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Welcome to Wednesday. I had a partial post written, but then I reminded myself that this is WIPpet Wednesday and not Whining Wednesday, so I trashed it and began again. The only kind of whine I enjoy has no ‘h’ in it. Moving on…ROW80 update, because I missed on Sunday again, and didn’t even get to make the rounds. *hangs head in shame*

  • Emergence: I was going to share a sneak peak at the cover, but I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped, so maybe next week. I would still like to get it released by the end of the month. I’ve gotten awesome reviews from some who have read the ARC. I have to figure out how to get it on GoodReads and Amazon as a pre-release thing so I can share those reviews.
  •  CBC: Making good headway, and think I noodled out some plot issues. On 1/29 I was at 40,477 words. I’m now over 45k. I still need a title for this one since it seems there will be others in the Coinblade Chronicles. Amazing that Driev already has fans. 😉
  •   No time with my swordsmanship book.
  • Been trying to eat sensibly and exercise more. Trying. Sometimes succeeding.

And, for those who missed my Facebook announcement…I’ve caved and started up a Pinterest account. It’s a work in progress and highly addictive. Because I needed one more thing to spend time on, right? *glares at those responsible* You know who you are. I have a board for the Darkness & Light Series and the Coinblade Chronicles that have images and songs that inspire me while writing. I also have various other boards, seemingly because they’re just like potato chips and it’s impossible to have just one. Or two. Or maybe they’re like rabbits, and keep reproducing. So if you’re interested in checking out any of the pins, you’ll find them all here.

Now, on to my WIPpet for this week. No tricky math today. For February 5 I give you five paragraphs from CBC. To set the scene, Driev is having problems dealing with the boy he rescued. I introduced him here . Driev’s not good with children. The boy, Gylan, picked up something Driev dropped while packing some belongings. It triggered a bunch of memories Driev would have preferred to stay away from. He’s about as good with feelings as he is with kids. He told Gylan to leave the room, and when the boy didn’t immediately comply, he was a bit rough with him. He feels badly afterwards, and tracks Gylan down to apologize. He’s not very good at that either. Gylan is sitting on a bench with his face buried in his arms. The excerpt starts with Driev talking:

“Look, I’m sorry, yes? That firestone, it belonged to a friend of mine. My only friend, truth be told. More a brother, really. He was the only one who…” Breathing had become hard again. And what about this boy made me tell him things I hadn’t voiced in years? “I’d forgotten I had it is all.”

“You didn’t have to shove me.” His words were muffled by his arms.

“You’re right. I said I was sorry, didn’t I?”

“I don’t like you.”

“I’m aware. I don’t much like myself most days, I can’t expect anyone else will.”

I think I responded to a comment last week that Driev is one of the most difficult characters I’ve written thus far. I think because he is so damaged and flawed, yet really yearns at some level to overcome that. He just doesn’t know how. He didn’t have a good upbringing and it scarred him, physically and emotionally. He’s hard, dangerous, and lacks a firm moral code. On some levels, what Old Ahgul told him [link] is accurate; Driev would like life to kill him. Yet every time he’s faced with death, he can’t give in. He fights it, tooth and nail, yet repeatedly puts himself back in situations where he has to do so. It very much mirrors the relationship he had with his father.

So, on that happy note, go forth and WIPpet and ROW. There are only a couple WIPterviews left. If you haven’t left a question for me, you still have time.

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  1. Awwwwwwww — as much as I love your bad boys, I do love when you show off their softer sides 🙂

  2. That last line. Oh, Driev.

  3. Yeah, I agree about the last line. I want to give him a hug, but I suspect he wouldn’t like that. Ah, I do love flawed characters (which is really different from evil or even bad characters).

  4. WIPpet: I think that are times/moments we can maybe relate to that last line a bit.

    ROW80: Can’t wait for you to share your cover. Sometimes succeeding is better than not at all.

  5. I’m so very intrigued.

  6. Driev is complicated but great. I saw on your Coinblade Chronicles Pinterest page that you would cast Luke Evans as Driev. Good choice. 😀

    • I’ve been pondering who would best portray him for some time. Just the other day I came across that picture of Luke Evans and it just screamed Driev.

  7. Being such a difficult and complex character is what makes Driev so interesting. I imagine he wouldn’t take too kindly to being given any kind of sympathy despite that last line, yet I like the way he has a vulnerable edge despite his hardened outlook on life.

    By the way I’m looking forward to your WIPterview. 🙂 I’m also following you on Pinterest not that I spend much time on there but it’s fun to dip in from time to time.

    • I went into Pinterest dragging my heels and, sadly, I’m addicted. The problem is the apps make it so easy to pin stuff I don’t want to lose so, I hate to admit it, it’s quite handy. Like a giant cork board.

      Sometimes Driev is hard to write, and I shudder a bit at what he’s been through. I didn’t consciously choose that. It just happened.

  8. Thanks for reminding me that I need to tend to my Pinterest boards… I’ve been so focused on completing my book that I haven’t been “playing” much online.
    And, yeah, that last line really drew me in an made me care about your character.

    • Hi Tui, thanks for stopping in. Find me on Pinterest…I’m a bit of a rookie so I don’t know how to find people yet. But I’m learning! I think.

