Ducking In . . . And Out

I know, I know.  Three posts in a row last week followed by the sound of crickets chirping.  Wait, wrong time of year for that.  Um . . . the sound of frost forming on blades of grass.  Yeah, that’ll work.

There’s a lot going on right now.  First if you haven’t gone here:

thereanddraftagainPlease do so.  Support your local — or not so local — fantasy author.  Visit, comment, put your feet up and help yourself to some chocolates.  Hands off the dark chocolate, that’s mine.  Well, okay, maybe one.

Second:  Witch Hunt: Of the Blood should be released soon.  Like *really* soon.  I got to see the full wrap cover and it is beyond beautiful.  And there’s my name on the back.  Yep, my name.  On a book.  Cool.  I’ll be setting up a pre-order page for those wanting an authographed copy, which will then have my name inside and out.  Cool.  Also, any of you readers interested in reviewing the anthology, drop me a line.  We’ll be making a certain number of e-books available for reviews.

Third:  Getting closer to announcing the release date for First of Her Kind, A Darkness & Light NovelFormatting is just about done.  Cover artwork is progressing nicely.  January is *the* month!

Fourth:  Running around like a crazy person, because isn’t that what everyone seems to do in December??  I need a week with absolutely NO OTHER COMMITTMENTS so that I can catch up on all my committments.  Sad, but true.

Okay, dashing out again.  Please, bear with me.  Oh, did I mention a re-design of the blog?  No?  Um. . . okay, I’ll save that one for later.  And more indie posts?  And . . . OOPS, almost forgot, I have a blog award languishing — from TWO people, that I swear I’ll get to very soon.

“Stop yelling, Schwengel.”

Sorry.  Hair pulling tends to raise my volume.  Need.  More.  Hours.  In.  Day.



  1. Oh I so get you. What is it with December. I often look at my to do list… (ha ha – I never have time to write everything down that I need to do…) and think really life shouldn’t be this hectic. I wish life would get that memo. Best of luck with the madness & I can’t wait til First of Her Kind is ready – go girl!

  2. Sounds just like the kind of craziness I’m in the midst of. But loving the tone of your post, so positive and upbeat. 🙂

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