Getting in Tune With It

I’ve blogged in the past about needing music when I write. If you stop by on Wednesdays for the WIPpets, you’ll have noticed the last two weeks I included “theme” music for the characters. I don’t consciously pick music for my characters or scenes. Things usually just click. Often it’s only a feeling I get from the melody, or a line or two from the lyrics that completely sum it up. I thought it would be fun for those of you who’ve read First of Her Kind if I shared some of the music that inspired me. I’ll be interested to know if you agree with any of my choices, or have some of your own. If you haven’t read it, perhaps these songs will inspire you to do so. 🙂

Meriol’s Theme: Skellig by Loreena McKennitt ~ mainly for the verse
Now take the hourglass
And turn it on its head
For when the sands are still
‘Tis then you’ll find me dead

Ciara’s Theme: Wunderkind Alanis Morissette

Bolin’s Theme: Coinleach Glas an Fhómhair by Clannad  ~ Bolin has a lot of songs. This is just one because. . . well, look up and read the lyrics. It’s there.

Donovan’s Theme: Bad Things by Jace Everett ~ I don’t listen to much rock/pop/metal music when writing fantasy. Usually it’s soundtracks, instrumentals, alternative type music. Every time I hear this song, though, I think of Donovan. I don’t know that it needs any explanation. If it does, you need to read the book. Now.



  1. “You need to read the book. Now.”

    Fine, maybe I will! *goes to find kobo*

  2. I like this, and while I don’t have theme music per se, my characters do respond differently to various kinds of music.

    • Sometimes I can’t find just one song that suits a character and other times I hear something and it just screams their name or a certain scene.

  3. That Jace Everett song is the theme song for True Blood too. I love it. Loreena McKennitt is amazing too. Love all her stuff! 🙂 Makes me more intrigued about your book! I’m sorry it’s still on my to read list. I’m reading very little lately. Stuck proofreading my own manuscript over and over again. 😉

    • Yep, that’s where I was introduced to the Jace Everett song. I think we saw the first season of True Blood. That was it. And Loreena McKennitt is in my permanent shuffle rotation.

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