Breaking the Silence

Yeah. I slipped off the blogosphere again. Life busyness and a case of the ‘meh’ which I hate to get into because it always sounds like I’m whining, and that’s not me.

In any case, shortly after coming up with an idea for a weekly post series, I poo-pooed it because the meh convinced me it wasn’t worth the effort. After a little chat with the always-there-for-a-kick-in-the-butt ReGi, she convinced me to go ahead with it. So, over the next 26 weeks, I will be regaling you with an A-to-Z Challenge. (Most bloggers do this in 26 days, but daily is not something I can even entertain the thought of.)

So, this is your head’s up. I’ll begin those posts next week, I just haven’t picked the day yet. Each week, a new letter of the alphabet will determine my subject matter which I guarantee, will be quite varied. Any other bloggers who want to join in, let me know and we can link up.

To further entice you, next week…

Not only that, but this Thursday, June 1 (yes, in two days) I’ll be sharing in the cover reveal for Tanith Frost’s new book Resurrection: Immortal Soulless Book One. Not only was I fortunate enough to get a very early peek at this manuscript in its infancy, but I recently finished an ARC of it and it’s fantastic. If I get the chance to finish up my review I’ll post that along with the reveal.

There you have it. All sorts of stuff to look forward to.


  1. This ought to be interesting. [grin] I look forward to seeing how you handle it.

  2. Sounds good!

  3. Yay [My boom stick isn’t working, so you’ll have to imagine three of them right after that yay. Or not, since you don’t like them much. 😉 ] You’re back. 🙂

    Maaaaaybe I’ll join you. Maybe. I’d like to, but our schedule is kershmuddled this week, so I can’t gauge what I’ll have time for.

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