Happy Dancing into the Week

As of Friday I am done red-lining my WIP.

Yes, you read that correctly.  I wrote correctly.  I’m happy dancing all over the place.

The next step is to take all my notes, corrections, additions, new scenes, etc. and combine them into the final, properly formatted file, re-write my query, and kick the little sucker out of the nest.  Which, I haven’t started yet because we spent an absolutely awesome, relaxing weekend with friends, enjoying the odd March weather (70 degrees in the middle of March?!!?  In WI?!!?)

That also means you’ll no longer be bored to tears by my repetitive progress posts.  And, to further reward your patience, wander over to Raven’s Quill today and read my submission to Krista’s Greylands project.  Better yet, if you’re a writer, submit your own addition to the tale and see where it takes you.  To get the background on my piece, make sure you read Krista’s original prompt.

Okay, time to pay attention to the day job.  Happy Monday!

Write on!



  1. Congratulations Kathi! I’ve never once been bored by your updates – it’s actually only made me want to read it more.

  2. Exciting stuff. Yeah, you don’t know me but I’m a writer too so… all very best to you!

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