Caving to Pressure ~ WIPpet Wednesday

Because it received such a great reception, I am continuing on with the unnamed beginning of the non-WIP for this week’s WIPpet Wednesday. It has absolutely nothing to do with the threats I received should I not continue on. You’re getting a little over 25 sentences for the 25th. I’m giving you two of last week’s for continuity sake, and two extra because it just ends better.

Another blast of air assaulted Dachus but he didn’t dare let go of the woman’s shoulders to wipe the spittle off his face. The teeth snapped again, with less vehemence, as the creature tipped its head to peer past his human shield. Directly at him. A head, Dachus noted, easily as large as a farmer’s cottage. Gold-green eyes narrowed, and Dachus flinched away from the serpent’s tongue that darted toward him.

“Let him scent you,” the woman ordered, her voice sharp as hardened steel.

The tongue — surprisingly dry and smooth — danced across his face, and Dachus somehow managed not to soil himself.

“There now, little one.” The woman reached up to scratch the beast’s jaw, and it made a crooning noise low in its throat. “Are you quite finished with your little temper tantrum, then? Hmm?”

Dachus straightened his shoulders. He started to clear his throat but another glance at the dragon prompted him to change his mind. Instead, he reached out and tapped the woman on the shoulder. “If you don’t mind, I’m looking for Master Jannis.”

She glanced over her shoulder, gold-flecked, green eyes sweeping over him in much the same way the dragon’s tongue had. “And you would be who?”

“Dachus Branacous, of the Proupunua’s private court.”

“And your business with Master Jannis?”

“Is just that. My business.”

“I see.”

“Look, mistress– “

“That would be Master to you. Master Jannis, to be precise.”

Dachus snorted. “You can’t be a Dracon Master, you’re a –“

She arched a dark, slender brow at him, and leaned back against the dragon’s upper shoulder, arms folded across her chest. And the beast — Dachus swore it chuckled at him.

I’m still playing catch-up from two weekends away/busy, so that’s all your getting from me this week. Have a great day and WIPpet On!



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  1. HA! Take that…

    AJ bought me a toy dragon that roars and makes a weird purring/cooing noise. I wonder if yours sounds like that. 🙂

  2. You can’t be a Dracon Master, you’re a –” Dachus, if you’re going to finish that the way I think, I…wouldn’t. Lol. Great excerpt

  3. yay! An awesomely strong female who kicks butt! **fist bumps**

  4. Ha ha!! Now I guess Dachus will soil himself! Talk about foot in mouth!
    I wanna be a dragon master!

  5. Oh, how excellent. I do love me a nice dragon. You should see my desk …

    Add my vote to those who think you should dust this off. Looks like it has great potential. 🙂

    • Dragons are wonderful. Such a wide variety to choose from. I’m not sure if I’ll dust it off just yet, but it might stay in my sandbox…you know, to play with it between other things, or bouts of ‘what the heck am I going with this?’ on the current WIP.

  6. I’m not into dragons but I do like Your people. This is an excellent except. Hot, even. 😮

  7. “It’s just that. My business.” Perfect answer. Thanks for helping add my linky!

    • Sorry I forgot to activate the linky. A true ‘duh’ moment. I’m finally feeling like I see the surface of the pool again. Don’t have my head quite above water, but it’s getting there.

  8. My kids used to watch a Saturday morning cartoon called Jane and the Dragon. Jane wanted to be a knight, and was supposed to be being trained as a lady in waiting.

    She went to slay a dragon, and, instead, they became best friends. Maybe this woman is Jane, all growed up? =)

    One tiny little thing:

    * her voice sharp as hardened steel.*

    Is hardened steel necessarily sharp? I thought that was a separate process…but I could be wrong.

    Other than that, I love love love this. And I want to see how many times Dacchus will try to eat his own foot, before this is all over…?

    • Hmm…perhaps it is Jane. Or a relative. 😉 It’s very much first draftish but that’s a good catch on the hardened steel line.

      Poor Dacchus…pushed so far out of his comfort zone.

      • Ah, but those are the best moments – when the character is utterly out of their element.

        If you could see my current first drat – but you won’t. I wouldn’t even do that to someone I didn’t like, and you do have those flying monkeys.

  9. Great excerpt Kathi. I love Dachus’ confusion and surprise at learning the master he seeks is actually a woman. Nice twist. 🙂 Oh and the dragon was great too. Your life is spared. 😉

  10. This WIP makes me happy. 🙂

  11. Looks as if our “hero” has a few lessons ahead of him. And Tory seems so sweet….

  12. Bwhahaha, I love these sorts of revelations! 😀

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