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Fall is in the air, days are growing shorter, Halloween is just around the corner… what better time to announce that Grimdark Magazine and Dirge Magazine have teamed up to create something new and awesome. I’ve known about it for a little while now, having the honor of being one of a group helping beta things for them. But today? Ah, today we’ve finally been given the okay to spill the candy corn. Though not all of it, of course.

What I can tell you is that Grimdark and Dirge are combining top-shelf dark fiction with the best in engaging new media to create…

omnicideThe joint venture’s goal is to create something new in the fields of:
– Genre fiction
– Publishing methodology
– Small publishing business models

Omnicide Publishing will be announcing its first major project in 2017, led by Richard Lee Byers. So far, our writing team includes Jesse Bullington (Alex Marshall) and Michael R. Fletcher working alongside specialists and members of Grimdark Magazine and Dirge Magazine seconded to Omnicide Publishing.

The Grimdark Magazine team look forward to working with the Dirge Magazine team, creating dark fiction alongside some of our literary heroes, and to presenting you with something we believe you’ll love and get behind.

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If you dare. Mwahahahahahahahaahahhhaaaa!!!!!!!!!!


  1. sandra fingerut

    sounds cool.

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