I know, you’re looking around thinking, “What the hell happened here?!!? Didn’t you just rearrange the furniture a few months ago?”

Well, yes. Change, however, isn’t anything that doesn’t happen every moment of every day. Literally. You, your surroundings, the weather, the air, the sun. Everything.

I suppose you could argue that point by saying something like, “My pencil, laying there on my desk–

(You do remember pencils, yes? Those graphite contraptions people used to employ to write with. Handwriting? Using one’s hand and an instrument such as the above-mentioned pencil to create symbols and… oh, never mind.)

“–my pencil is quite static. It hasn’t changed.”

To which I say, your argument is invalid. Your pencil has changed. It has gotten older. Its chemical composition or some such thing has likely decayed or eroded. Minutely, perhaps, but, still.


Most of the time we don’t notice them unless they’re big, or impact us in some noticeable way, hence, making them something we notice.

*ahem* Yes, I is a wordsmith.

When I first started blogging, sometime prior to 2011, I had no real direction. I used this blog to rant, review things, share things. (Not to be confused with my farm blog, which you can find here. If you like dogs, sheep, critters, you’ll want to venture thataway.) Late in 2011, I announced a change. The first of many. I intended to use my blog to help build an author platform.


And now?

*sound the trumpets, throw the confetti, SEND IN MY FLYING MONKEYS*

I’ve connected with some awesome people via this blog. Mostly other authors. That, in no way, is a bad thing. I succeeded on a grand scale in Support Group Formation ~ Advanced Mastery.

*whoot, whoot*

And that, I would not change. In that regard, my blogging efforts paid off.

Now, time for a change. As you may have noticed, if you’re one of the folks who actually read this blog, I’ve been a bit vacant the first part of this year. Mostly, I was focused on finishing up Edge of Darkness

(to be released April 13 and now available for pre-order on Amazon).

Add to that, other life responsibilities, the dayjob (yes, I choose to make that one word), several other on-going projects, and, well, something had to give. Blogging on a regular basis is time-consuming. If I ever get to the point where the dayjob goes away, perhaps I can manage, and then you’ll see another change. For now, it just ain’t a happening thing. Which means, I slightly altered the focus of the this site from an Author Blog With Sprinkling of Other Things to Author Website With Sporadic Blog.

Not a huge change. Quite painless, actually.

The focus of the posts you see here is also going to change a bit. As I look back, I realize I was far more interesting in the early days. I wrote more about Life Things. No, not my boring day to day existence, no one wants to hear about crap like…

This is what happens at 4:30 a.m. when you're a creature of the dark and don't turn on the lights to get dressed.

This is what happens at 4:30 a.m. when you’re a creature of the dark and don’t turn on the lights to get dressed for work. No, I did not realize until I got home that afternoon, and changed into my chore clothes.

Anyhow, I’ll be writing about items of more general interest, perhaps, things that move me, or encroach upon my existence, or just beg to be expounded upon. Not to say you won’t find writing related posts here any longer. I am, after all, an author. (However, should you really want to keep abreast of the latest happens in that regard, feel free to subscribe to my spam-free newsletter. Sidebar link. Over there —-> at the top. Go on, don’t be shy. There are occasional perks.)

Consider this an experiment of sorts, with you, and the unsuspecting masses, playing the role of guinea pig to my mad scientist.

“You’ll have to ditch the monkeys, then. Mad scientists don’t have flying monkeys.”



  1. KL Schwengel: proving that change can be good.

  2. Good for you! I’m too stuck in my ways. So I admire the fact that you’re willing to change things! And what a lovely change.

  3. I think anyone who tells you that a mad scientist can’t have flying monkeys is doing it wrong.

  4. Congrats on finishing! But may I humbly submit that I find the change very hard to read? The pattern behind the text is hard on my eyes. Sorry!

  5. I found people responded more to my random articles than writing-related posts anyway. At least, when I was posting them often enough to be noticeable. I get the idea it’s a safe way for people to connect to others.

    • Oops. Got bumped and sent before I meant o. I was going to add I think it’ll be fun to hear about the whatevers life throws your way. 🙂

      • They’re not usually that thrilling. Well, except when I do things like go for a walk in the swamp with my camera, get stuck with one leg in a sinkhole, and figure I’m pretty much going to die there because the hubs has no idea I’m out there, and likely won’t miss me until it’s time to eat.

        • Ah ha… Sounds like an adventure. >.< My dad, sister, Dad's friend and I did something similar when I was 16. Only it was getting stuck in sand while four-wheeling in an obscure desert canyon with only 1 gallon of water. My dad and his friend were genuinely frightened we were all going to die.

          • At least you had companions. You know, in case things went really bad and… um… yeah. Never mind. 😉

  6. Change is good. I think when you hold to tightly to something, it can get a little boring. 🙂 Love your new website and your new book is near the top of my TBR pile. I had 3 author buddies with releases this month so I’m looking forward to reading each one ASAP.

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