Dip Happens—What Do We DO When Nothing Seems To Change?

So timely for me.


  1. Sometimes this phenomenon isn’t pervasive. At least, not in my experience. I fell into a major dip while working on a story that truly called to me, but it was unlike anything I’d ever done before (working title: Artifacts). During that time I wrote two other books, including my first non-fiction work. But through it all, the story I *really* wanted to finish had me bogged down completely. Until last week. [huge grin] During a writer’s retreat I finally crawled out of that hole and made some progress after a 10-month stall. I know, now, that I’ll wrap that sucker up this summer. So, yes, dips are real, but they’re not necessarily incapacitating. If you focus on something else, your subconscious will eventually show you the way.

    The only other choice you have is to fire up the coffee pot, lock the door, and force your way through it.

  2. I often get sidelined when I’m reminded how little other people see of our efforts. I feel like I have to work twice as hard to make someone else realize I’m not just sitting around eating bon-bons.

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