Crunch Time

In the on-going saga that is the Agent Querying Process, I now stand at 0 for 2.  At least the second “pass”, although a form letter, included my first name (spelled correctly, I might add) in the salutation line.  I found that to be a nice little personal touch.  Or about as personal as a form rejection — er. . . pass — can get.  We have to look at the positives, no matter how tiny.

I’ve got a few other queries out, but I admit, the progress has been slow. Outside of desperately trying to meet a 20k by 9/1 deadline, I spend time researching agents, tailoring the query letter, and the latest — trying to formulate the dreaded synopsis.


“And I thought they smelled bad on the outside!”


As if the query was tough enough, quite a few of the agents on my list require a synopsis — or will if they request a partial.  Three hundred plus pages need to be smashed down into just two.  Whose idea of a cruel joke is this?!!?

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary:

synopsis:  1610s, from L.L. synopsis “a synopsis,” from Gk. synopsis “general view,” from a stem of synoran “to see altogether, all at once,” from syn- “together” + horan “to see, view”

Obviously, it was the Greeks.  Again.

I’m sure I’m over-thinking it.  It’s probably not as tough as I’m making it.  Then again, I had a good one going, paring things down, getting just the bare bones yet keeping it something more than a grocery list — then I reformatted it to a more legible font, double spaced, and found myself over two pages and I’m not even close to half-way done.

<This is where you insert an image of me pulling my hair out.>

So, if I’m slightly absent from the Blog for the remainder of this month, if my posts lack some of their usual witty banter and deep, philosophical bent, you’ll forgive me.  This drive — obsession — life choice — sickness — addiction — thing — that we call writing is sending me on yet another roller coaster ride of fun.

BTW, my favorite seat on the roller coaster is the very front.  Not sure what that says about me, but . . .

Write on!


  1. I’ve heard a lot of writers say the synopsis is more difficult than the book. I can’t remember which agent it was, but I saw an interview with her and she hates the synopsis. She doesn’t ask for one. Why couldn’t more agents be as wise as she? 😉

    • Who is that lovely agent?!!? I’d love to add her to my list. Anyone who doesn’t want a synopsis is okay in my book! (no pun intended)

  2. I strongly recommend you get beta readers to have a look at your synopsis, especially if it’s too long: they’ll be able to tell you where you go into too much detail and what to delete from your summary. I have found that trying to write a synopsis by yourself is almost impossible, and a couple of extra pairs of eyes really help with the process. Good luck with your query again!

  3. I agree. The query and the synopsis are quite difficult to write. I’m sure you already know this, but try to stick with just your main plot–don’t get into any subplots. And mention as few characters as you can. And you’re supposed to tell the ending.

    I finally got mine done, in 2 pages, thank G. But it wasn’t easy. I have heard that doing a synopsis before you write your book is a good idea. I decided I will try that for my next WIP.

    • I got a good link from Twitter — tried again using the 6 paragraph idea — that really helped shrink it. Now, however, too short and too sparse. But I think it’s going to be easier to flesh it out than pare it down. The only thing with the short one, I didn’t mention the other main character until half way through it! Eek.

      Ah, the fun of being a writer!

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