Cuteness Takes the Sting Out

Last week I promised some pics of All The Cuteness that happens around here at this time of year. There are more pictures to be had at my Shadowdance Farm site. What I really need to do is get some video of the lambs racing while their moms are eating. There is absolutely nothing that can make the stress just slide away like watching a bunch of lambs playing together. It takes them a few days to figure out their legs, but once they do they’re like popcorn. Popcorn on crack. Crackcorn, if you will.

Anyhow, Daily Dose of Cute commencing now…


Even just laying in the sun doing nothing they’re adorable.


Here at the farm, there is quite a bit of lamb levitation that takes place.


And running. For the sheer joy of legs. Legs that work. Legs that all cooperate (for the most part) and go in the same direction. That’s important when you have four.


I believe this maneuver is called an ‘endo’. It hopefully doesn’t finish in a face plant. That would just be embarrassing.

There. Now if you get to feeling all sorts of sad or worried by the WIPpet below, just scroll back up and look at the lambs. Not that there’s anything disturbing about what I’m sharing this week. Not really. Maybe. You be the judge.

I could do convoluted WIPpet math for my selection this week: month + day / 2 from the year = 7 paragraphs. Or I could simply go with 20 sentences (if I counted correctly) for the 20 in the year. Take your pick. Potato, pahtahhhhto. In any case, herein follows the moment some of you have been waiting for — though likely not exactly how you imagined it. Trust me, it’s not how Roe imagined it either. I’m not sure if it will make the final cut. It’s part of one of those random scenes my muse threw at me that may or may not get worked into the final draft.

To give some context… Roe has been terribly injured and is on death’s door. (Remember, scroll to the lambs again if you must.)

He smiled. His hand felt cool against her cheek, his thumb gently rubbing along her chin. Roe’s eyes widened as she tried to focus on his face, but it blurred. Something touched her lips. His mouth? Roe swore. She’d waited how long for this moment? Been through how much because of him? And he had to wait until she lay dying in her own blood before he kissed her?

“Rat bastard,” she whispered when he finally lifted his head.

“Just so,” said quietly enough to scare her.

But his lips — unbelievably soft and tasting of ale and honey — kept her mind off the burning sensation that started above her left breast, spiraling toward her shoulder, then down to her elbow. That kept her mind off being unable to breathe. Or to feel her extremities. She knew they were cold though, so she must have been feeling them. Cold and heavy. Unlike the line of fire burning her skin where Fader’s finger moved in a repetitive pattern from breast to shoulder to elbow.

Roe tried to break the kiss, but Fader’s other hand held her face so she couldn’t turn away.

“Trust me as you claim you do,” he said against her mouth.

Her response came out mangled, her lips obviously not as talented as his at talking-while-kissing-while-dying.

If you need to look at lambs again, go ahead. I’ll wait.

In the realm of first kisses I’m thinking this one won’t go down as one of the best. Then again, depending on the outcome… and it is memorable, so there is that.



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  1. I can’t look at cute, innocent lambs while thinking naughty things about Fader’s lips. So, thanks for that. πŸ˜‰ But, they are cute.

    • He is rather enticing, isn’t he? I do believe I have a crush on him, though I don’t think we’d last and have to part as friends.

  2. And all the girl that is in me goes SQUEEEEEEE! Because I like twisted romance like that, apparently. *ahem* But only when it’s fictional. I love both her response and his. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I’m awaiting the next bit where she is TOTALLY NOT DEAD, RITE? (Why yes, it IS 4am, why do you ask?)

    PS: Babyanimalsomnomnom. Not literally. They’re just cute, is what I mean.
    PPS: I particularly like that last line. Heh.

  3. I am SO glad I picked today to come back into this world. This is what I have been waiting for. =P That and Janni (but we can talk about that later).

    Great excerpt. Detailed, emotional in many ways, and well done all around!

  4. Wonderful excerpt, Kathi! You do know how to ramp things up, don’t you, lady? πŸ™‚ And you should definitely make sure it gets into the final book. That’s an order (or something like that … maybe more like a request …)

    And I absolutely love those cute lambs. Looking forward to the video. You do know that you have to post it now, yes?

    • I’ll try to remember to take my phone along this afternoon when I do chores. πŸ™‚

      As for the excerpt… I make no guarantees, but I will definitely try to work it in.

  5. Okay. I had to look at the adorable, gamboling lambs again after reading that. I can only hope Fader’s kiss is bringing some healing or doing something other than making my blood pressure rise. (Looking at the lambs again. Ah. That’s better.)

    • Yes… look to the lambs… look to the lambs… ahhhhhhhh. All better. Yes, Fader’s kiss is not without purpose. Which will, of course, just add to Roe’s confusion once she realizes what he’s done. And, I admit, the thought of that brings out the maniacal laughter in me.

