Give Away — First of Her Kind & Witch Hunt: Of the Blood

Okay folks, gather ’round because here’s your chance to win both a signed copy of First of Her Kind and, AND, a signed copy of Witch Hunt: Of the Blood.  Why? Because I want to, that’s why. Rules are simple — like my Facebook page, follow my blog — each one earns you an entry. Sorry, but I have to limit this to US entries only — international shipping is pretty pricey. 🙁 Hey, not my fault, I don’t run the PO. Contest finishes up on Friday. (Disclaimer: I’ve never done this before so only hope I’m setting it up correctly!) And, because WordPress doesn’t allow script, you need to Enter Here.



  1. As the proud owner of a signed copy of First of Her Kind, I’d rather see the giveaway copy go to someone who hasn’t read your work yet. But thanks for inviting me!

  2. Ooh, so close! I understand shipping costs, though- ours are ridiculous. :/

    • Thanks, Kate! I kept looking at a few books I had sitting here and thought something needed to be done. So, viola! a giveaway is born.

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