NaNo 2016 – The Halfway Mark

Today is the 15th and that marks the halfway point in this wonderful experiment known as NaNoWriMo. If we take a peek at my stats as of this morning you can see I haven’t hit 25k yet. And, to hit the intended target of 50k by November 30th, it appears I have to pen close to 2k a day. (I made the correction because the stats were as of this morning and, of course, I …

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NaNo thus Far ~ Whose Idea Was This Anyhow?

Does anyone reading this not know I suffer from rewriteritiss? Well, I do. And for those who don’t know, rewriteritiss is a condition caused by an over-active internal editor with a thirst for perfection and no off switch. Point in case, I just reworked the last half of that sentence three times before moving on to this one. Rewriteritiss is why I tend to be a slow writer. It’s hard to crank out the words when each …

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Writers of the Future

To those of you who subscribe to my newsletter, or are in my inner circle, this will be old news. For the rest of youYeah, you had to scroll down, but that’s me. A finalist in the Writers of the Future Contest. Even though I wasn’t one of the top three, it’s kind of a big deal, so I was super excited, especially considering that I entered my story The Hand of Fate on a …

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For Lovers of the Dark

Fall is in the air, days are growing shorter, Halloween is just around the corner… what better time to announce that Grimdark Magazine and Dirge Magazine have teamed up to create something new and awesome. I’ve known about it for a little while now, having the honor of being one of a group helping beta things for them. But today? Ah, today we’ve finally been given the okay to spill the candy corn. Though not …

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The Bestselling YA Fantasy by Kate Sparkes on Sale

(Sharing for the spectacular Kate Sparkes) BOUND TRILOGY SALE! From September 14-19, 2016, the Bound trilogy will be on sale on all available ebook retailers! Bound – 99 cents Torn – $2.99 Sworn – $3.99 This is the perfect time to start the series, to complete your ebook collection, or to share these books with friends who enjoy magic, adventure, and romance (and dragons and merfolk and…)

A New Urban Fantasy from Author Krista Walsh

The Invisible Entente has come to play! The uber-talented Krista Walsh has ventured into a new world with new characters and new problems. “If you’re reading this note, I’m already dead. I find even more pleasure in the idea that one of you will soon join me.” At the precise moment of warlock Jermaine Hershel’s death, seven strangers are transported into a magically sealed room with only a letter from the dead man to explain. …

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The Demons Within

I said goodbye to a friend last week. Sadly, it hadn’t been entirely unexpected. Life simply became too much for him or, perhaps, not enough. When I sat down to get this out of my head, I was going to write about how I wanted to remember him as the man he was when I first met him, when he married my best friend, proudly welcomed his sons into the world, and greeted everyone with …

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Scary Stuff for Authors on Kindle Unlimited

I’m re-blogging this for any author currently enrolled in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program (and yes, I’m one). It’s very disturbing, and is causing me to take another look at where and how my books are handles. Think You Couldn’t Possibly Lose Your Amazon Publishing Account? Think Again. From The Active Voice


I admit, I have never truly embraced Twitter. I’ve given it the ol’ college try. Really I have. I post on occasion, as you can tell by my sidebar feed. I retweet some things. I follow people who aren’t all about BUY WHAT I’M SELLING, but those people I know, or whose posts I find generally entertaining, funny, or informative. At least, I thought I did. This morning, the only way I can adequately describe …

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The Journey of a Thousand Pages

And the journey of a thousand pages (or more) begins with a single word. Followed by other words. Then even more. Sometimes, it’s like running downhill, or soaring on an uplifting wind. Other times, a lot of times, it’s more like scrabbling on torn and bloody hands and knees, up a steep incline littered with sharp-edged rocks, while being pummeled by even more rocks. Hot ones. From, say, a volcano. If you’re very lucky, like …

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