Flipping a Coin and Ruby Slippers ~ WIPpterview with Sarah Hart

Ah, yes, time for another rousing episode of Roast the WIPpeteer! Please, join with me in welcoming the fearless Sarah Hart!


Sarah Hart and Abe Lincoln at the red carpet event for The Coin.

*Sarah enters the room, looking around with shifting eyes. A mixture of relief and disappointment crosses her features as she steps in*

SH: Darn, I don’t see any flying monkeys. I came equipped with my ruby red slippers and everything . . . uh, anyway, hi Kathi!

kls: Hello, Sarah. Have a seat. Yes, right there on the settee. *glances up, then back at Sarah* A little to the left if you don’t mind. Your left, not mine. *looks up again, smiles* Yes, that should be fine. Right there. And if you wouldn’t mind putting the ruby slippers on the coffee table . . . no reason  . . . really. Can I get you anything to eat? A drink, perhaps?

SH: *looks longingly at the ruby red slippers on the coffee table* Um, to eat? *blushes upon the squeaky note that entered her voice. She coughs to clear it* No, no thank you. I’m fine. Really!!

kls: Well, then, on with the interview, shall we? First things first, tell us a little bit about yourself. Who are you?

SH: That’s a really good question. Who am I? Well, at first glance, I can seem shy and introverted, and if I don’t like you, I’m pretty quiet.

*crickets chirp*

kls: Chocolate covered crickets are yummy. * drums fingers on arm of chair, flying monkey lowers itself from beam above Sarah*

SH: Just kidding! Go back up flying monkey! You can take a joke, can’t you? *looks to Kathi* Right?

kls: *nods and smiles*

SH: Because really, once you get to know me, you’ll find you can’t shut me up. If I’m nervous I babble, and if I’m talking like the end of the world is going to happen tomorrow then that means you’re someone I feel comfortable around, and I love making people laugh and smile and I like finding the humor in life, and I’m REALLY good at going off on a tangent.

Which brings me back to the question . . .

kls: *mutters under breath* About time.

SH: Who am I? I’m Sarah Hart, I’ve been married to my best friend for almost 6 years and we have two bunny children that I absolutely adore. Imagination, creativity, sensitivity and empathy are my strong attributes. I enjoy going out to eat because I’m not a fan of cooking and I REALLY hate doing dishes (we don’t have a dishwasher), and for the past two years my passion for writing has kindled to a fire that can’t be quelled. I can’t quite imagine coming home and not having a story to write. I love it.

kls: I absolutely HATE doing dishes as well. Viva le paper plate! Now, let’s talk WIPpeteers for a moment. What drew you to the WIPpeteers?

SH: My friend Adrian told me about this group earlier in the year. I had just released my short story The Coin and I had created a blog in order to gain more of an audience who could track me down. I work full time, and I’m a slow writer, so I was having difficulty putting aside time to write a blog post when all I would rather be doing is writing. WIPpet Wednesday became my means to blend both of those ideas together. Sharing my Work In Progress bits has been a perfect solution to establishing a consistent update that readers can know to count on for my website, and the content allowed my slow writing skills to focus valuable time on my story.

kls: What WIP(s) have you been sharing with our readers?

SH: I have shared a few excerpts from my Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman fanfiction piece Will You Be Mine, but mostly I have shared bits from Spellbound which is FINALLY a completed rough draft!

kls: Hurray! *impromptu rough draft completion celebration* Rough drafts suck so badly. It’s a great feeling when they’re finished. So, what’s your favorite part of WIPpet Wednesday?

SH: The WIPpeteers, hands down. Everyone is so nice and supportive and encouraging. I’m addicted to your comments, they give me oxygen. The perspectives the WIPpeteers share and the reactions to my excerpts have been wonderful feedback. They’ve helped to morph and shape parts of Spellbound that I wouldn’t have otherwise had insight to change.

kls: Outside of WW, what project(s) are you currently working on?

SH: Well, um . . . actually, my life isn’t too exciting. Inside my head, though? It’s a BLAST. Some of the dreams I have are quite fun to recount when I wake up. Although Christmas is around the corner, so “shopping” can really feel like a project sometimes, especially since I really don’t like driving to too many places.

kls: Next to doing dishes, I hate shopping. Shopping this time of year is even worse. Thank goodness for Amazon! Even though you’ve already seen fit to drop several shameless plugs *ahem* now it’s time for some horn-blowing. Tell our readers what you have out there, where to find it, what’s coming next, and where to connect with you.

