Brain Matter, or Brains Matter, or Hey, It's WIPpet Wednesday

This is my brain. brain

This is my brain while trying to work out huge gaping plot holes at the end of Emergence.brain_on_fire

This is me, when my brain looks like that / 009_Fry&BrainSlug

The logical part of what’s left of my brain tells me to leave it gel for a little while. Let my subconscious take over. It will all work out. It’s not like I don’t have other WIPs, other projects, a tiny little plate overflowing with All The Things That Must Be Done (which is just slightly above the plate overflowing with All The Things I Want To Do For Reasons). Unfortunately, I also get a bit like this when I’m stuck

Not letting go. Not letting go. Not. Le-ting. Go.

Not letting go. Not letting go. Not. Le-ting. Go.

I know. Hopeless.

Needless to say, I haven’t done much work on anything else. However, anyone who enjoys the bits of The First House that I’ve thrown out as WIPpets, and are interested in doing a Beta read, let me know. I need one or two more pair of eyes on it. It finished off at slightly over 24k. While that’s happening, and while I’m trying to get Emergence wrapped up for that set of Betas, I should be working on Crossing Paths. Oh, and that other WIP . . . yeah, that would officially be #4. It’s a fantasy short tentatively titled Fortune Favors the Cold. It’s slated for submission to an anthology, the deadline of which is . . . October? I’ve got a good start on it, but being a true pantser I currently have no freaking idea where it’s going!RevisionHell

*breathe, breathe*

I’m also Beta reading and have some reviews to catch up on. Who remembers that I have a day job, a husband, 6 dogs, way too many sheep, three steers, and a cat? Obviously not me. *whump* Good thing they’re all low maintenance. *cue hysterical laughter*

Clean the house? Dishes? Laundry? You want something to eat?!!?

*THWACK!* Suck it up, Buttercup!

Okay, all better now.

Hey, it’s Wednesday. Today is Wednesday, you know what that means, We’re going to share a special WIP!

Oops, a little Mickey Mouse Club flashback going on there. *ahem* Here then, for 8/21/13 I give you . . . um . . . 21 sentences from page 8, according to my Word doc file, of The First House. This time, Quinn is entertaining us with his fighting prowess.

Quinn cocked his head to listen, but only the rain and the low rumble of thunder reached his ears. He started to turn when movement caught the corner of his eye. A sword whistled through the space where his head would have been had he not ducked. He pulled his arm in an arc, about knee level, but the new threat vaulted into the air, over Quinn’s blade as well as his head.

He landed in the middle of the trail and they faced off, taking time to size one another up. The man may have been one of the riders with Fairling, not that it mattered. Quinn spun the grip of his sword against his palm. The man settled his blade across his buckler, and leveled it at Quinn’s chest. A flicker of lightning glinted dully off the sleeves of a mail shirt. It made Quinn feel a little naked in nothing but wool and leather.

“May I just ask,” he said, as the man mirrored his move to the right. “What is it you’re about to give your life for?”

The man curled his lip. “Is all royalty as cocksure as you and your brother?”

“I think we tend to be, yes.” Quinn took another step, and twisted his boot heel into the softened ground to anchor it. “Goes with our level of training. Are all thugs as willing to die as you?”

His answer came by way of a lunge. Quinn let him come, not even raising his sword. As the man closed the space, Quinn shifted his weight onto his planted foot, dropped under the buckler, and kicked out with his other leg.

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  1. You are insane. Wonderful, amazing, but insane. Just looking at everything you’re doing gives me anxiety pangs in my chest.

    Love the pre-battle banter there. I wish real-life dialogue was that good.

  2. Nothing like taking that whole “I work best under pressure” concept to the limit. Oh, and since you’ve got time to kill, don’t forget that book cover thing we discussed.

  3. Love this!!! “May I just ask,” he said, as the man mirrored his move to the right. “What is it you’re about to give your life for?”

    The man curled his lip. “Is all royalty as cocksure as you and your brother?”

    My goodness you’re busy!!!

    • Dizzy, did you say? Oh, busy! Crazy, more like it. Just can’t seem to shut the brain off. I even tried meditating but instead of slipping into the calm, meditative state, my characters acted like it was open mic night at the club!

  4. I’m so glad you were able to get that off your chest! Laundry, dishes, cleaning? Who cares about those things. 😉

    I officially love Quinn and his snappy, confident and cocky dialogue. Great stuff!

    • Where the dogs who inspired these brothers are concerned, Quinn is hands down my favorite. As for the brothers . . . I dunno . . . Grady is starting to grow on me.

  5. Love the characterization going on here and the fact that i can so easily sense his confidence, or dare I say, ego. I’m kind of hoping that someone beats it out of him a bit.

    • Someone may eventually beat it out of him. Or try. But, you know, he’s the crown prince so maybe not . . . Well, his brother might. After all, what are brother’s for?

  6. Your intro to your contribution to this week’s WIPpet Wednesday really made me laugh. So full marks from me for that! 😉
    And your excerpt was great too. I love the way Quinn doesn’t seem to be at all bothered by being attacked like that. I only wish I could be more cocky when people are attacking me with swords etc! lol.

