*head, desk* WIPpet Wednesday & ROW80

Today I’ll be on my way to Illinois to meet up with my friend and start our road-trip down to Texas. I should have time on the road to fire up the kindle and check in on the rest of the WIPpeteers. I can’t promise as much for next week.

I am hoping, though, to be able to spare some brain power over the next week angled toward deciding what to do with Driev. Even though many of you have ideas *ahem* and I’m sure he would be very cooperative, I have to decide if I’m going to continue querying agents, or go Indie. My querying stalled with a no-reply from the last agent about a month or more ago. It’s been on my list to follow up on by gently rattling said agent’s cage to see if he received the query, or if it wound up in his spam box. I wanted to give him enough time to reply, and someone on Query Tracker suggested all of publishing takes a break from August through October and I shouldn’t nudge till after that. Hence the sitting upon it. That and I’m unsure of how exactly to nudge without seeming needy/whiny/pesty…And if I decide to take Driev Indie, I owe it to him and me to make a much bigger splash than my previous books have. Only, I’m not entirely sure how to accomplish that. I have some foggy ideas that need firming up, but nothing concrete.


Yes, this about sums up the mental turmoil.

If anyone has any amazing ideas, or things that have worked for them, please feel free to share.

Now, onto the main event. My WIPpet this week is once again from The Adorned (or Adored, as the case may be–yeah, you know who you are 😉  ), and takes place shortly after last week’s excerpt. No complicated math. Simply 10 sentences for the 10th month.

Roe pursed her lips. Anyone threatening someone two times their size while backed to the wall could never claim any kind of smarts. Then again, she hadn’t really done one smart thing since coming across Fader Price bleeding in the snow. She should have left him there.

“Why won’t you just scat and leave me alone? What god did I spit on to deserve this?”

“We cannot undo that which is done.”

“Maybe not, but we sure in the hells can not make it any worse. Me talking to you is doing that, so I’m done. Now move out of my way before I reopen your side.”

Roe is definitely a feisty gal. I think Fader is going to find her quite the handful.

ROW80 update. Here’s the Linky Link in case you want to see how others are doing. I added words since my update on Sunday. Hurray! Words are a good thing. Thanks to Bill Katz over at Writertopia, the wayward meter I was using has been restored to functionality. More hurrays!

Anyhow, I’ve decided that once I get this first draft of EoD ripped from my soul and converted into bits of binary code or whatever it is that makes up words in a computer file, I’m going to do something I have only done on one other occasion: I’m going to ask someone to Alpha read it because I’m far too close to the trees, if you get my meaning. So if anyone who has read the first two books in my Darkness & Light serires has a burning desire to step forward and volunteer for the torture, let me know. Otherwise I’ll be knocking on some lucky person’s virtual door come…um…you know….a while from now.

(“How long’s a while?”

“As long as it takes. Now, go find something to keep you busy until then.”)

One more note, on Friday I’m turning the blog over to the talented Ruth Nestvold, fellow WIPpeteer, and renowned author. She’s going to talk about the art of glassmaking and magic for her latest work Island of Glass. So make sure you stop by and give a read.

Now, go forth and conquer. Just try not to get into too much trouble while I’m gone.


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  1. Enjoy the trip 🙂 I’m glad you left us with a little more Roe – I really like her. She’s definitely going to be a handful…but I don’t think Fader will mind 😉

  2. l really enjoy Roe, and I love the dialogue. She does seem like a bit of a handful, though!

  3. I do know what you mean about being too close to the trees. Although I’m my own alpha reader, I always use at least one beta reader (preferably several) to help me find my way, or point out where I’ve gone astray.

    • I have about 4 beta readers per ms. I usually never let anyone alpha read. It’s far too…scary. For them. Not me. 😀

    • I’m usually my own alpha reader as well but this time….I just might need someone else to lay eyes on it. Only because I keep second-guessing myself.

      • I get others to beta-read or critique/edit. It’s critically important that SOMEONE else have eyes on it before it goes to press.

        I learned something about second-guessing myself, but I don’t know if it will be true for you…

        I discovered that, at some point in most stories, I will second-guess myself and be plagued with self-doubt. I need to take a step back then, and let the story get out of my brain for a while and go work on something else. When I come back, I’ll either see that my doubts were unfounded and it’s all fine, or I’ll be able to more clearly see what needs to be changed.

