Ducking In For A Quick WIPpet

Happy second Wednesday of the last month of 2015! Whoa! Did I just type that? Where they heck did 2015 go to? What happened to all my goals and lofty ambitions? Subscribe to my newsletter and you just may find out. 😉 The Holiday Edition will have some news and announcements, along with a look at winter celebrations. It’s not all about me folks, really.

So anyhow, it being Wednesday and all, how about a WIPpet as long as I’m here? Yes? (You can find other WIPpets here.) Okay. Ready, set…

Absolutely no context whatsoever. WIPpet math goes such: year (15) + day (9) = 24 words.


“He told me of your reputation. But it’s been my experience that reputations are far easier to destroy than to they are to build.”


Hmmm…is that a thinly veiled threat? And who said it to whom? Or is it whom said it to who?


  1. It definitely sounds like a threat. Very intriguing!

  2. Definitely sounds vaguely threatening to me.

    It is hard to believe it’s the second week of December. Especially since there’s still no snow on the ground (other than it snowing twice and melting within 24 hours)

    • We don’t have any snow either. And they’re forecasting 50’s today and next week, with rain. I really do like snow, though, so I hope we get some. eventually.

  3. Sounds like the truth to me! *g* It’s just as easy to destroy your own reputation with something stupid, after all.

    • Ah, yes, you can destroy your own as easily as someone else can. Reputations really are fragile creatures, aren’t they?

  4. Great line. Very intriguing. And very true. It takes a lifetime to build a reputation, and one stupid deed can easily cause it to crumble. Fascinating 🙂

  5. I have no idea where the last several months have gone! Pretty excited that I’ve only got one week left of work before holidays!

    Gotta say, that sounds like a not-veiled-at-all threat to me.

    • It’s incredible, isn’t it? One minute it’s fall, the next we’re almost to January. Of course, the weather here is so mild right now, it really doesn’t feel like winter yet.

  6. Who said to whom.

    I re-signed up for your newsletter, because I don’t think I was getting it. I used my alter ego’s address and name, since you know my secret identity anyway. If there’s a way for you to check, I should be on there, now.

    Also, I REALLY hope this is coming at or from a particular someone. I hope so much. Because if it is, it is perfect.

    • You’re signed up. There will be a holiday issue coming out before Christmas, so if you don’t see it, let me know.

      And, yes, the ‘whom’ happens to be a particular someone. The ‘who’ uttering the line is a certain plumed hat wearing fellow.

  7. Sounds like a threat to me! And a very true statement at that.

    This year has flown by. It’s hard to believe it’s nearly over. I’m not sure if I feel more happy or sad about it.

    • So much has happened this year, not all of it planned or welcomed, but that’s life. I can hardly wait to see what 2016 has to throw at me. Hopefully some good things!

  8. Great line! I’m not sure if it’s a threat or an observation though… Could be a threat, but on a second go around it might not be. Or maybe I’m just over thinking it.

  9. Squeeing with ReGi, whose secret identity is still secret to me and therefore making my nosy writer side all twitchy.

    It sounds like a threat that will be summarily ignored. Much chaos will result. ?

    • You know, it’s hard to threaten someone who cares about so little. 😉 And yes, much chaos. Mwahahahahaha!

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