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I will admit, I have not done much writing over the past week. Several reasons. One of which is this

It still needs some tweaks but it's close.

It still needs some tweaks but it’s close.

Even though EoD is in the hands of Alphas and will likely need much revision once it’s back, I am ever hopeful it will soon be ready for the world.

Also, lots of planning and scheming and researching and planning and scheming all for our favorite boy, Driev. I want to make his coming out the bash of the decade. As soon as I get a clearer idea of when that will be, I will be offering up ARCs of Bound in Shadow for review and taking offers of help in spreading the word. Be forewarned.

In betwixt, I’m dealing with an irritated sciatic nerve. Anyone have any great solutions for that? It’s really starting to tick me off. I’m not a patient er… patient. Nor am I tolerant of things like this. Grrrrrr.

Anyhow, my WIPpet math this week goes like this — I wrote this post yesterday, so 14 sentences for the 14th on the 15th. And, yesterday was apparently my Fourth Anniversary as a WordPress blogger, so consider this the celebration. For context, Roe has just told Fader something that didn’t get her the reaction she expected…

 “Is there something you didn’t understand in all that?” she asked, irritation making her voice sharp. “Should… I… speak… slow… er?”

“What is it I have done to earn such ire? I did not force you out upon the street yestermorn.”

Roe twirled a braid around her finger, and bit the inside of her cheek. “No. My own stupidity did that. Them with long noses find trouble more often than not.”

The hood tipped. “Your nose is not overly long.”

“It’s a saying, you –” Roe’s scowl deepened because his eyes had brightened in mirth. She opened her mouth to say something scathing when the bar maid reappeared, balancing the trenchers on her forearms. She delivered them and two mugs with impressive dexterity and not a drop spilled.

Not sure if I’ll be around next Wednesday as I leave for OH early in the am and won’t be back until late Monday.


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  1. “Your nose is not overly long.” LOL This was great.

  2. Also, LOVE the cover!!

  3. Great cover!
    Roe and Fader have wonderful banter as usual. 🙂

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  5. Aww! I love the banter!

    Also, shiny cover is very shiny! Eee! And Driev can have all the help he needs from me!

  6. Driev, I’m here for YOU (uh, I mean, Kathi)..awww,hell (as Trip would say) who do I think I’m kidding? I’m here for YOU! Tell me what you need (but remember that I’m happily married, because I know where your mind goes)…

    Ahh, Roe. SO very prickly. So ready to assume the worst of Fader…

    I like the way Fader plays a little with her temper. Way to worm under her skin, big guy! Also, the waitress details add a great deal of realism – you always seem to handle these things so well! =D

    • I totally respect the bounds of marriage. Really. It’s not a concept I see myself clinging to. But don’t all oaths have a little wiggle room? I mean —

      HEY! Back off the keybord, Dri.

      *sounds of scuffling*

      Damn characters. Idle hands, and all that. I do need to find him something to keep occupied while he waits. He’s like a kid. Sorry about that. Um, disregard whatever he said.

      • Gotta give the boy credit for trying! =) Not gonna work, but that’s never stopped him before, right?

        He’s cute, butting up against futility….

  7. Lovely cover!

    Ha! Roe, I am with you. I have a husband who likes to poke fun at me when I’m irritated with him. It’s maddening, isn’t it?

    For your sciatica, there’s a pressure point that works, but you have to keep squeezing for it, so it’s more for when you’re waiting for the pain killer to kick in than for functioning. A back brace can help. Maybe a chiropractic adjustment? Our chiropractor charges significantly less for out-of-pocket patients. Maybe you could find someone like that in your area. If you want, snag me and I can dig out my Mayo Clinic and Alternative Medicine encyclopedias. I’m sorry your dealing with it. 🙁 I hope it resolves itself soon.

    Have a nice trip!

    • Oooh yes! I found that pressure point yesterday. It’s lovely. As for chiropractors… I can’t partake. I can’t even get a massage. I get very tense when people not in my ‘circle’ touch me. Tensing up isn’t good for that sort of thing. Leads to more damage than repair. I’ve had one massage in my life. The poor gal kept telling me I needed to relax. I told her she needed to stop touching me and back out of my personal space and I would. 😉

      • Ah. That does present a problem. Maybe keep an eye on your local thrift stores, especially the little ones that get donations from selective people. We found a $200 massager for $5 at the Veteran’s thrift store and I will tell you, it has done wonders. Even the little $10 ones are very handy because you can target a small area and they sell for like $1 at thrift stores.

        The Mayo Clinic book is strangely silent on sciatica. The Alternative Med. encyclopedia mentions the pressure point (accupressure), massage with chamomile and lavender oils (aromatherapy), Triphala guggula (ayurveda, let me know if you want the dosage), a number of herbal therapies and homeopathic remedies (let me know if you want those lists), contrast hydrotherapy (wet towels – let me know if you want instructions), and a number of reflexology points (massaging feet or hands – charts all over the internet and even socks to show you where to press).

    • That poking-fun-when-irritated runs in my family. Well acquainted with it.

  8. Congrats on your fourth year!! w00t!!

    Nice little moment between the characters. 🙂

  9. Nice cover – very eye-catching. Love the comment about her nose not being overly long. Have a great trip!

  10. Great banter. 🙂

    Have a good trip!

  11. Nerve pain is… well, it sucks. Am going through some of that myself and… well, hugs… carefully designed to not actually intrude on personal space, but to warm and comfort hearts and minds. 😉

    The teasing between these two is so very sweet though!

  12. I suffer from sciatica, too. I’ve found hip and leg and back stretches to be helpful. I also increased my water intake and that’s helped a lot with my overall soreness (I have arthritis in my neck due to a pinched nerve).

    Another great WIPpet!

  13. Ooooh, that is a lovely cover! So pretty…

    I love Fader’s sense of humour, he really does seem to know how to tease Roe so perfectly. It’s brilliant. 😀 I hope your trip went well and was more pain-free than the days before!

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