SH: Eeeeee! *grabs the horn and presses it to her lips, blowing* PTTTTBBbtpbbtttb…. *Slightly confused, Sarah lowers it from her lips, realizing she grabbed a horn that sticks out a tongue when blown. Blushing, she puts it down gently and pretends nothing ever happened.*

kls: Yeah, because no one saw that. By the way, *hands Sarah glass of Listerine* You may want to rinse. I think the monkeys had that horn.

SH: Ha ha . . . um, well! *clears throat and grabs the Listerine. She swishes, and spits back into the cup in a most lady-like fashion* Thank you ever much.

Christmas is approaching, right? My short story The Coin would make a wonderful gift if any of you are searching for a touching Christmas message.

Christmas is approaching, right? My short story The Coin would make a wonderful gift if any of you are searching for a touching Christmas message.

At times, many of us lose sight of what is truly precious in our life. Fifteen-year-old Tara is no different. On Christmas Eve, a time when many of us reflect on loved ones, service to others, and–most of all–love, Tara has lost sight of these things. Upset and contentious with God and her family, she falls into fitful slumber until she has a dream that changes her entire outlook. The powerful and inspirational story tells of Tara’s journey from angry teenager to humble child of God in which she is taught the meaning of love. The Coin’s message will touch, uplift, and strengthen even the strongest of faiths.

You can purchase an ebook copy on Amazon here:


Or a physical copy on Amazon:


If you happen to live in the Salt Lake area in Utah, I have some physical copies onhand as well.

What’s coming up next is Spellbound, the first book in my How You Found Me Series. It’s a Superhero/Gay/ Action/Romance that follows the Defenders—particularly Terry and James— through their fight against Akira, an alien empress trying to take over Harper’s Grove. I’m really proud of this project and will be SO excited to see it hit the market next year!

Also, a WIP I have going on (You can find it on my website in the tabs on the upper left hand side) is a fanfiction story from the show Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. It’s called Will You Be Mine. I’ve currently got seven chapters posted and am working on the 8th chapter in-between editing Spellbound.

A few places you can find me are:

My website:  http://booksbysmiles.wordpress.com/

Facebook:  Sarah Hart – Author

Twitter:  @booksbysmiles

Goodreads:  http://www.goodreads.com/booksbysmiles (I’m still getting myself set up there)

kls: And now, on your mark, get set . . . lightning round!

Coffee or tea? McDonald’s coffee! With lots of French Vanilla creamer and sugar 😛

Rock or country? I’m a little bit rock… and I’m a little bit country!

City, country, or seaside? Seaside for vacation, but city because I hate driving 20 minutes or more to drive for groceries and whatnot.

Favorite color? YELLOW!!!!

Favorite pastime besides penning fantastic tales? Spending time with my hubby and going to Bed and Breakfasts where they have the giant hot tubs you can both fit in.  We brought childhood toys one time. It was highly entertaining.

kls: Hmm . . . I’m sure it was. Well, I think that’s all I have. Thanks so much for stopping by and for joining in the craziness that is WIPpet Wednesdays. Anything else you’d like to share? Any final thoughts?

SH: I love smiley faces. And one of my all-time favorite quotes is:  “When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You know that your name is safe in their mouth.”

*looks warily at the monkeys that have appeared in the room* Oh! Um, I’m not done! Thank you so much for letting me participate in this interview!! Thank you sooooo much!!!

kls: Most welcome. The monkeys will see you to the door. Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Sounds like Sarah got out of there just in the nick of time – those pesky monkeys…

    Exciting to hear that Spellbound will be published next year! Yet another great interview. 🙂 (Smiley face especially for Sarah) 🙂

  2. *claps vigorously* yaaaaay for smiley faces!!! I do love them 🙂 Yes, I do plan on self-publishing Spellbound, so my hope is that it will be ready by summer of next year, which means I really need to get cracking at editing. 😛

  3. Great interview! I’m loving learning about the WIPpetters!

    • So glad you enjoyed the interview! I did too. Learning what makes each WIPpeteer beautifully insane and wonderful and unique is as fun as a barrel full of monkeys! *cue knee slapping and cheesy grinning*

    • You’ll be getting your turn as well, Xina. Now that you’ve thrown in with this rabble. 😉

  4. Woohoo! I love the interaction in this one. 🙂

    Sarah, did you get your slippers? Your slippers? The real ones? I’m almost certain I saw Kathi pull out a fake pair…

  5. Nice to meet you, Sarah Hart. Informal and cozy interview, kls. 🙂 Glad the monkeys behaved.

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  7. Hee hee. I may have to join WIPpet Wednesday just so I can eventually do one of these interviews. Too much fun! 🙂

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  9. Those ruby red slippers gone? Get a pair of jet black… they go with everything and go anywhere in style. 🙂

    (smiley just for Sarah.. not the slipper sneaker…)

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