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Happy Friday! As promised, today is character interview day. And, as you may recall, last month I had the pleasure of joining in a cover reveal for Mara Valderran’s soon-to-be-released NA/YA Fantasy book Heirs of War. (Soon as in, the 13th I believe. Yes, that soon!)


The awesome cover.

Today I welcome to the blog, three of the young stars of HoWKyle, Tate, and Garrett. Who also happen to be very nice looking gentlemen who may, or may not, be romantically involved and/or interested in our heroines. Not all at the same time, of course.

kls: Okay, boys, get comfortable and let’s get right to it. First off, tell me if this is the first time the three of you have ever met.

Kyle: No. I mean, I talked to Tate a few times when he transferred to my school. But he was gone a lot.

Tate: Well, I had a lot on my plate. I made a point of meeting Kyle when I figured out how important he was to Zelene.

Kyle: <turns to Tate> How very covert of you. <points his thumb at Garrett> I have no idea who the British dude is.

Garrett: I’m sorry, what is a British dude? I’m not sure I understand.

Tate: He’s referring to your accent. ‘Dude’ is a slang term—

Kyle: I think I remember why I didn’t want to hang out with you now.

kls: Yes, well, that’s not important, Kyle. So that your readers can get a better idea of what you like, tell me what your favorite food, TV show, sport, song, and/or weapon are?

Garrett: I’m not entirely sure what the rest are, but I am partial to a staff, since I have trained the most with it.

Tate: I’m pretty good at wielding the elements, so I don’t really use a weapon.

Kyle: Magic, smagic. Guns usually do the trick. And I like soccer.

Tate: Wait, didn’t you play soccer on Dhara?

Kyle: A bit.

Tate: Whatever. I liked that show Burn Notice. I used to DVR it when I was on Dhara.

Garrett: What’s a DVR?

Kyle: Zee and I used to watch Ancient Aliens. We got a kick out of that guy.

kls: Fascinating. Why don’t you tell the readers something about yourself no one else knows.

Kyle: I think it’s safe to say that whatever Garrett tells us, no one knows. I mean, since we have no idea who he is.

Garrett: Very funny.

Tate: Focus.

kls: Thank you, Tate.

Tate: What’s something no one knows about you guys?

Garrett: I used to sabotage my father’s efforts to swindle people. I was the reason he was caught on more than one occasion.

Kyle: Well, Zee knows this. But, um, I used to carry around a GI Joe with me in my pocket. She caught me playing with it once.

Tate: Kyle’s never going to let me live this down, but when I first came to Dhara a couple years ago, I tried my hand at playing with Barbies. I didn’t understand they were meant for girls, but they looked so much cooler than the dolls we had on Estridia.

Kyle: You probably should have kept that to yourself.

Tate: Yeah. Figured.

kls: <glares at Kyle> Next question, if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Garrett: I would know who these two gentlemen are, and why I am with them.

Kyle: Spoiler alert, bro.

Tate: I think I’d actually like to have been born on Dhara, with no connection to the elements. Somehow, things seem so much simpler for them.

Kyle: Grass is always greener on the other side, dude. I was going to say I would have been born on Estridia so I could be a badass like Varrick.

kls: <fans self> Since you brought him up. . . . um . . . Varrick . . . he’s a cyneward. That must be tough. But tell me,  what’s he really like? You know, what’s he do in his free time, where’s he hang out?

Kyle: Are you drooling? Wow.

kls: <wipes chin> No. I missed my mouth getting a drink. Just answer the question, okay?

Tate: Give the man some credit, Kyle. He turned a lot of heads on Dhara.

Kyle: True. I’d say he’s pretty much exactly as he seems. He’s strong enough to break someone’s neck in half, but I saw him turn into a puddle with Zee plenty of times.

Tate: He’s such a teddy bear. <laughs>

Kyle: I’m gonna tell him you said that.

Tate: <stops laughing> That’s not funny.

Kyle: I really don’t know where he likes to hang out.

Tate: Sunglass Hut.

Kyle: <snorts> He does like his sunglasses. Look, Varrick’s a good guy. He’s a smartass, he’s tough, but he’s loyal and will always have your back no matter what. Even after Zee and I split, he still looked out for me.

kls: <sighs> Sounds wonderful. <clears throat, drinks two glasses of water, wipes chin> So, where were we? <checks cue cards> Ah, yes, tell me what your idea of the perfect date would be?

Garrett: A picnic on the river.

Tate: A movie. I love going to movie theaters. The big screen, the special effects…it still blows my mind.

Kyle: I don’t know…just…hanging out. Didn’t really matter where.

kls: Garrett wins the romantic points. Now let’s get down to the nittty-gritty. Tell me, how is it being one of Mara’s characters? I mean, she doesn’t really go easy on anyone, does she? Do you ever have arguments with her?

Garrett: Personally, I feel a bit left out. She hasn’t spent much time with me since parting me from Terra.

kls: <pats Garrett’s hand> I’m sorry, Garrett. I really think you deserve a bigger part in the story. You’re an awesome guy. Really. If you ever decide you want to defect, let me know. Maybe I can fit you in somewhere.

Tate: She killed a friend of mine, so I’m not very happy with her. She can say it was necessary all she wants, but it wasn’t worth it. Not to me.

Kyle: I’ve always been of the “blame God” mentality. I liked believing in a god so I could blame him for all the bad shit that happens to me. Zelene and I bitch about her a lot. Mara’s put us both through hell just to get us to Anscombe, and it doesn’t end there. I suppose I should be glad I didn’t get left behind like Garrett, but damn. Ease up some, ya know?

kls: Well, I think I’ve kept you boys long enough. Before you go, is there anything you can tell us about what to expect in Book Two — without giving anything away, of course.

Garrett:  <sad sigh> I’m not in it from what I can tell.

Tate: You know, I don’t think I am either.

Kyle: Me neither! Why is that?

Tate: Well, from what I can tell, books two and three both happen at the same time. Book two is all about Ariana, and then book three will take the reader back to Anscombe. So I guess the three of us will have to see what happens when we get there.

Garret: If we get there.

Kyle: Good point.

Well, that was fun! Thanks, boys, and hope to see you in Book Three.

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  1. Fun interview. I like how the personalities came out through the dialogue without knowing anything else about them. By the way, I clicked on the rafflecopter, but it says the giveaway is over! Drat. 🙁

    • Really? Phooey. 🙁 I’ll have to double check my link and make sure that’s right. Sorry!!

    • I’m sorry you missed the giveaway! =( However…I love giving away copies of this book, so keep checking back on my site. I’ll probably do one for the month of November and another for Christmas. And then think of an excuse to do one in January. =D

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