        I had that with a recent story. It started becoming a novella when it should have been a short story. I refocused and made it into a short again.

  4. It’s way too early to give up on the agent route. When you’ve queried five or six dozen with no bites, then *maybe* you could think about it. ‘Til then, keep it out there. Many agencies simply ignore queries they’re not interested in, which strikes me as a crappy way to do business, but then no one asked for my opinion. Again! Oy. Don’t despair. It’s a marathon, remember? Sprints are for folks with connections, or movie credits, or TV shows.

  5. I could alpha read if it’s not ready until… *checks calendar*… late march. I’m going to be busy before then, and I’d want to re-read Emergence before I got into this one. :/

    I think Josh is right. If you really want an agent, it’s not time to give up. If you do go the indie route and want to bounce ideas off of me, I’m always available. My book’s done pretty well so far, but I can’t claim to know a lot about promotion. Cover art and editing have been the biggest things for me so far.

    Also: Roe continues to be awesome, and Driev continues to be invited to my house while he’s waiting for your decision. Just putting that out there.

    • At the rate I’m going it could be late March!!

      That’s the thing, I don’t know if I really do want one, or why exactly. I’ve just got to give it some more thought.

  6. I just keep thin Vader when I see his name. Anyway…I’m interested to see where this dynamic is going and who really is the person in charge of the relationship.

  7. I share your frustration, since I’m in the same boat. But I agree with Josh. A woman came to speak to my SCBWI group and told us of the 200 rejections she’d received for the same book. Finally an agent took her on and the book was published. Granted, many of us don’t want to rack up 200 rejections. But she is a model of perseverance. Easier said than done though. Each rejection feels like a knife wound–even the “silent” ones where we don’t necessarily hear whether or not they’ll take it. But you love Driev and we love Driev. Whatever you decide to do, just know that there are people out there who want his story in their hands.

    And I agree with everyone else who loves Roe too.

    • I have a very thick skin, and rejections don’t bother me. It’s the waiting and the time ‘wasted’. I’m impatient. Also, I think it’s the damn having-to-write-a-synopsis problem. The next several agents on my list want one. I can’t seem to spit one out. Who devised such a horrendous form of torture in the first place?

  8. I adore feisty gals. Go, Roe!

    I have no good suggestions for agents/publishers/whatever. I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of person, so I winged it and got lucky (and had friends in high places, LOL). Maybe you could sic Driev on the one who hasn’t answered you? I do agree on not giving up, though.

  9. *snork* She’s certainly not one to beat around the bush. 🙂

  10. Roe is definitely feisty!

    Enjoy your road trip–sounds like an awesome adventure.

    • It’s great fun. I get to visit with folks I only see when I attend these events, and hang out with some of my closest pals. Plus we have fun with our dogs. What could be better?

  11. Thanks for the heads up, Kathi!

    The agent route takes a *long* time, Kathi. If you decide to go that route, the only piece of advice I can give is never agree to an exclusive — too many agents just don’t respond if they’re uninterested. They’re the gatekeepers, after all, and we writers are the peons.

    If you don’t like the idea of years of submissions and a couple more years to publication, talk to Kate. She’s had the most success of all of us so far. I’m suspecting you already know most of what I’m covering in my “Starting Out as an Indie Author” series.

    Excerpt is great. I’m always a sucker for a gal with an attitude. 🙂

    • Thanks, Ruth. And, yeah, it’s the time factor that bugs me the most. I’m quite impatient in that regard. The synopsis writing is another kicker. I mean, really?!!? Argh.

  12. Yum. Just Yum. I think I like them both….quite a lot.

    But Driev….he’s got my heart, even if my Accomplice isn’t the type to let me, y’know, invite him over.

    • Oh, and when you get to that magical next 10k, gimme a word. Trip and T’Pol will be around for another several weeks yet! =D

    • Yeah, Driev has a special place in my heart. When I’m stuck on other things, his next story is one I go play with. I think the mother figure may make an appearance. *cue foreboding music*

  13. hooray for words!!

    And I definitely think I’m going to like these two.

    • Words are good. Well, with the exception of pages of “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” Those are definitely not good. 😉

  14. It’s great that you’ve got as far as you have with EoD Kathi. I share your pain re editing though – I think I’m gonna need an alpha reader too for ‘Teaching Mr Leavis’. But I need to finish it first…

    Lovely excerpt BTW. I love how feisty Roe is. 🙂

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