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Happy Fictional Friday! This week I’m going to dedicate this space to the talented Kourtney Heintz because Monday I will be meeting her in person. This will make the third on-line author pal that I get to promote from a collection of pixels and data bits, to living flesh and blood. Kourtney will be coming to Wisconsin to promote her book Six Train to Wisconsin. SixTrain

In honor thereof I am reposting my review.

I met Kourtney through the awesome vastness of the on-line writer community and jumped at the chance for an ARC of her book because, well, Wisconsin native here. You throw my state in the title of a book and I’m going to read it just to make sure you haven’t painted us beer-swilling Cheeseheads in a bad light. Which, never fear, is not the case.

The Six Train to Wisconsin (a 2012 semifinalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Competition) is an emotionally charged book written with such skill that at times I became just as overwhelmed as the characters and had to come up for air. Oliver and Kai, husband and wife, have saved one another. They are both broken souls, both the other one’s salvation. But how far will you go to save the person you love? And how far will they allow you to go before that love is shattered?

For Kai, life has always been difficult. A telepath who loses control and finds it hard to block out the overwhelming emotional trauma of everyone within a half-mile radius, she is caught between wanting to help those in need, and the devastation that comes with the failure to do so. For Oliver, Kai is his life. He can’t bear to see her broken and giving up, so he uproots her from their Manhattan life, and drags her unwillingly to Butternut, Wisconsin.

There’s only one problem with Butternut. All of Oliver’s demons reside there.

Suspense and intrigue follow when Oliver and Kai’s life begins to unravel even as Oliver is desperately fighting to hold the pieces together. Kidnapping, mystery, and a twist I never saw coming left me breathless by the end. The characters are well-drawn, and the writing tight and gripping. An honest tale of love, suspense, and sacrifice. I won’t call it an easy read. I will call it a must read. And, just so I don’t leave you thinking it’s all somber intensity, there are some pretty humorous interactions between characters, and let’s not forget the turkey. If that one doesn’t make you at least giggle, then there may be no hope for you.

"Some books you read. Some books you enjoy. But some books just swallow you up, heart and soul." #Books #Quote


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  1. This has my attention. So many outstanding books are coming out everyday. This sounds awesome.

  2. After July. Definitely after. July is already way emotionally charged, for me.

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