Heating Things Up For WIPpet Wednesday

Since we’re back in the deep freeze again, I thought I’d share another lighter Driev moment. This may help satisfy those of you wondering if Alynda (remember her from a couple weeks ag0) and Driev ever got together. 26 sentences of CBC for the 26th.  In case you missed yesterday’s post, I helped celebrate the launch of  Rachel O’Laughlin’s Knights of Rilch, second book in her Serengard series, with my review. And speaking of launches, on Friday I’ll share some thoughts and pictures from our trip to Marietta, GA to celebrate the launch of Josh Langston’s book Treason, Treason! That was great fun but way too short of a vacation.

Now, on to this weeks’ WIPpet:

“Leaving so soon?”

Alynda’s voice came from the corridor behind me as I made for the front door of House Gulrunic. She leaned against the wall, her hands behind her back, one foot propped up against the rough stone. Even in the dim light surrounding her I could see her eyes smoldering, the playful twist of her lips, the way she angled her hips outwards. My brain knew better than to even hesitate in my departure. My body, however, gravitated her way until I stood entirely too close, one hand braced on the wall beside her head.

“Is there any reason I shouldn’t be?” I asked.

She tipped her head. “I could think of a few.”

“I don’t think your father would agree with you.”

Spidery prickles chased after her finger as she traced a line down my chest and across my ribs, her hand settling on my hip. As much as I hated magic and all its various incarnations, I couldn’t help but wonder what lying with a mage would be like.

“Does my father frighten you?”

I smirked. “To be honest, I find him extremely irritating.”

She laughed. “Not many will admit that. Most people are afraid of him.”

“There’s very little I’m afraid of.” I lowered my head, putting my mouth close to her ear. “What about you?”

Her fingers twitched. She canted her head back, and a shuddering sigh escaped her as I moved my mouth along her throat. Each brush against her skin made my lips tingle as though I’d eaten hot spice.

“I think I should be afraid of you,” she whispered.

“Most definitely.”

And with that, I leave you. My plate runneth over…


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  1. That is definitely hottness for a cold day. It seemed like both knew they were playing with fire, though I wonder who got burned worse from it all.

    • Let’s just say they share a mutually satisfying night which may, or may not, lead to something else…possibly not so satisfying. One can never tell with this cast of characters.

  2. Nice! Very steamy. 🙂 I love the way you’ve described the sensations.

    • I had to work on that hot spice one. Wrote that sentence several times to get it to say what I meant, and I still think it needs work. But, first draft and all.

  3. Definitely heating up the colder day

  4. whew! That does heat things up. 🙂

  5. Great excerpt for a cold day! 😀 And even though it’s not all that cold here in southern Germany, I appreciated it too. *g*

    • I’m thinking I would like the ‘not all that cold’ about now. It sure was hard leaving GA Sunday and flying back to WI where the temp was barely 9 above.

  6. Wowzas… I think I need to go take a cold shower now after that 😀

  7. All righty then!!!!! Just substitute me for Alynda and the scene would be perfect. 😀

  8. Oooh that’s steamy stuff Kathi. Phew!

  9. Teehee! Love it… Though it’s interesting that the world you’ve set up the way you have has a mage being her father’s serving girl. I like that idea… that magic isn’t that uncommon.

    Or maybe I’m reading too much into that. But then.. these two are certainly reading some things too.

    • Well, her father is actually a very powerful mage himself. Mages aren’t all that common and Driev tends to try and avoid them due to his sensitivity to magic. Which is partially what caused the tingling. And Acciun’s daughters aren’t so much serving girls as they are children whose father expects them to do some chores around the mansion.

  10. I really like this! Since I can’t exactly figure out who I’m supposed to be rooting for here, I’m not sure if she should be scared of him or not, but at the very least he’s intriguing!

  11. Ooh…I sense trouble brewing as well as the bubbling of other, more immediate emotions 😛

  12. Ooooh – sizzle sizzle here. Loving Driev more every time I read about him, the bad boy. Wonderful job!

    Also, looking forward to your GA pics. I’ve only be to Atlanta a few years back, no where else in the state. Except for where I go during watching The Walking Dead. 🙂

  13. Great tension… they seem well suited. Playing with fire indeed!

  14. Yum!

    Hooray for Driev having a lighter interlude – even if the “morning after regrets” darken things up.

    Everyone needs a little hot spice in their life here and there! Your descriptions are very near spot-on!

    Bring on draft 2! 😉

  15. I haven’t been around here lately but let me say that I’ve missed your tantalizing excerpts.
    Excellent. 😀 Hubba hubba.

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