Blank Slate

I’m staring at it.

Actually, if I could crumple this up and toss it like a piece of paper my garbage can would be full of laptop screenage.  Overflowing, actually.

I’ve started and deleted roughly 5 posts.  Several on solitude and creativity, a couple on miscellaneous topics, and one on zombies.  Hey, don’t judge.  If the local newscaster can talk about zombie attacks then so can I.

The problem is, I’m stalled and I can’t get moving.

It happens.

All I can do is plow through it till I get to the other side.

I just hope there aren’t any zombies waiting there.  Then again, it might make things interesting.


  1. Go for it! If there’s Zombies, plow through them too! Woo!

  2. I don’t know if you’ve already tried this method, but sometimes if you’re really stuck in a rut, you can defuse it by writing a flash fiction ABOUT the fact that you’re stuck in a rut (or a character loosely based on you is stuck in a rut). It can be quite humorous and “meta,” but if you use certain words/phrases that trigger a flood of previously-lodged ideas, then so much the better.

    • I’ve never tried that method. Might have to give it a whirl. Though it seems the rut is purely in regards to blog posts. LOL I managed to crank out 800+ words for Devin’s Flash Fiction contest and keep forging ahead on my (hopefully) final edit of BD&L.

  3. I was having the same trouble with my blog posts the last couple of weeks. Lots of ideas for future ones, but what to do NOW? So I pulled a random thought out of head and babbled about it. Very stream of consciousness. I like to call it my Catcher in the Rye method 😉

    Still, for not being about to come up with a subject, you’ve sparked some conversation!

    • I have lots of random thoughts…just can’t get any of them to stick into a cohesive post that actually says something besides blah-blah-blah! 🙂 But you’re right, got a conversation going.

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