of her hand brushing the hair back from his face. “The Goddess has truly blessed you.”

Donovan laughed, a cold, harsh sound that set the creatures around him to chattering.

She turned from you, the voices hissed, the sound of them slithering around him as though caught on the wind and tossed from one point to another. The Mother would not have you.


Okay, that’s it from me today because I’m behind and just getting behinder. But do hope to get somewhat caught up on Friday. Hope. A wonderful thing, that…



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  1. Oooh,what an interesting look into Donovan’s past. I never would have imagined him coming from such a background.

    • I feel the need to make my bad guys something of more depth and substance. Unless they’re just born evil…and some are. I suspected Donovan’s past would come as somewhat of a surprise to many.

  2. What the heck happened to him that he turned away from that path? That was certainly an interesting glimpse.

  3. Wow. That last paragraph packs a huge punch! It gave me chills!

  4. Wonderful excerpt Kathi. It’s quite sad to see what Donovan was like as a boy, what he could have become, compared with what he is now. Beautifully written. 🙂

    • Sad…yes. He had a good life, loving parents, and yet he wanted so much more. Donovan does not…did not…deal well with disappointment.

  5. I’m disappointed the story stopped when it did. I checked on the other side of my laptop screen with the hope of finding more. Meh. I like this character and can almost see him. What a switch up from childhood. Interesting reading.

  6. Okay… Have to say, Donovan sounds like he may have had it TOO good. Either that or those Ancient Powers are real whoppers. 😉

  7. Interesting. I really like this slice of Donovan backstory. Many of my acquaintances in my teen years were like that. They had hard-working, loving parents who did their derndest to raise them right, but they ended up in deep soup anyway. 🙁 So sad when that happens. I don’t hear much from them anymore, but at least two of them are dead now 🙁

  8. I second Amy. I wonder what happened to change his path? And that last paragraph is just flat out creepy. Good job!

    • There’s a lot of creepy surrounding Donovan in this book three. Not that he can’t bring on the creep all by himself, but this time there isn’t much he can do about it.

      Or is there?

  9. Nice snippet! I especially like the way his reaction sends the creatures chattering. 🙂

    One nit. I had to read this sentence twice: “Were he the type of man given over to regret such a thing would have driven him to madness.” I kept going with “regret such a thing” until I realized it was wrong and had to backtrack. Comma after “regret” should fix it. 🙂

  10. Nice! I really enjoyed Donovan’s backstory.

  11. Intriguing. The passage, your hints in the comments. Maybe, sometimes, it’s just a long slow slide, with no obvious moment of choosing the baser path…?

  12. I love that you’ve gone back a bit into Donovan’s past. I feel like he’s more dangerous now that I see this other part of him. Nice job!

  13. great insight into Donovan!! Definitely leaves me wanting to know more

  14. So interesting to get a glimpse of where Donovan came from! The villains who don’t start out bad tend to be the ones that make a bigger impact on the reader, I think.

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