Blog Tour Wrap Up for First of Her Kind

Wow, what a month! The whirlwind Blog Tour for First of Her Kind is pretty much wrapped up, though there may be a few straggling posts that come along. (In fact, I’m pretty certain on March 11th I’ll be visiting with the outstanding Keri Lake. I’m hoping I’ll get to snag her for my new series of author interviews as well.)

Until then, I wanted to publicly thank all the bloggers who took the time and space to help with the tour. Interviewers all asked some great questions, and those who let me take over their blog for a day, hopefully got a good guest post out of the deal. In case you missed anyone, this is a list of where the tour took me:

2/4 There & Draft Again and the wonderful Mara Valderran helped me kick things off.

2/5 Katherine Lowry Logan was kind enough to give me room on Notes From Tabor Lane for a guest post about Finding Inspiration.

2/6 I stopped in at The Athele Series and prattled on about Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable, translated as, writing scenes that aren’t always fun for us.

2/7  I had a great interview on ReGi McClain’s Fortnight Stories

2/8 Madeline Dyer had her chance to grill me.

2/11 Followed up by another wonderful interview from Kate at 4 a.m. Writer

2/12 I talked about the role music plays in my writing over at the blog of Author J. Keller Ford

2/13 Mara Valderran invited me back, this time for an interview.

2/14 The crazily funny and fun Michelle Proulx snagged me for a Valentine’s Day interview.

2/15  It was on to Writing My Truth for a very revealing talk with Alison with, as she describes it, questions to squeeze the juice right out of the minds of some of your favourite author.

2/18 Next was a discussion of my Indie Publishing journey over at Kourtney Heintz’s Journal

2/19 Writer J. A. Campbell turned her blog over to me for a post about Dealing with Details when writing.

2/20 Then it was another interview at Write Am I

2/21  Followed up by The Raven’s Quill

2/22 Madeline Dyer gave me another slot on her blog, and I took the opportunity to talk about making Characters Jump off the Page.

2/25 Things wound down yesterday with a trip to New Zealand (I wish!) and a talk with Raewyn over at Dreaming of Other Realms



  1. Wow! You had a REALLY busy month!

  2. K.L, it was a pleasure to host you for the day. I loved our Q&A. What a busy month you had! 🙂

  3. Do you get to put your feet up for a bit now? Was so great to have you visit too (keep working on that plane – or portal).

  4. Phew! I’m exhausted just ready that list! Hope it’s all paying off. 🙂

    • Every little bit helps, I think. 🙂 But now that it’s over I’m looking around thinking, “Hmm, isn’t there something I’m supposed to be doing?”

  5. Wow! I’m exhausted just reading up on where you’ve been. Now what’s the next step? 😉

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