Getting Past the Funk

Oh my god it’s Thursday and I haven’t posted yet!!

Were you worried I’d forgotten my promise so quickly?

(Gratuitous Jensen Ackles moment.  You’re welcome.)

Done ogling? I can wait. Take your time.

In any event,  I was actually going to post about my foray into Patreon, but I’m not quite ready for that yet. Still some final strings to tie up. That post will be coming next week during my *cue trumpets and assorted fanfare* Official Patreon Launch *said in Pig’s in Space style*.

Instead, I’m going to talk a bit about something I’m certain just about everyone deals with on one level or another. Frustration. I’m going to talk about it because I’ve been battling with it for the past week or so. Part of me needs to vent, and part of me wants to let other suffers know they’re not alone.

Normally I’m pretty good at talking my way out of these funks in a day or so. I pull up my big girl panties, give myself a pep talk, and beat the problem into submission. If I can identify it, that is. My frustration often tends to be just a generalized feeling of… well… meh. Things starting to wear on me. Too much rush-rush-rush. Too many self-imposed goals or deadlines going unmet. Not taking time to sit back, force the noise in my brain to subdue and just… enjoy. (If you want to read a lovely post on Play, which fits in well here, click on over to The Raven’s Quill and my buddy Krista Walsh’s latest post.)

Typically I can work through this malaise in a day or so. Sometimes, like lately, not so much. Partly due to the fact that one of the things I usually resort to in such a case (working with my dogs) is a contributing factor.

See, this isn’t just a writing-creative-related thing. This time, that actually isn’t playing as big a role, which is quite surprising. It’s still there, but mostly my frustration is a convoluted mess of situations that just aren’t going well, aren’t playing out as I hoped, or are taking far too long to play out. These situations range in seriousness– (Oh, like, remember the new couch I mentioned? The one from Steinhafel’s? Yeah, that’s a planned dig right there. The one that was supposed to be in at the end of January but is apparently on the SLOWEST BOAT EVER BUILT WHICH IS BEING ROWED BY TURTLES and now won’t be in until LATE MARCH, and, “Gosh, we’re ever so sorry but there’s really nothing we can do, allow me to give you a very long speech on shipping blah blah blah. Would you like to cancel?” Me, “Fuck yeah!” Hubs, “No.” Me, *glare of death* But it is ‘his’ couch so…) –and several are self-induced– (for instance, I get really angry at myself for not sticking with my resolution to get in at least 20 freaking minutes of some form of exercise a day. Twen-ty-measly-minutes. Really?!!?) –but they all seem to have gotten together in what appears to have been a well-planned smack down.

In short, it sucks.

I’m an irritated, moody git when I get like this, and I’m trying very hard to work past it. I’m trying to dissect it piece by piece. Look at each issue I can identify that’s contributing and address it. Can I change it? No–then let it go. Yes–is it a priority? No–then let it go. Yes–then what’s it going to take? Do I need other resources? Make a plan and stick to it or quit your whining.


Okay. I’ll work it out. It’s going to take a bit of time I think. I’m occasionally an impatient person, which only adds to it. But, hey, the sun is shining, it’s supposed to be in the 40’s this weekend, and when I look at the big picture, life is generally good. So I’m going to try and get in some play today after work. *gives a nod Krista’s direction.* And if you have any proven funk-beaters feel free to share them.








    It’s what I call my “brick wall” times, where I feel like I’m pushing at everything, but instead of anything giving way, it’s just there. Unmoving. Making me push harder until I’m exhausted and cranky and everything else needs to back away slowly or provide me some sort of chocolate and/or alcoholic beverage. Eventually, in its OWN DUE TIME, that wall decides to move again. ARGH!!!

    But you got this, I have faith in you.

    As for the funk-beaters, it actually ties in a lot with play. When you’re cooking your next meal, turn on some really loud good music and start dancing like an idiot in your kitchen. It’s free, it’s simple, AND it gets in that 20 minutes of exercise 😉

    • You nailed it!

      Oh, I already do the dancing thing, but it’s usually when I’m doing the dishes. I hate doing dishes. So I’ll grab my Bluetooth speaker, kick on Spotify, and dance and sing till the dishes are done. Why is it dancing in the kitchen is so therapeutic?

  2. Are you overwhelmed, have too much on your plate, multi-tasking? Might this be the problem? My brain crashes, I’m depressed and nothing goes right when I’ve over-done. Sure, I’m retired, but there are not enough hours in a day. I cannot imagine how someone works, runs a household and writes. Hope the fog lifts soon. <3 <3 <3

    • Hmmm… most likely, yes. It’s glaringly obvious when I look at my bullet journal and realize I keep pushing things into the next week! On the plus side, I cleaned and decluttered my office. That helped. It’s nice to walk into an orderly room as opposed to one dripping chaos. Now I think I need to prioritize.

  3. I was just going to ask if you’ve done a spring cleaning of your office. I realize February does not bespeak “spring” but it’s amazing what a day of deep cleaning of your workspace can do to your emotional and spiritual well-being! Then, structuring your writing schedule much like structuring a novel would be my next suggestion. I feel that my creative side can be detrimental to my practical side and I have to stow it for a good day to get back that control.

    • I really should schedule in some writing time because, outside of breaks at work, I’m not getting much done on that front. Seems every time I tuck in to write, something else steals the time.

  4. Hah! Remember how I mentioned binge-reading mysteries? Yup. That’s my play, right there. Coping with frustration and keeping the Nefarious Frazzle at bay.

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