Catching Up

I’m thinking I’m a bit behind in posts.  Four days off the day job for Thanksgiving should have meant time to write.

Yeah.  Not so much.

It actually meant “let’s hurry up and get the garage finished before the snow flies”.  That’s what happens when the husband has time off as well.  Suddenly my time is his time and when we’re finally done working for the day my brain is too exhausted to do much of anything else.  So I haven’t gotten a whole lot of writing done.  Not on my WIPs or on my blogging.

And the WIPs. . . BD&L is not as ready as I thought it was.  That’s okay because it’s going to be a much better book once I take care of a few bad habits I seem to have fallen into.  “Was” would be one.  1,266 instances of the word in slightly over 71k.  In case you’re wondering, that’s not so good.

The UF is stalled.  Mainly due to focusing on BD&L and spending two days shingling the garage roof.    I’ll be glad when that project is out of the way!

And I did find one bad thing about Scrivener.  I can’t take my ms to the day job and work on it during breaks.  Not unless I load Scrivener onto the work machine and that’s out of the question.  Or, I suppose, I could see if I could run it off my jump drive.  Hmmmmm…..might have to look into that.

Keep an eye out for guest blogs/author interviews coming up.  Hope everyone who celebrates it had a great Thanksgiving with friends and family and ate way too much.  I know I did!

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