Golden Nuggets on WIPpet Wednesday

I am cursed with a brain which, when it can’t seem to make headway on a certain project, veers off and finds new projects. I don’t need any new projects. I have quite enough Need To Get Done Before Anything Else projects on my list right now. Unfortunately, whilst I have been floundering around with EoD, reading Emergence to get back in everyone’s skin (which is actually working), my brain has decided it’s lacking in stimulation and has flipped into overdrive. The little man on his stool that oversees the workings of my grey matter has been scribbling furiously on his new tablet. He has made copious notes, plans, suggestions, and completed much research all aimed toward a new project. I told him to take all that assorted stuff and stuff it until such time as he can also alter time to provide me more hours in a day.

He has, point blank, refused my request.

He can, point blank, kiss my grits.

You see, although I subscribe to the KISS theory, the little man does not. The project he has been pushing on me is anything but simple. It will be labor-intensive. It will consume me. It has–much as it pains me to admit–excited me.

I hate that little man with a passion right now.

No, I won’t share with you what the project is because nothing may come of it. It is writing related, but not writing. That is all I will say. If it nears fruition of any sort, you will be the first to know. I promise.

And now, for the main attraction, another non-project. Continuing on with How Not to Buy a Dragon, we are still in Janni’s POV. For those who asked, and don’t want to read through last week’s comments, anyone who knows her refers to her as Janni. She refers to herself as Janni. Dachus, having no interaction with her prior to his first meeting, knows her only as Master Jannis. So in his POV, that is how she is referred to. Here are your 13 short paragraphs for the 13th day of August. Simple math. Last week, as you recall, we ended with this:

 Fiona’s round, soft face scrunched as she surveyed Janni. “You have that look.”

“Which look?”

Which leads us to this, starting with Fiona talking:

“The one that makes me wish for a cataclysmic disaster instead of whatever put it there.”

“He threatened the Hold with soldiers, do you believe that?”

“He who?”

Janni waved at the window and paced the kitchen from one end to the other. “The grand, imperial, foot licker of the Proupunua’s private court.” She wrinkled her nose. “I give him credit. He’s got a set of golden nuggets coming in here, calling dragons pets, demanding one for a spoiled spawn of a noble, and then threatening to take one by force. Take one, mind. By force. Huge nuggets, or no brain between his ears.”

“I’d opt for no brains, dear. No man has nuggets that large. Would you like some wine?”

“No. I’ve got Reviews this evening.”

“Ah, yes, how could I forget? How many are there this cycle?”

Janni halted mid-step, one foot hovering just above the floor. Reviews. A grin crept across her face. Oh, this would be perfect. What excellent timing. She spun around and Fiona’s mouth rounded.

“I know that look as well,” the cook said. “I think I prefer the other.”

“Set another plate for dinner, Fiona. We have company.”

“The aforementioned grand imperial foot licker?”

Janni’s grin broadened. “Yes.”

“I don’t believe his nuggets will fit in the dining hall.”

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  1. I am both amused by and uncomfortable with this use of the word “nugget” 🙂

    We need to get our muses (or whatever) together to influence each other. You have too many projects, I worry that I don’t have enough.

    Me: “But what if I finish this thing and the other thing, and I have nothing left?”

    Muse: “Just shut up and finish this.”

    Me: “But you won’t even tell me–”

    Muse: “No.”

    He’s a bit of a dick.

    • I think I love your muse. What I wouldn’t give for mine to utter the words, “just finish this.” I would probably give golden nuggets to hear that.

      • It would be a lot more helpful if he didn’t distract me with daydreams that will NEVER be books, or if he actually helped me stay on-task. I may only have two potential projects, but that doesn’t mean I get any work done.

        “Just finish this” would be more helpful if I had the willpower to stay off of Facebook. And blogs. Oops.

    • “He’s a bit of a dick.” Yeah, mine is too. He likes to point and laugh, too. It makes me super annoyed.

  2. I think I have the same muse you do, Kathi. I tend to have so many projects going at one time, it’s hard to keep track of them all ….

    Another great, funny excerpt. Can’t wait to find out what reviews are, and what Janni has in store for Stoopid! So no matter what else your muse has you running after, I hope he allows you to keep working on this non-project. 🙂

    • Thanks, Ruth. I’m glad to know I’m not alone with projectmania. *sigh* But what are you going to do when it won’t give you peace until you address it?

  3. Ah this made me chuckle Kathi. Especially the last line! And I’m intrigued by your non-writing-though-writing-related project you’ve got an idea for. But you’ve said you’re not going to let us in on what it is. That’s so mean! 😉

    • I’m such a tease, aren’t I? Hee, hee. We all need a hobby.

      Well, I don’t.

      Not another one anyhow. *glares at little man on stool*

  4. I’m also wondering about the reviews. Can’t wait for that dinner scene!

    • You know what? I’m wondering about the reviews as well! I haven’t written that part and…well…I have a sort of sketchy idea, but nothing solid.

  5. grand imperial footlicker. LOL Love it.

  6. Over the last year or so, I believe I have been able to bridle my muse and be able to steer in certain directions. Sometimes, when I’m stuck, I’ll let him wander. However, I’ve been able to steer everything back on course fairly quickly.

  7. I love the last line! Brilliant writing. Now, as to muses, mine is a fickle bastard. He insists that I finish this entire series, which he also continually insists on expanding, before he will allow me to start on anything else. First it was one book, then four, then five, now seven, and he’s egging me to do eight, but I’m holding firm on seven. I’ve even tried to force myself to write other stuff and it Just. Won’t. Go. Ugh. Stupid muses, never cooperating with anything.

  8. OK, that last line – it made my life awkward. My son was beside me, and I laughed out loud, and he asked why…you would have LOVED his face when I explained…and his comment was, “Thanks for THAT image”.

    I love this passage. I love this story.

    And I think you should listen to that little man. I’ve got this feeling that he’s gonna make your life more complicated, but also more wonderful! =)

    • *snork* I can just imagine that interchange. 😉 Glad I could interject some joyful awkwardness into the day for you.

      I have no choice but to listen to that little man. He tends not to shut up if I don’t act on something he thinks is priority. And he seems to never forget any project he’s suggested, no matter how small. I don’t know where he pulls stuff from sometimes.

      • I think it was more awkward for him, than for me. He’s at an age where he doesn’t really want to think about these things, but can’t really help it…

        I know what you mean about that little man. Sometimes I think my head will explode from all the ideas!

        Good luck with this one!

  9. I love how your work has such energy and vitality to it – your characters are always so … rambunctious. Not sure that’s the right word, but it will do for now. AMAZING excerpt!

    I know what you mean about having a billion and one projects. I’m the same way. They all take about 500 times longer than I think they will as well. 🙂

    • Thanks, Xina. 🙂

      Yeah, I can foresee this project taking a long, long time. Partly because it involves learning some new, complicated software. And there are bits of the project I will need to find assistance with. Dang, I really want to kick that little man right off his stool.

  10. Ha! I was feeling sorry for Dachus before, but now not so much. I truly love Janni.

  11. I’m so reading between the lines and creating a back story for these two. =P I don’t care if I’m right or wrong lol I do love Janni; she’s got a great personality!

  12. Love your snippets from this canopy. I think this is my favorite writing style of yours so far. Golden Nuggets. Ha!

  13. Oh I find this scene quite amusing! I love her insults! I really want to know what her plan is for this foot licker. 😀 Looking forward to your next WIPpet for sure. 😀

  14. Nuggets… too bad they aren’t “nuggets of wisdom”. 😉

    Is your muse related to mine? (If not, they definitely belong to the same clubs.)

    Reviews? Hmm….

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