Final ROW80 Check-in

Wow, the final check in for A Round of Words in 80 Days.  I looked back through my posts to find my original goals for this go round:

  • 2k per day which would put me easily through the first draft of the second BD&L book (I might have to adjust that to 1500 given my schedule but I’ll push for 2k)
  • If I get stuck on BD&L2, I must dedicate those words to short stories or flash fiction
  • Two regular blog posts per week (Monday & Friday) plus ROW80 updates on Sunday & Wednesday
  • Print out a hard copy and line edit BD&L when it returns from my beta
  • X number of queries per week once it’s ready to go (I haven’t decided on that number yet)

So, how did I do?  2k per day:  I found I *could* hit it when I had the time, and I did hit it for quite a few days, or at least I came close.  My reasoning behind the 2k was simple.  I already knew I could do 1k1hr.  I’m not saying it was always purty.  C’mon, it was first draft stuff, let’s be realistic.  But Icoulddo it.  So how much harder would it be to tag another 1k onto that for an entire day?  I did not, however, get through the first draft of BD&L 2.  But I’m not concerned about that because it was contingent on another goal.

Write FF or shorts if I got stuck on BD&L 2:  Did some.

Regular blog posts in addition to ROW80 updates:  Um . . . Fail.  But writers write, and writers read, and those two things (along with other bits of my life) take precedence over blogging.  That’s the way it is.  I don’t like that, just so you know, I may not have a gazillion followers on either blog, but I do like to keep my readers entertained (must be the writer in me).

Line edit BD&L:  If you are one of my regular readers, that’s all you’ve been hearing about.  But it’s done!  I struggled through some parts, re-writing scenes and scraping off the superficial glossing they originally wore to make them grittier, more intense (I hope), and really pull the reader into the story.  That’s my job, after all, isn’t it?  Rhetorical question, of course.  That’s EVERY writer’s job.  Now I’m putting it all back together in the correct format.

Queries:  Have to re-write mine because a scene referenced in my *final* query is no longer anything more than a mention in the book.

Will I join in the next ROW80 round?  I haven’t decided.  We’ll see where I am on BD&L.  Until then, as always…

Write on!


  1. Great progress Kathi! Proud of everything you’ve done the last three months. ROW80 next time or not, can’t wait to see what new goals you set for yourself.

  2. Can’t say I know or understand anything about ROW8o, but I do know this: you’ve made terrific progress on the book. Most folks who aspire to be writers never finish the first draft, let alone make it through such a rigorous edit. I suspect you’ll be making additional changes as you move from handwritten forms to electronic, but it’s all good. Bravo!

    • It’s been a helluva journey just to get this far. I almost dread being completely finished and having to stare book 2, or whatever’s next, in the face.

  3. Congrats on finishing your edits. My round two goals will be mostly editing related. I’m so nervous! And blogging isn’t writing, so good job prioritizing. I always want to do everything, so I’m very bad a prioritizing.

    • Editing is tough!! Be prepared to “kill your darlings”. 😉 Doing everything…yeah, I can relate. I wanna, I wanna, I wann. . . stop that!!

  4. Amazing progress! You prioritized and you achieved many of your goals. 🙂 The wins are what count. The misses are stuff you get to later.

  5. Great progress! You are inspiring. I have had to re-write my query almost as often as I have re-written my novel, lol. Still prefer writing the novel.

    Keep up the great work!

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