  9. Wonderful excerpt Kathi. I feel like I’m getting to know Driev quite well. It’s so sad to hear him say that he doesn’t like himself most of the time so can understand other people not liking him. I can identify with that feeling, definitely. Though thankfully I’m no longer in that place.

    I like what you said in the intro about trying to exercise more and eat healthily. I struggle with that one too. Sometimes I think I just like food too much. And also there’s so much of it around! And junk food is cheap and tasty! And… OK I could go on but you get my drift.

    I haven’t tried Pinterest yet, probably not a good idea – too many things are distracting me from my writing already. But it sounds fun so I may take a peek at your page. Down the slippery slope I go…

    • I swear I starved to death in a previous lifetime and have determined that will not happen this time around. That’s why I love food. My downfall is no portion control. *sigh* I can blame the whole large-family-clean-plate-club upbringing, but a lot of it is just my weakness around edible items. *sigh*

      I thought Pinterest would be a time sucker…um…not as bad as some things because it’s very quick and easy to pin. In that way it’s nice to have one spot to go back and see stuff I liked. Browsing other boards…yeah…that’s going to be–Bright shiny! Bright shiny!

  10. You’re painting a great picture of a complex, character, Kathi. I’m really enjoying Driev.

    Once I finally started using Pinterest, I really liked it too. I use it mostly for research images, but also recipes and coloring book pages for the grandkids. 🙂

  11. Oh, Driev…

    I know. I do.

    I’m guessing I was in less fear for my life as a child, but fear of being slapped, spanked, knocked down, screamed at, humiliated…

    It took a long time before I didn’t dislike many things about myself.

    Something that really helped was being far kinder and gentler with the children in my own life. It might seem odd, but the sweetness I give feeds the little wounded girl who still lives inside me, and gives her a path toward healing…

    I hope, for both Driev and Gylan, that this will be true here, too…

    I haven’t been to Pinterest in a looong time. But, just lately, lots of cool folks are there, so I suspect I’ll be getting back there, soon…

    • Ah, Shan, I’m so sorry you had to grow up like that. No child should have to go through that. I admit, some of what I put Driev through, especially the flashbacks to his childhood, makes me cringe and I wonder if I should write it. But, I need to be true to the story he’s telling me. Driev, though he isn’t good with children, doesn’t want to be his father in any way. He’ll struggle with that, I think. But Gylan will be good for him.

  12. I think Driev’s doing a pretty good job of building bridges here. And Gylan’s responses are bang on.

    Good luck with the Emergence cover too, I can’t wait until you publish it. (I’ll have to re-read First of Her Kind to get back into the zone!) I would have put my hand up for an arc, but have been too crazy busy to do a good job. But am really looking forward to reading it!

  13. Driev is my kind of man – all wrapped up in those jagged dark edges. Rawr! Lovely excerpt. Can’t wait to read more!

    Congrats on your accomplishments! I get the urge to whine. SO. MUCH. Writing is not an easy profession, but you get kudos for doing it and creating the wonderful WIPpeteers to boot! *bows to you*

    • Aww, thanks, Xina. 🙂 I tend to vent to one or two close friends and try not to take too much of it public. I’m a private person anyhow, so that’s not super tough to do. Sometimes, though, everyone needs a good whine…hopefully over some wine!

      I’m glad you like Driev. Yes, definitely has jagged edges.

  14. I’ve been absent for a while, but it’s awesome to come back and read an excerpt with Driev! I do like him, in the fact that I want to yell at him and smack him and then be all gruff and say things like “you cute roughed up teddy bear” and um… yeah.

  15. Sounds like good progress on CBC, & congrats on being *this close* to releasing EMERGENCE! I too am trying & sometimes succeeding at exercising more & eating sensibly. Le sigh. But at least the trying ensures that it happens more often than it would without the trying, no? Keep up the good work & have a great rest of your week!

  16. Your WIPpet made me curious about Gylan’s reaction and his role in the larger story. I know it’s supposed to be about Driev, but . . . any reader who’s been hit as a kid will wonder about Driev. Is he trustworthy at all? Still, even this short 5-para blip shows Driev’s inner thoughts well and his own doubt. Does Driev think “I can’t expect” or “I don’t expect” anyone else to like him? Hmmm. Neat progress overall on the writing and on Pinterest. I’ve been lax on my pins. But every once in awhile, something grabs me and it’s nice to “Pin It”.

    • Gylan wasn’t even supposed to have a role in the larger story. He sort of hijacked it. It remains Driev’s tale, but Gylan plays a part. Perhaps plays a part in helping Driev reclaim a bit of himself he lost? Who can say.

      Hmm…’can’t expect’ or ‘don’t expect’…a subtle distinction.

  17. Nice excerpt. It has definitely made me more curious about your character and his past. Seeing troubled characters work through self doubt is so intriguing! Can’t wait to read how things turn out for him.

  18. Hmm, Kathi… Don’t know what to tell you about those goals there. I certainly can’t offer any advice about the food one. 🙁 (I really must learn portion control–I’m an inveterate nibbler.)

    As for Gylan, he reminds me of my own (almost) 8 year-old, so close enough, I imagine.

  19. Not gonna lie, this excerpt made me flail a bit. Driev needs hugs. Even if he will never admit it/let anyone close enough to try.

  20. Saw you lurking about on Pinterest. 😉 I dabble with it, but haven’t really found enough to keep me interested on a daily basis. That’s a good thing. I do not need yet another social media time-hog.

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