Feeling the Moment

Here it is. The winding down of the year. The gradual lengthening of the days–which makes me think the new year should actually begin on winter solstice. How appropriate would that be? Shortest day…end of year…beginning of another…


Okay, just a thought.

Moving on…a WIPpet for the second last Wednesday of the year. What to do, what to do? I haven’t written any more on The Adorned. But sometime during the night my muse decided she would cough up 24 sentences of Fader and Roe that are sort of holiday related and more of an exercise than anything. Very first draftish. Very. As a matter of fact, I’m writing them at this moment.

“I do not believe you understand the beauty of the occasion,” Fader said.

“Sorry.” Roe waved away the street vendor threading his way through the crowds to ply his wares. In this case, long sticks with multi-colored ribbons attached to the end. Children and adults alike seemed to find some kind of joy from waving them about, making the streamers dance through the air without regard for whose face they flittered into. “I find it hard to take anything serious that includes so much–” She flapped her hand to indicate the entirety of the overcrowded square. “Pads a lot of purses and little else from what I can see.”

“Because you look only with your eyes.” Fader tipped his head back and inhaled, a smile dimpling the corners of his mouth. “Feel, Roe Gild Fingers. Taste the very air. Where there is good will and friendship, there is always beauty.”

“And plenty for the maunders and divers*.” She glanced at him as they walked, him with his eyes closed and that goofy smirk still on his face. “You’re just screaming, ‘Come take my purse.’ You know that, right?”

“I do not carry a purse.” Fader dropped a heavy arm across Roe’s shoulders, his light eyes sparkling as he looked down at her. “Humor me this day. Let go the jaded bits, the scowl on your lips, the shadow on your heart. Feel this–” He mimicked her gesture of moments ago. “And let it fill your soul.”

*maunders = beggars  divers = pick-pockets

Today also marks the end of ROW80 for this round and the year, so this will be my last update until January. I had one goal, and I missed it. However, if you saw my graphic on Sunday, it’s obvious I made lots of headway toward that goal. So I’m okay with not nailing it. I’m close. Working on the climax. Collecting all the puzzle pieces and wedging them together, hopefully to leave the reader breathless by the end. I haven’t gotten as much writing done since the weekend as I intended. Seems I’m easily distracted this week. Like a squirrel in WalMart. *snort* Inside joke.


Now go celebrate or not, as you see fit. Be safe. Be happy. Take a moment to just feel.



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  1. So much headway! And that’s what’s important. Yeah, meeting goals is cool, but it’s the progress you made that counts.

    Merry everything, friend.

    • Back at you, Kate, to you and the fam.

      And, yeah, when I saw that chart and how far I’d come…that made the struggle not seem so bad.

  2. Goals are there to have something to work toward. And it looks like you made some great progress. That’s going to be a long book. 🙂

  3. you’ve made great progress, even if it’s not finished yet.

    “I do not carry a purse.” ha! I liked that. And Fader. I like Fader. 🙂

  4. Ah, I’m with Fader on this. It makes me a little sad that she’s so jaded.

    Sounds like you’ve made good progress, and that definitely counts. Hope you have a restful time until the next update. Merry Christmas!

    • Unfortunately, growing up on the streets of the Unheld City tends to give one a rather bleak outlook on things. Maybe Fader will be successful in showing her the lighter side of things.

      Merry Christmas to you as well!

  5. Great progress! Enjoy the holidays, and see you next round!

  6. hmmm after this I’m liking Fader a lot more, not that I didn’t like him, I just didn’t feel as though I knew him. This gives me a great insight to him.

  7. I like the outer worldly feel. I’m looking forward to reading more.

  8. Nice job layering the background, it adds to the zen-like quality that Zader seems to have. (to me) Being able to block out the cacophony of the world to see it’s beauty and to help someone else see.

  9. Fader is determined to show the lady a good time…even if she’s determined not to habe one….rreminds me of this engineer… =)

    No purse, no worries! Way to go, Fader!

    And you’ve gotten much closer to your goal! I have many, so I never finish them all – but that’s not so much my intent as to move forward. I count progress as success. =)

    T’Pol may be a little busy this week, so you’ve got some time to get to that next 10K and challenge her again…

    Enjoy that moment of being….being tends to be way underrated, to my way of seeing things….

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