First WIPpet in the New Digs

Yeah. So. Welcome. I hope you enjoy the new decor. I’ve got a bit of unpacking and tweaking to do, maybe some redecorating, but this is the place to come for all the latest and greatest.

I didn’t get around to writing up a WIPpet last week, but I did manage to make it to everyone else’s. I also didn’t get a lot of writing done over the past week. There was editing going on. But new words… not so much.

My Alphas all weighed in on Edge of Darkness and it’s now in the hands of some trusty shredders Betas. If you’ve read the first two books in my Darkness & Light Series, and have a burning desire (and some time) to Beta this final *cough* installment, let me know.

I did start playing with a Driev novella that members of the Coinblade Street Team already got a look at. But I’m not ready to share from that. Then there are a bunch of odd scenes I’ve started collecting for possible inclusion in the next Coinblade Chronicles book. You really didn’t think Driev would let me get away with just one, did you?!!? All right, I’ll share some of that. I can hear the clamoring. And this isn’t too spoily for those who haven’t had the delight of reading Bound in Shadow yet.

Twenty-six sentences for the 26th from book 2 meanderings. Thoroughly unedited and very much first draftish.


Dell closed the door behind him, a scowl playing across his face. “Would it be too much to ask you to enter through the front door and wait in the anteroom like everyone else? And get your feet off my desk.”

“I did enter through the front door,” I said, swinging my legs down and straightening in the chair. “Talmynn was in the anteroom. He doesn’t like me.”

“Do you wonder why?”

“No. I don’t much care either.” I lifted my hand again. “This is a problem.”

“In what way?”

“Outside of the fact it makes my skin crawl?”

“Yes. Because in the grand scheme of things, your skin crawling doesn’t much matter.”

I studied him as he set down his armload of documents and settled into his chair. “You’re in an ugly mood today.”

“I’m allowed,” he said. He scrubbed a hand along his jaw line, staring at something on his desk before lifting his gaze back to me. “Did you get the locket?”

“Dell, seriously?” I tossed a velvet pouch onto one of his piles. It slid precariously toward the edge before he grabbed it. “A thorough and complete waste of my considerable talents right there. You could’ve hired one of Gripper’s crew to do the job. Good practice for one of his bungnippers.”


And there you have it. Plan on coming back Friday. The awesome Gloria Weber will be taking over the blog for a post on Writing When You Don’t Want To.


  1. Love the new place!
    As usual your dialogue is stellar!

    • Thanks! I still have to figure some things out with the new site, but I like it much better than the previous.

  2. The sight looks great!

    *waves at Driev* So nice to see you again. Glad to hear you get to tell us more about yourself. Of course, I didn’t really think KL could shush you once you decided you had a story to tell. Nice job on the locket.

  3. Love the new digs! And more Driev. Excellent. 🙂

    • He’s being a major pest of late. I had wanted to move on to other things but someone won’t leave me be.

  4. I like it! Looks very classy. I also like returning to Driev. Will be interesting to see where you go with him! 🙂

    • Thanks, Ruth. 😀 Unfortunately, I don’t think Driev is going to like where I’m going with him. But, he asked for it. Sort of. So it’s on him.

  5. Ooh, more Driev.

    “He doesn’t like me.”

    “Do you wonder why?”

    “No. I don’t much care either.”

    About right. LOL!

  6. Oh, your new site looks absolutely fantastic! (Although your Twitter box is scrolling around in quite an alarming manner right now… suspect that might be my/Echo (PC)’s fault though, he’s been having an off day today.)

    I swear, I love your dialogue so much! And your characters! And just… everything. I think I’ve reread it three times just today…

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