    • Thanks. I try to laugh about these things as often as possible. Otherwise I think I’d go insane.

      Okay, more insane than I already am?

  7. You’re a machine, K! Haha! Yep … sometimes ya gotta let the plot holes subconsciously fill themselves during the most inconvenient moments. You know, like when you’re driving, in the middle of a budget meeting or my favorite, are half asleep and convince yourself that you’ll remember in the morning.

  8. Wow, no wonder your brain caught on fire! Good luck with the deadlines and plot holes. Just another ordinary day in writervile, right? 🙂 I know it will all work out for you!

    • Yep, you got it. Writerville, the place your brain fries. But I know I’m not alone. Even though we writerly types or basically introverts by nature.

  9. Such great imagery. All you really need is applause. I wish I could insert that somehow. *applause* <–lame substitute. 😀

  10. I feel the same way sometimes. It’s part of why I started forcing myself to take weekends off (unless there was a big project at work) that way I wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed.

    I really enjoyed the bit with Quinn. The banter with the thug was entertaining – it seems Quinn and his brother are definitely magnets for trouble, aren’t they?

    If you still need a beta, I’d love to help out 🙂

    • I generally end up taking weekends off just because the darn hubby can be so demanding. 😉

      Yeah, trouble just seems to find the boys. Has something to do with them being sons of the First House.

      Drop me your e-mail and what format would work for you and I’ll gladly send you the draft and what I’m looking for. kathils01 (at) gmail (dot) com Thanks so much!!

  11. And here I thought Quinn was the modest one 😉

    My, my aren’t you the busy one! Been there (going there), do that too often… (And yes, I would be interested in a beta reading–give me extra time with my Grady-fix. 😀 I can’t actually start until next week. Is that too late for you?)

    • Quinn is definitely more modest than Grady . . . he’s also realistic and, well, confident in his skill. As he should be. A life of privilege with the best teachers, and all.

      I’d love for you to take a look at it. Next week is no problem. You can definitely let me know if Grady lives up to expectations. Send me your e-mail and what format works best for you and I’ll send the draft off. kathils (at) gmail (dot) com Thanks!!

      • email on it’s way from mouse (at) sff (dot) net 😀

        I have a “privileges of high birth” fight scene too that this somewhat reminded me of–not that it was anything like it, but just the concept was reminiscent. I think that made it even more fun to read, knowing how one concept can come through so many divergent ways.

      • Kathi, my email to you got bounced back as “no such user”. You could send me an email at the addy above? Sometimes Gmail just messes with me…

        • *erk* Maybe if I had given you the correct address. Duh. kathils01 (at) gmail (dot) com I don’t know why I can’t ever get that right! LOL

  12. I thought MY brain was the only one on fire. I’m retired and still over-worked. I don’t take well to multi-tasking. Reading all the projects you have going has tired me out. I need a nap now. Hope life improves in the writing lane.

    • I’m not sure I know how *not* to multi-task. Unfortunately, that does get me into trouble from time to time. But I do work best under pressure and just seem to always need something to keep me occupied. Like my dogs, if I get bored I start to invent games that others may not find as humorous. 😉

      My dear brain has now decided I need to kill the last 8 or 9 chapters of EMERGENCE and take it on a different course. It decided this an hour before my alarm went off this morning. It couldn’t have waited to tell me?

  13. I’ll beta if you still need someone.

    I’m impressed with how well you’re doing with everything you have on your plate. 🙂 I hope things do become more comfortably paced for you, though.

    I like the excerpt. That poor thug. He’s not going to last long. 😉

    • Thanks, ReGi. I will certainly take you up on that. I think I have your e-mail here somewhere.

      Things would smooth out if I just learned not to act on every little idea that pops into my noggin. The little guy in my head thinks that’s pretty funny stuff. I’m going to have to do a drawing of him some day… see what I mean! Knock it off, you!

  14. I really, really enjoyed this scene. Fight scenes are so HARD for me to write and feel they adequately describe what’s in my head, but you did a magnificent job. I could envision the scene without getting lost in the technicality of the movements, and yet you described the exchange fluidly. I loved this!!!

    • Thanks much. I really try to make fight scenes realistic without going overboard. I’ll play them out in my head, then actually walk through any of the parts I’m trying to describe to see if it’s possible and makes sense.

      Of course, I just got dinged by one of my betas yesterday for the jumping over Quinn and landing on the rain soaked ground without slipping.

  15. That awkward moment where you’re pretty sure you’ve commented on Kathi’s WIPpet post, but then a double-check reveals this is not the case at all.

    First of all, you are a MAD WOMAN. MAD! But you already knew that. 😛

    Love the Quinn dialogue, as always. Unfortunately, time is of the essence for me, too, lately, otherwise I would volunteer to beta. Looking forward to when you start posting it in full, though! (You are still planning on serialising it, yes?)

    • Thanks, Emily. 🙂 Yeah, I still plan on serialising it, or possibly a novella — a lot depends on feedback and edits. And, you know, that other thing . . . life. Hee, hee.

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