Coming Up For Air — or Not

The next two and a half weeks are going to be a bit of a crazy crush for me, so the blog will unfortunately have to pay the price.  I’ve got that 9/1 deadline staring me in the eyeballs, a couple other projects that need finishing up before the end of the month, and I’ll be out of town from the 30th thru the 3rd.  When do things start to slow down?  Um . . . usually November.

On the querying front, I received another agent pass yesterday.  That puts me at 0 for 4 with one still out there.  In the meantime, I’ve worked on the agent list some more and spent time formulating that dreaded synopsis, which is on a middle burner until after the above-mentioned deadline.  A post that helped with that a great deal came to me via Twitter from the awesome Margaret Yang.   How to Write a Synopsis suggests breaking the beast into 6 paragraphs and includes a wonderful example using The Wizard of Oz.  Of course, now I’m afraid I’ve simplified it way too much and need to flesh it out, however, I did manage to summarize the entire thing into those six (albeit sparse) paragraphs. Shock and amazement best describe the feeling.  I do think it will be easier to flesh it out than to pare it down so I’m more optimistic.

On the writing front, my brain is trying to decide which project to tackle when my plate clears.  (Really?!!?  Don’t you want to breathe a bit at some point?)  There’s BD&L II that’s been started and is waiting in the wings.  I have the unnamed urban fantasy that I continuously write bits of and need to stitch all together — I can’t even guess how many words I have written, but the ms is probably nearly complete.  Like Frankenstein’s monster, all I need is some duct tape, popsicle sticks, baling twine, and a shot of electricity to bring it to life.  Then there’s that somewhat humorous fantasy piece I’ve posted bits of.  Something about it wants me to keep working on it but I’ve never spent long enough with it to really know what’s going on.

Being a Pantser, that’s not a big deal in my world.  Oh, and in that regard, I read a new one the other day.  I think I’m more a Scenester.  I write in scenes.  I have a vague outline in my head, sometimes scribbled on paper.  I know where I’m starting, what happens in the middle, and how everything ends.  In fact, it’s not unusual for me to write the ending before anything else.  So, although I’ve always considered myself a Pantser because I don’t have a fully fleshed, down to the minutia outline, I’m not sure I really am.

What I am sure of is  — I’m rambling.  It’s due to the fact that my poor brain is like Speedy Gonzales on crack right now.

Consider yourself warned (and note my new sign-off).

Crack the WIP!

Seriously, no need for an intervention here.  All’s good.  😉


  1. Why don’t you self-publish on Amazon and Smashwords?

    • It’s definitely a thought, and I may eventually do that, I haven’t ruled it out. But ever since I was a kid I’ve dreamt of having my book published (traditionally). I need to make the attempt. Maybe some deep-seated need for validation from the industry? I’m not sure. It’s just the route I feel I have to take at this stage of the game.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about the recent pass. I sent out a few queries last week and then I stalled. Overthinking the process again. I like the synopsis advice and I’ll be taking a gander at that, just to make sure I’m on the right track.

    Scenester, huh? That’s a new one on me. I guess in some ways I’m a scenester, because I love getting into the heart of the action, but I have trouble making transitions between all the scenes I write.

  3. LOL – oh I totally understand trying to pull everything together. Liked the Frankenstein reference. Best of luck with the up and coming busy period. I don’t know where the time goes the run up to Christmas is already looming…

    • Argh! You said the ‘C’ word!!!!! C’mon, it’s not even Halloween. ;p Isn’t time an amazing thing? I remember at the beginning of the year thinking April would never come (had some big plans in April and May), and now Whamo! it’s way behind us, and I’m looking toward October. Jeepers. I want a fast forward button for the work day, a pause and rewind button for the good times. Just, please, no shuffle button!!

  4. Crack that WIP.
    I like it!
    Best of luck to you!

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