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  7. I must be weird.

    Okay, that’s never been in contention…

    Still, I didn’t need to look at the lambs after. I trust Fader, “Just so.” He’s got reasons, and knows what he’s doing, and Roe is just maybe overreacting to her circumstances (not that she’s ever done that….).

    I love this scene, and hope it makes it into the book.

    As for the little lambs, they scored a ten out of ten with the boy, and when the girl sees them, she’ll go into full Force of Nature mode, for sure! AND I can put it on the homeschool report, so it’s a Wooly Win all around! =D

    • Ah, weird is awesome. I can’t really relate to people who aren’t. πŸ˜‰

      We hope Fader knows what he’s doing. Roe certainly doesn’t have a clue… yet.

      Here’s something to add to the report — maybe — technically, my sheep have hair, not wool. No shearing required, and no thick curls of lanolin soaked strands. They basically shed out just like deer would. There are several other differences between hair sheep and wool sheep, but I won’t go into them here. πŸ™‚

      • Fascinating! We’ve visited a sheep farm; handled raw wool, felted wool, and observed a traditional sheep shearing…but I still didn’t know that there was such a thing as HAIR sheep!

        I sense a bout of delightful research coming on… =)

        • Most people don’t realize there’s any other kind of sheep. Mine are Katahdin, but another popular breed is the Black-bellied Barbados.

        • Oh, and one of the reasons I don’t have wool sheep anymore is because I was terrible at shearing them and couldn’t find a professional to do it for me.

          • This is really cool, and I’m so happy you shared. I’d heard of Katahdin, but, if I ever knew they were haired rather than wooled, I’d forgotten.

            The shearing didn’t look very easy, even though the gentleman was comfortable enough to discuss what he was doing as he was doing it.

            Apparently you aren’t the only one who had trouble finding someone to do the shearing – this man travels all around our area, and, even in a down economy, he had no shortage of work!

  8. Wow! That was intense! πŸ™‚ Awesome!!

  9. The lambs are adorable.
    This excerpt is more a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. What a tease! ^^’

  10. Awwww.! Wook at all the wittwe baby waby lamby wambies. πŸ˜€ So sweet. Beloved took a class that involved lambing and such as a teen. He loved it. There’s a mini-ranch in town that does camps that Reader and Artist went to one summer. It was great. Truly. There weren’t any lambs, but there was a kid to look after, two female pygmy goats to milk, and calves to feed, horses to ride, and lots of poop to shovel. Best camp for city children ever.

    Poor Roe. I’d be angry. Like, on several levels. “What, now? While everything hurts? You wait until you know you can’t get it any more? What is that? Is this some kind of uber-domination thing where you only want me if I can do NOTHING to thwart you? Get off me you…” That would be me. I’d be so angry about it, I wouldn’t even need to use words or body language for him to know it. It would just radiate off me.

    • I should have a mini-camp here for WIPpeteers. A week long during lambing season so that I can get more sleep!! πŸ˜‰

      Well, Roe would probably be more po’ed if she truly weren’t so close to being dead. On some level I’m sure she’d like to pop him one. Although, more likely, she’d like to be able to take full advantage of the kiss.

  11. talking while kissing while dying. Yes, that does sound complicated.
    Love the pics! Congrats to the proud … um… grandma?

    • The ‘levitating’ lamb has become my pal. She follows me all over when I’m out there feeding. I keep turning around to tell her, “Not the mama!”

  12. This was fantastic and the lambs are so cute! But I agree with what the other have been saying – it would be nice to see Janni again πŸ™‚

  13. Okay, so I loved the pictures of the lambs. So much cuteness. One of the great parts of spring on a farm, I’d imagine.

    Great, really powerful WIPpet this week. Love the kiss and I’m definitely rooting for her to pull through.

  14. *squeaks* Lambs! Those are just ridiculously adorable…

    And that snippet is ridiculously adorable in its own way too. I trust Fader… anyone who can manage a whole sentence in the middle of a kiss deserves trusting!

  15. Gotta love those scenes your muses demand you write RIGHT NOW! In addition to the ones I’ve been sharing every Wednesday, I have a few scattered about on slips of notebook paper in a couple of boxes in the garage from high school days. And I deliberately keep a word doc in each of my story folders called Bits for whenever those scenes pop up πŸ™‚

    Poor Roe! Finally gets what she wants and she can’t do anything about it. And that Fader – he’s very thudworthy even if his timing is horrible! I’m hoping that everything will work out in the end, because that would be just cruel and unusual punishment if it didn’t!

  16. I’m a sucker for baby farm animals. You’re so lucky to have all that cuteness around you! Love the WIPpet, too, but gosh, those lambs …

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