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Whatever am I going to do on Mondays and Fridays now that the WIPterviews have come to an end?

I’ll tell you what I’m doing this Friday, as in today: the hubby and I are hopping a plane bound for Georgia to attend the launch of Best Selling author Josh Langston’s newest book Treason, Treason! If you’ve hung around this blog long enough you deserve some kind of special award, or a trip to a psychiatrist will have undoubtedly seen me make mention of someone referred to as the Sage of the South. This would be him.

I first met Josh on-line back in the days of CompuServe forums, in a writing group known as the IMPs. A finer group of writers is not to be found anywhere, though the WIPpeteers come as close as anything can. Anyhow, as things go, CompuServe melted away, the IMPs scattered, and for a stretch I tried to give up writing altogether. We all know how successful that was. I kept in sporadic contact with only one of the IMPs until Fate and Facebook intervened, and a straggling of IMPs found their ways back to one another.

Josh was among the first to read the very rough draft of First of Her Kind, or BD&L as it was referred to in its infancy. Let me just say, the IMPs are Kings and Queens of shredding a manuscript. They pull no punches, coat nothing with sugar, and tell it like it is. It’s a painful process. So painful that the IMP castle has its very own chocolate pool where we go to wallow once a shredding has taken place. But it is also immensely helpful once you’ve recovered enough to uncurl from the fetal position and get your thumb out of your mouth.

Anyhow, I digress. Without the Sage of the South slicing me into little shreds, pushing me to stop being lazy about certain aspects of my writing, and driving me to pull out the stops and sink my reader into my character through any means possible, I don’t know that First of Her Kind would have ever made it into the hands of the readers. Nor would I have looked into the Indie route. I owe a large portion of my growth as a writer over the past several years to my Sage. And I believe he owes me for a serious case of Coma Convulsions, followed oftentimes by Semi-colon Siezures, which may or may not have left permanent scars.

So, round to the point. What’s really special about this weekend is that it is the first time Josh and I will meet in person. I’m really looking forward to it. I can’t speak for Josh, and lord only knows if either of us will feel the same way once the weekend is over, but we’ve already decided we’re going to have a good time whether we want to or not.

And now, without further ado, I give you my review of Treason, Treason! the book being launched. I invite anyone in the Marietta, GA area Saturday night to stop by Josh’s book launch and say hi. Or, failing that, get thee to Amazon (link above) and buy a copy of his book, then settle in for a great read.

TreasonFinalMy Review: “Of all the scenarios Raines had contemplated for his arrival in 1780, none of them included a greeting committee comprised of a corpse and a lunatic.”

Okay, I know, history can be about as dry as five day old bread left out on a rock to bake in the summer sun. Make it Alternate History and put it in Josh Langston’s capable hands, blend it with a bit of time travel, a stunningly sharp wit, and a cast of delightful characters, and you’ll have Treason, Treason! The only thing dry about this spin on America is the humor. If you’ve read any of Langston’s other works (and why wouldn’t you?) you’ll know what I mean.

It’s 2012 and the US is under the rule of the British monarchy. Physicist Raines Kerr and his daughter Leah have a plan to change the course of history. A plan to ensure the colonies win their independence. But they must travel back in time to see it done.

Boston missing person’s detective Joel Dawkins doesn’t know anything about that. He’s just trying to solve his latest case. Unfortunately, a conspiracy throws him in the middle of Leah’s world and then, quite literally, into the middle of the 1700s.

From then on it’s a race against time (no pun intended) and a fun romp through Colonial America, rich with the kind of details no school history books ever had.

If you enjoy alternate history, twists and turns, and colonial era stories, or you just want an entertaining read, I’d highly suggest picking up a copy of Treason, Treason! and joining in the fun.


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  1. Hey, hey…I know a mutual pen sister in the Hot-lanta area. Hopefully you guys can get together while you’re in town. 🙂 It’s nice to see you are supporting a long-time friend and author, so much to travel so far for such an awesome event. Have fun!!

  2. Sounds like a great read. Hope you have a fab time! 🙂

  3. This sounds like a great deal of fun. I do love alternate history. Have a safe trip! 😀

  4. Wow, what a really cool online writing group you found! So glad you reconnected on FB. Congrats on finally getting to meet in person! Have a safe trip!

  5. How cool the world has become when you meet people online for whatever reason–reading and writing are especially good–and then get to know them in person. Have a wonderful time. Indeed, I have no cut and dried preferences for reading. It’s all good and this books sounds fascinating.

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